Myo'an Eisai (Jap.)
Chinese simplified: Ming'an Rongxi  明庵荣西
Bright Hut    Flourishing West
born:  1141
died:  1215    74 years

place:  Japan
Chan master:  Xu'an (Chinese)
Chan disciples: ....

Chan school:  Rinzai Zen House
Myo'an Esai is considered by many scholars to be
the "father of Japanese Zen."  He came to China
from Japan to study Chan, and was initiated by
Chinese Chan master Xu'an.  Returning to Japan
around 1200, he taught in his homeland for the rest
of his life, in what's now considered the "Rinzai
School" of Japan.

Ancient Music in the Pines, ch. 3
             oshobob  The Living Workshop                                           
                                                       Zen Masters
This Eisai was a poor monk, as Buddhist
monks are. His life was very austere and he
had nothing to give. Ordinarily, it is an absolute
sacrilege to take the halo off Buddha’s statue
and give it away. No so-called religious person
could think of it – unless it is somebody who is
really religious. That’s why I say compassion
knows no rules, compassion is beyond rules. It
is wild, it follows no formalities...

Ancient Music in the Pines, ch. 3