Lu Tsu
c. 796-880 CE

aka: Lu Yan  (original name),
     Lu Dongbin
 呂洞賓 (courtesy name),
     Lu Zi ('Master
     Lu Tsu (
Luzu 呂祖 Ancestor Lu)
Daoist from old China

known as one of the "Eight Immortals", a group of
famous Chinese men in legend and story.

reputed author of ancient Daoist book:
The Secret of the Golden Flower,
Tai Yi Jin Hua Zong Zhi  
太 一金华宗旨

translated into German by Richard Wilhelm in early 20th
century, and then into English.

new translation by Thomas Cleary into English (1991)

Osho book,
The Secret of Secrets, uses excerpts from
this book as sutras. He is referred to as
Lu Tsu in this
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