Luopu Yuan'an
Japanese pronunciation: Rakuho Gen'an
born:  834
died:  898   74 years

place:  China
Chan master:  Jiashan (J. Kassan), Linji (J. Rinzai)
Chan disciples:  5 recorded as masters

Rinzai: Master of the Irrational, ch. 5
aka:  Lo P'u (old WG)
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...On another occasion Linji asked Luopu, "Up to
now it has been the custom for some men to use
the stick and others to give a shout. Which comes
closer to the heart of the recipient?"

"Neither," responded

"What does come close?" asked L

uopu shouted. The master hit him.

Linji has given a tremendous device, but it is for
very intelligent people to know the difference when
the shout is of approval or of disapproval. He also
used the stick. Now L
uopu has shouted, so giving
him a shout will not be right. The master hit him. He
needs a more clear-cut approval that he is right...

                     Rinzai: Master of the Irrational, ch. 5
Chinese simplified: 洛浦元安
Note:  In his original English talks, Osho
used the Japanese pronunciations of the
Chinese names used in these stories, to a
large extent. In his books the names were
romanized using Japanese
romaji. In the
instances where Osho used the original
Chinese names, they were romanized in the
books using the old
Wade-Giles system, now
seen very infrequently in world wide usage.

The stories shown on this website will
attempt to revert to the more accurate original
Chinese identification, using modern
pinyin romanization, if the people
and places are Chinese. If they are
Japanese, then Japanese
romaji will be
Mt. Luopu     First Peace