Xingyang Qingrang
Jap., Koyo Seijo
Rising Yang      Pure Offering
born:  c.910
died:  c. 980

place: China
Chan master:  Bajiao Huiqing (J. Basho Esho)
Chan disciples:

Zen: The Mystery and Poetry of the Beyond, ch. 2
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                                                     Zen Masters
A monk asked Koyo Seijo, "Daitsu sat in zazen for
ten kalpas and could not attain buddhahood; he
did not become a buddha. How can this be?"

Seijo said, "Your question is quite self-explanatory."

The monk asked, "He meditated so long; why could
he not attain buddhahood?"

Seijo said, "Because he did not become a buddha."

A strange answer. But Zen is full of strange
answers, tremendously significant, but if you look
only at the words you will miss the point.

Seijo said, "Because he was a buddha, and he was
unnecessarily running after being a buddha. How
he can attain it?"

A roseflower, if he tries to become a roseflower, do
you think he will ever attain it? He is not looking at
himself, he is already the roseflower; he is looking
in all ten directions – where to go, where to find the
secret of becoming a roseflower – and he is not
looking at himself...

Zen: The Mystery and the Poetry of the Beyond,
ch. 2