Longtan Chongxin
Jap., Ryutan Soshin (alt. Ryotan)
Dragon Pond     Respect Trust
born:  c. 760
died:  c. 840

place:  China
Chan master:  Tianhuang (J. Tenno)
Chan disciples:  Deshan (J. Tokusan)

This, This, A Thousand Times This: The Very
Essence of Zen, ch. 7, ch. 9

No Water, No Moon, ch. 6

Ah, This!, ch. 5
Longtan came from what's now Jiangling, Hubei,
China.  His family were cake sellers.
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                                                       Zen Masters
Tokusan was studying Zen under Ryutan. One
night Tokusan came to Ryutan and asked many

The teacher said, "The night is getting old – why
don't you retire?"

So Tokusan bowed, and as he opened the screen
to go out he observed, "It is very dark outside."

Ryutan offered Tokusan a lighted candle to find his
way, but just as Tokusan received it, Ryutan blew it

At that moment the mind of Tokusan was opened.

What happened? Ryutan offered Tokusan a lighted
candle. He said, "Okay, outside it is very dark, so
you take this lighted candle to see the path."

For the outside, candles can be offered, not for the
inside – because how will you take a candle inside?
For the inside, no candle can be offered from
without. The master cannot give you the light which
will enlighten you inside.

In fact, inside the light has always been burning. It is
there, but you go on looking outside. Once you look
within, the light is there. It has always been there.
You have never missed it for a single moment. You
cannot miss it. It is your Tao, your nature, your very
self – no need to offer any candle for the inside,
and no candle can go inside...

                              No Water, No Moon, ch. 6