Xiangguo Peixiu
Jap. Sokoku Haikyu
born:  c. 750
died:  c. 820

place:  China
Chan master:  Huangbo (J. Obaku)
Chan disciples:  none recorded as masters.

Zen: The Quantum Leap From Mind to
No-mind, ch. 15
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                                                     Zen Masters
Haikyu said, "Illusion obstructs the Mind; how
can illusion be got rid of?"

Obaku said, "Creating illusion, getting rid of
illusion – both these are illusion, for illusion has
no root; it appears by reason of discrimination. If
you do not think of contraries, such as ordinary
and superior, illusion ceases of itself, and how
can you then get rid of it? When there is not a
hair's breadth of something to rely on, this is
called `Giving away with both hands, and thus
receiving buddhahood.'"

Haikyu said, "There being nothing to rely on,
how can anything be transmitted?"

Obaku said, "Mind is transmitted by Mind."

Haikyu said, "If the Mind is transmitted, why do
you say there is no such thing as Mind?"

Obaku said, "Not receiving the law is called
`transmission of Mind'. If you understand what
this Mind is, this is the No-Mind, the No-Law."

Haikyu said, "If there's no Mind, and no Law,
how can you talk about `transmitting'

Obaku said, "When you hear me say
`transmission of Mind,' you think of there being
a `something' to transmit, so a patriarch

    When you realize the nature of Mind,
    you speak of it as a wonderful mystery;
    Enlightenment is unattainable.
    When attained, you do not describe it
    as something known.

Obaku said, "If I get you to understand this, do
you think you could?"

Haikyu does not understand the difference
between a mind with a small m and Mind with a
capital M. And the translator does not
understand either that for the capital M Mind
something else should be used: consciousness,
awareness, watchfulness. But the same word
creates unnecessary confusion. There is no
such thing as the small mind. It is just dust
gathered on the mirror. Just clean the mirror and
the mirror starts reflecting all the stars and the
moon in the sky.

What are your thoughts except dust...?

Zen: The Quantum Leap From Mind to No-mind,
ch. 15