Mazu Daoyi
Jap., Baso Doichi (alt. Doitsu)
Ma (surname)  Ancestor    Dao One
born:  c. 707
died:  788     81 years

place:  China
Chan master:  Nanyue (J., Nangaku)
Chan disciples:  Baizhang (J. Hyakujo), Nanquan
(J. Nansen),
Yanguan, Guizong, Mayu, Luzu,
Wujiu, Xitang, Panshan, Zhongyi,
Shigong, Pang Jushi, Damei, Zhangjing, Dazhu,
Wuxie, Zhenzhou Jinniu, Deng Yinfeng
aka: Jiangxi Mazu (as his teaching was in Jiangxi
Province); Ma Tsu (W.G.); Ma Tzu (Osho books)
Mazu is one of the most important Zen masters in
its history. From him and his contemporary
(J., Sekito) come all Zen lineage, except for a few
lines which have long ago died out.
Mazu was born in Sichuan Province, just north of
Chengdu, in a small village called Shifang, which
still exists today.

He traveled to Hunan Province and studied under

at the famous Hengshan mountain area,
Fuyan Zen Temple. Then he moved to the
adjacent province of Jiangxi, where he taught and
lived for the remainder of his life, a good portion at
Youmin Temple. His stupa is nearby at Baofeng
Temple in the Jiangxi mountains.

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Chart  J-5

    Before I discuss the sutras, a biographical note
    on Ma Tzu is absolutely needed, because he is
    not known to the world. He is one of those
    unfortunate geniuses whom the world tries in
    every way to ignore, to forget that they even
    exist. Even the idea that they exist hurts the ego
    of the crowd. It has been doing harm to every
    genius, because the very existence of a genius
    reduces you to a retarded being. Every
    enlightened master is evidence that you are
    living in darkness, that you have to transform
    your darkness into life, into light.

    And in a way the mind is right. To be a buddha
    you will have to drop the mind completely, you
    will have to become an empty mirror...

                          Ma Tzu: The Empty Mirror, ch. 1
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Chinese simplified:  马祖道一