Tiantong Rujing
Jap., Tendo Nyojo
born:  1163
died:  1228   65 years

place:  China
Chan master:  Xuedou Zhijian (J., Setcho Chikan)
Chan disciples:  Dogen (Japanese), ...
Tiantong Rujing's master Xuedou is a different
man from the Xuedou who wrote the verses in the
Blue Cliff Record.  
Tiantong became known in Zen history as the
teacher of the famous Japanese
Dogen, who came
to China and studied with him before returning to
Japan, and eventually helping to initiate Zen into
Japan--what became known as the
Soto School.

Rujing lived and taught at a number of different
temples, including Tiantong Temple near
modern-day Ningbo, Zhejiang, and  
Jingci Temple
in Hangzhou, Zhejiang-- where his stupa is located.


Zen: The Solitary Bird, Cuckoo of the Forest, ch.

Dogen: The Zen Master, ch. 1
aka:  Ju Ching (old W.G.)
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                                                 Zen Masters
A modern painting of Rujing at Jingci
Temple in Hangzhou, China.
...The old master, who was just a teacher, was
dead, and he had been succeeded by
Ju-ching--a man who had soared high and
touched the peaks of consciousness, who had
dived deep and touched the depths of his being,
who had moved vertically upwards and
downwards, who had traveled through all his
conscious territory. This man Ju-ching poved to
be a man who answered doubts, settled them,
because Dogen was still carrying the same
question: that if buddhahood is your nature, then
why is any discipline needed...?

                      Dogen: The Zen Master, ch. 1