Ryokan Taigu  (Jap.)
born:  1758
died:  1831

place:  Japan
Zen master:  Kokusen (Jap.)
Zen disciples:  none known

One Robe, One Bowl--The Zen Poetry of Ryokan,
translated by John Stevens (1977).

Zen: The Path of Paradox Vol. 1, ch. 9
Ryokan was a Japanese Zen monk and poet,
known for his simple lifestyle, and calligraphy. He is
known to have loved children, and also for his
humbleness, living most of his Zen life as a solitary
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Remember the fragrance of the beautiful words of
one of the great Zen masters,

    With no mind, blossoms invite the butterfly.

                                 The Hidden Splendor, ch. 8
Good Generous    Great Fool
Chin. Liangkuan Dayu