One Relaxation
Chinese:  Yixiu
born:  1394
died:  1481   87 years

place:  Japan
aka:  Shuken (dharma name in childhood),

kkyu Sojun 一休宗純

aka: Kyoun – "Crazy Cloud", a name Ikkyu gave
to himself.

Ikkyu was a well known Japanese Zen adept and
poet, writing haikus and other types of verses.  
He was basically a solitary man, some say the son
of the royal family, a traveling poet whose writings
are highly influenced by the Japanese Zen culture
of his time.

Take It Easy, Vol. 1
Take It Easy, Vol. 2
(entire books use Ikkyu's poems)

No Water, No Moon, ch. 10

The Grass Grows by Itself, ch. 8
       oshobob  The Living Workshop                                           
                                              Zen Masters
Zen masters:  Botetsu, Seiso, Keno, Kaso
Zen disciples:  none recorded
These small poems of the Zen master, Ikkyu,
are of immense importance. They are not great
poetry, remember, because that is not the
concern. The poetry has been used as a device,
so that your heart can be stirred. The poetry is
not the goal. Ikkyu is not concerned with creating
great poetry; he is not really a poet, he is a
mystic. But rather than speaking prose, he
speaks in poetry – for a certain reason...

                      Take it Easy, Vol. 1, ch. 1