(Daman Hongren)
Jap., Daiman Konin (alt., Gunin)
Great Fulfilment      Great Enduring
born:  602
died:  675    73 years

place:  China
Chan master:  Daoxin (4th Patriarch)
Chan disciples:  Huineng, Shenxiu, Zhixian,...
The 5th Patriarch of Chinese Chan is usually
known by his name
Hongren. His surname was
Zhou. Little is known about Hongren, though he
is considered to have more influence in the early
propagation of Chan than his spotty historical
record would indicate.

Live Zen,  ch. 12
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                                                           Zen Masters
[The Osho story cited has just a mention of Hongren (as Gunin), nothing about the man himself or his interactions. Perhaps this is why Oshobob has not quoted it. The mention concerns the poetry submitted by disciples vying for successorship. Aside from that, Osho does not mention Hongren at all.]