Jap., Ukyu
Black Mortar
born:  c. 740
died:  c. 810

place:  China

Blue Cliff Record, Case 75, Wujiu's Unfair Blows

Transmission of the Lamp, Case 128, Unfair Blows

This, This, A Thousand Times This: The Very
Essence of Zen, ch. 11
Chan master:   Mazu (J. Baso)
Chan disciples:  none recorded
       oshobob  The Living Workshop                                           
                                                   Zen Masters
A monk came from Joshu Osho's assembly to
Ukyu, who said to him, "What do you find in
Joshu's teaching? Is there anything different from
what you find here?"

The monk said, "Nothing different."

Ukyu said, "If there is nothing different, why don't
you go back there?" and he hit him with his stick.

The monk said, "If your stick had eyes to see, you
would not strike me like that."

Ukyu said, "Today I have come across a monk,"
and he gave him three more blows.

The monk went out. Ukyu called after him and
said, "One may receive unfair blows."

The monk turned back and said, "To my regret,
the stick is in your hand."

Ukyu said, "If you need it, I will let you have it."
The monk went up to Ukyu, seized his stick, and
gave him three blows with it.

Ukyu said, "Unfair blows! Unfair blows!"

The monk said, "One may receive them."

Ukyu said, "I hit this one too casually."
The monk made bows.

Ukyu said, "Osho! Is that how you take leave?"
The monk laughed aloud and went out.

Ukyu said, "That's it! That's it!"

Both are great masters and it was almost a natural
phenomenon to move from one master's assembly
to another just to see whether the same
experience is happening everywhere. Ukyu was
very famous, particularly because he was the first
Zen master to use the stick...

    This. This. A Thousand Times This: The Very
Essence of Zen, ch. 11