Qingyuan Xingsi
Jap., Seigen Gyoshi
Mt. Qingyuan (Green Lands)     Walk Thinking
born:  c. 660
died:  740

place:  China
Chan master:  Huineng (J., Eno)
Chan disciples:  Shitou (J., Sekito), Xiqian
Surname: Liu

Mt. Qingyuan is near the city of Ji'an in modern
Jiangxi Province, China.

The Miracle, ch. 6

God is Dead: Now Zen is the Only Living Truth,
ch. 1, ch. 2, ch. 3
    oshobob  The Living Workshop                                        
                                                    Zen Masters
On their first meeting, Seigen asked Sekito,
"Where do you come from?"

Sekito replied, "I come from Sokei."

Seigen held up a whisk and said, "Did you find
this over there?"

Sekito replied, "No, not only was it not over
there, but it was also not in the West land."

Seigen asked, "You reached the West land,
didn't you?"

Sekito replied, "If I had reached, I could have
found it."

Seigen said, "Not yet enough – speak further."

Sekito replied, "You should also speak from your
side. How is it you urge only me?"

Seigen said, "There's no problem for me in
answering you, but nobody would agree with it."

Seigen continued, "When you were at Sokei,
what did you get there?"

Sekito replied, "Even before going to Sokei, I
hadn't lost a thing."

Then Sekito asked, "When you were in Sokei,
did you know yourself?"

Seigen said, "How about you? Do you know me

Sekito answered, "Yes, I do. How can I know you
any further?" He continued, "Osho, since you left
Sokei, how long have you been staying here?"

Seigen replied, "I do not know either. And you,
when did you leave Sokei?"

Sekito said, "I don't come from Sokei."

Seigen responded, "All right – now I know where
you come from."

Sekito said, "Osho, you are a great one – do not
waste time."

He was saying that you are wasting time
unnecessarily in checking to see whether I am of
any worth or not, but, before you accept me as a
disciple, I have accepted you as a master. That's
why he has suddenly started calling him Osho.
He is saying whether you accept me as a disciple
or not, that does not matter. I have accepted you
as my master. "Osho, you are a great one – do
not waste time." Let us begin the real work.

That is the honest seeker's response. Don't
waste time in this dialogue and answering and
questioning. Just let us begin the real work. And
the real work is following the inner path to your
very center...

God is Dead, Now Zen is the Only Living Truth,
ch. 1