Prajnatara (Sanskrit)

    Ban ruo duo luo (Chinese)

    27th Indian Osho Zen master

    His master:  Punyamitra
    His disciple:  Bodhidharma
PATRIARCH, was a man from eastern India.  After
obtaining the dharma he travelled on his mission-journey
to southern India.  The king of the country there was
named Incense Arrival;  he was devoted to the
Buddha-vehicle and truly esteemed the teaching.
One day this king offered a priceless diamond to the
Master.  Now, the king had three sons, of whom the
youngest was an enlightened one.  The Master wished to
test what they had gained, and holding the gem which
had been offered to him, he said,  "This gem is
completely clear.  Is there anything which can match it?"
       The first son...
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