Takuan Soho
born:  1573
died:  1645

place:  Japan
Zen master:  Itto Shoteki, ...
Zen disciples:  none recorded


Zen: The Path of Paradox-Vol. 2, ch 9

The Great Pilgrimage: From Here to Here, ch. 22

Zen: The Solitary Bird, Cuckoo of the Forest ch.

The Language of Existence, ch. 3

Ma Tzu: The Empty Mirror, ch. 3
Takuan was a well known Japanese Zen master
who was expert in swordmanship (kendo),
calligraphy, poetry, etc...
      oshobob  The Living Workshop                                           
                                                 Zen Masters
One Zen master, Takuan, was on his deathbed.
He asked for some paper and his calligraphic
brush. It has been a long-standing tradition in the
world of Zen that masters when departing from
life give their last statement, written. Takuan
wrote on the paper a Japanese word which
means dream. He laughed, closed his eyes, the
brush dropped from his hand...

The Great Pilgrimage: From Here to Here, ch. 22
[Oshobob did not have a link for Takuan in his Zen Masters lineage chart, so one was created. Then, in the course of putting together information on another guy, Tokai, it was discovered that there is a famous temple, Tokai-ji, built in the 1600s for Takuan. Could they be the same?

The ins and outs of this possibility are explored at Tokai's page.]