(Dajian Huineng)
Jap., Daikan Eno
Great Mirror    Wisdom Ability
born:  638
died:  713  75 years

place:  China
Chan master:  Hongren (J. Konin)
Chan disciples:  Nanyue (J. Nangaku), Qingyuan
(J., Seigen), ....
Huineng (as he is known most commonly) is
considered one of the most important Zen masters
in its history.  He is the 6th Chinese Partriarch in
line after Bodhidharma.  His surname was
Lu, and
he was from Guangdong Province.

According to tradition, he was an illiterate villager
who became enlightened, and the eventual
successor of Master Hongren.  Huineng is also
known as
Caoxi, which is the place near
Shaoguan, Guangdong that the important Nanhua
Zen Temple is located.  

supposedly gave talks that were written
down by followers, known as
The Platform Sutra
: The Altar Sutra) in Zen literature.
This has been translated into English in the 20th
Huineng originally taught at Guangxiao Temple in
Guangzhou, China.
He ended up at
Nanhua Zen Temple, also called
Caoxi, and his mummified body is on display there
in the present day.

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aka: Hui Neng (old W.G.), Caoxi (J. Sokei)
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Zen people are really of a different quality. Such
utterances you cannot find anywhere else – such
rebellious utterances, such statements, so fiery,
so radiant, so alive. Thousands of years have
Hui Neng still remains a rebel. You
cannot make a tradition out of him.

Zen is the only religion which has not become a
tradition – it cannot. It does not allow anything to
settle. It won't allow even Buddha inside. It won't
talk even about truth. It says, "There is no truth
to give to you in my place. We take everything
away." And when nothing is left that is the truth –
when you are in your utter nudity, in your utter

When nothing is left with you, only your pure
being, that is the truth...

         Zen: The Path of Paradox, Vol. 1, ch. 9
Chinese simplified:  大鉴慧能