Luoshan Daoxian
Jap., Razan Dokan
born:  c. 860
died:  c. 930

place:  China
Chan master:  Yantou (J., Ganto)
Chan disciples:  Mingzhao (J., Myosho)

The Great Zen Master Ta Hui, ch. 38

This Very Body the Buddha, ch. 8
(old W.G.) Lo Shan
            oshobob  The Living Workshop                                        
                                                        Zen Masters
A great master, Lo-shan, was coming closer to
his death. When he sensed that death was
close, Lo-shan called everyone into the Buddha
Hall  and ascended the lecture seat. First he
held his left hand open for several minutes. No
one understood, so he told the monks from the
eastern side of the monastery to leave. Then he
held his right hand open. Still no one
understood, so he told the monks from the
western side of the monastery to leave. Only the
laymen remained. He said to them, 'If any of you
really want to show gratitude to Buddha for his
compassion to you, spare no efforts in spreading
the Dharma. Now, get out! Get out of here!'
Then, laughing loudly, the master fell over dead.

Now this man, Lo-shan, is going to die. He
gathers all his disciples. He opens one of his
hands, nobody understands. He is saying, 'With
an open hand I lived, with an open hand I am
going. Totally I lived, totally I am going. I was
never closed. Now death is knocking on the door,
my doors are open.' Then he raised his other
hand. People did not understand. Then he said
to the people, 'Buddha had such immense
compassion on you...'

                This Very Body The Buddha, ch. 8