Ko'un Ejo (Jap.)
Chin., Guyun Huaizang
Lone Cloud   Wisdom Strong
born:  c. 1330
died:  c. 1400

place:  Japan
Zen master:  Dogen (Ch., Daoyuan)
Zen disciples:  6 recorded

Zen: The Diamond Thunderbolt, ch. 10
Koun Ejo was a disciple of the well known Dogen,
the Japanese Zen master who was a major force in
bringing Zen to Japan--his line called the Soto
School of Zen.
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One day Ejo, meaning solitary cloud, called on
the Zen master, Dogen. Dogen cited the
saying, "One hair pierces myriad holes," to
question him closely. Ejo trusted in Dogen and
surrendered to him. After that, he had no
desire to go anywhere else, so he changed his
robe and stayed there.

Before long, Dogen moved to another place
and Ejo went along with him. One day, as he
was setting out his bowl, he suddenly attained
enlightenment, and immediately went with full
ceremony into Dogen's room.
Dogen asked him, "What have you

Ejo said, "I do not ask about the one hair; what
are the myriad holes?"

Dogen laughed and said, "Pierced."

Ejo bowed. Afterwards, he asked to serve as
Dogen's personal attendant, taking care of his
robes and bowl.

That shows the humbleness of the enlightened
person. Ordinarily people think that the
enlightened person should become very
special, almost out of our reach. That is not
true. If you find someone pretending to be high,
superior, then you can take it for granted that
he knows nothing. Enlightenment, awakening to
your being, is also awakening to the being of
everyone. The man of enlightenment becomes
absolutely humble, a nobody...

          Zen: The Diamond Thunderbolt, ch. 10