Longquan Wenxi
Jap., Ryusen Monki
born:  c. 840
died:  c. 910

place:  China
Chan masters:  Yangshan (J. Kyozan), Baizhang
(J. Hyakujo), Daci (J. Daibi)

Chan disciples:  none recorded

Kyozan: A True Man of Zen, ch. 3
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When he was with Kyozan, Ryusen was the monk
in charge of food. One day a strange monk came
and asked for a meal, at which Ryusen gave him
part of his own.
Kyozan knew of this but called Ryusen to him and
asked, "That enlightened monk who came just now
– did he give you any food?"

Ryusen said, "He denied himself and passed on his

Kyozan commented: "You made a great profit."

Ryusen moved from master to master with an open
heart, with a receptivity, with a begging bowl, and
finally he found Kyozan. And it is a strange
experience, when you find your master; deep in
your heart so many bells start ringing, so much
dance, every cell of your being... It becomes a
celebration; you have found the master.

And when he found Kyozan, the road came to an
end. Then he remained with Kyozan, and became
enlightened. He established a new monastery in the
mountains. And the night that death was going to
come to him, he asked his disciples to wait,
"because in the middle of the night I am going to
leave my body..."

                        Kyozan: A True Man of Zen, ch. 3