Lu Gen Dafu
Jap., Rikuko Taifu
born:  c. 780
died:  c. 850

place:  China
Chan master:  Nanquan (J., Nansen)
Chan disciples:  none recorded
Lu Gen Dafu was a governor of the district that
Chan master Nanquan lived and taught in. He
was also his lay student, and is listed in the
lineage charts as a master himself. He is the
man who brought the story of "The Goose in the
Bottle", aka "The Goose is Out", to his master

Nansen: The Point of Departure, ch. 3

The Goose is Out, ch. 1
aka:  Lu Xuan (py);  Lu Hsuan (old W.G.)
Lu (surname)  Spacious     Governor
           oshobob  The Living Workshop                                        
                                                      Zen Masters
One of Nansen's most famous disciples was Lu
, who later became known as Rikuko Taifu,
the provincial governor of the Hsuan district. After
residing in his mountain retreat for thirty years
without once venturing out, Nansen finally agreed
to the governor's request to come down and teach
Zen to the people on the plains. From that time, he
became very well known.

The governor once asked Nansen about the
saying that all things came from the same source,
so there can be no right or wrong. Nansen pointed
to a patch of peonies in the garden and said,
"Governor, when people of the present day see
these blossoms, it is as if they see them in a

The governor has made a very important
statement. If there is only one source of
everything, then there can be no right, no wrong,
no good, no bad, no God, no Devil. And this is
exactly the case; all our rights and wrongs are
judgments of the mind which knows nothing of the

Our conceptions are moralistic, they are not
religious. They are not based on the experience of
the original source, from where everything arises
and finally disappears also in the same source,
just like waves arising in the ocean and falling back
into the ocean.

But to live this insight in your life needs
tremendous courage; it needs a non-judging mind.
And we have been brought up with every single
thing being judged: this is right, that is wrong...

           Nansen: The Point of Departure, ch. 3
[There are some wires crossed between Lu Gen Dafu / Rikuko Taifu and Li Ao / Riko with this "goose is out" story. In Osho's two extended versions of the story, one in TGIO itself and one in The First Principle, it is all Riko, with Rikuko nowhere to be seen. But above, Rikuko is the one who brings the goose problem to Nansen. In fact, Rikuko does show up in a shorter version of the Goose story however, and that is in ch 4 of Nansen: The Point of Departure, as Governor Lu Hsuan. In that version, Nansen shouts, "Governor", not "Riko".

Oshobob has both Lu Gen and Li Ao (Rikuko and Riko) as living from c 780 to c 850 CE, so possibly they are both the same person, though their names have different ideograms. But History itself might have conflated them, as the source materials seem to have each, and both as gov't officials. It is surprising he hasn't mentioned this identity overlap.]