Xingshan Jianhong
Japanese pronunciation:  Anzan Kanko (alt., Kyozan)
Apricot Mountain    Mirror Overflow
born:  c. 815
died:  c. 885

place: China
Chan master:  Yunyan (J., Ungan)
Chan disciples:  none recorded as masters

Rinzai: Master of the Irrational, ch. 5
Linji once went to visit one of Yunyan's
Xingshan. On that occasion he
asked  Xingshan, "What is the white cow of
the dewy ground?"

It is one of the Zen koans. It does not mean
anything; it simply gives you a puzzle that
cannot be solved. Now, asking somebody,
"What is the white cow of the dewy ground?"
– what kind of metaphysical question is this?
No religion will ask such a question...

  Rinzai: Master of the Irrational, ch. 5
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Chinese simplified:  杏山鉴洪
Note:  In his original English talks,
Osho used the Japanese
pronunciations of the Chinese names
used in these stories, to a large extent.
In his books the names were
romanized using Japanese
romaji. In
the instances where Osho used the
original Chinese names, they were
romanized in the books using the old
Wade-Giles system, now seen very
infrequently in world wide usage.

The stories shown on this website will
attempt to revert to the more accurate
original Chinese identification, using
modern Chinese
pinyin romanization, if
the people and places are Chinese. If
they are Japanese, then Japanese
romaji will be retained.