Hakuju (Japanese romaji)

place:  China? Japan?
Zen master:
Zen disciples:

The First Principle: talks on Zen, ch. 5
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                                                      Zen Masters
Hakuju served as a distinguished lecturer at
the Tendai-sect college. As he was lecturing
with his customary zeal on the Chinese
classics one hot summer's afternoon, he
noticed that a few of the students were dozing
off. He stopped his lecturing in midsentence
and said, "It is a hot afternoon, isn't it? Can't
blame you for going to sleep. Mind if I join
With this, Hakuju shut his textbook, and
leaning well back in his chair, fell asleep.
The class was dumbfounded, and those who
had been dozing were awakened by his
snores. All sat up in their seats and waited for
the master to awaken.

This you can find only in the Zen literature,
this possibility of being so human, of being so
imperfect and yet unworried about it. A
tremendous acceptance of all that is, of
sleep, of snoring. No effort to hide yourself
behind any facade...

         The First Principle: talks on Zen, ch. 5