Nanyuan Huiyong
Jap. Nanyin Egyo  (alt. Nan'in)
South Hall   Wisdom Big
born:  860
died:  930     70 years

place:  China
Chan master:  Xinghua (J., Koke)
Chan disciples:  Fengxue (J., Fuketsu),...

Zen: The Mystery and Poetry of the Beyond, ch.

Zen: The Diamond Thunderbolt, ch. 1

One Seed Makes the Whole Earth Green, ch. 3

Zen: The Path of Paradox, Vol 1, ch. 1
Nanyuan Monastery is near modern Ruzhou,
Henan, China, south of the main city of Luoyang.  
It was at one time called
Baoying Monastery, and
is located close to Fengxue Temple.

Nanyuan Huiyong was the "grandson" of Linji in
the Linji School (J. Rinzai School).
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A monk asked Nan-yin, "What is the great
meaning of Buddhism?"
Nan-yin replied, "The origin of a myriad
The monk said, "Please cure me!"
Nan-yin said, "The world-doctor folds his arms."

Only a very great master can say this, and only
a very great disciple can understand it – the
origin of millions of diseases. And this is said by
Nan-yin, a great master who worships every
morning and evening the statue of Buddha. But
he is not talking about Buddha, he is talking
about Buddhism. Those who have taken the
experiences of Buddha and turned them into
great philosophical schools have created so
many diseases...

         Zen: The Diamond Thunderbolt, ch. 1