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                                                      Zen Masters
born:  c. 580 BCE
died:  c. 500 BCE

place:  India
Dhyan master:  Gautam Buddha
Dhyan disciples:  Ananda (2nd Zen master)...

The Transmission of the Lamp, ch. 3

many other Osho books have references to
Mahakashyap, usually refering to the
flower/enlightenment story.
Mahakashyap was a disciple of Gautam Buddha,
and is considered the 1st Ancestor of the Zen
tradition.  The famous story is of him smiling, or
laughing at Buddha, who was holding a flower in
front of his sangha of thousands of disciples.
Mahakashyap gained enlightenment at this
moment, and thus began the stream of living
buddhas called Zen masters.

Note:  Dhyan is the Sanskrit word which means
"meditation"--it eventually became the word "Zen"
in Japan.

Mahakashyap remained his whole life with
Gautam Buddha. When Gautam Buddha died,
then he started speaking. Asked why, he said,
"Now I have to create the same atmosphere
for those who don't have any taste of
disciplehood. I had no intention of becoming a
master, but destiny would not allow me not to. I
wanted to die before Gautam Buddha so I
wouldn't have to carry this burden." He proved
to be one of the great masters – of the same
caliber as Gautam Buddha – and he created a
lineage of great disciples and great masters.

The Transmission of the Lamp, ch. 3