Xitang Zhizang
Jap., Seido Chizo
West Hall     Wisdom Storage
born:  735
died:  814   79 years

place:  China
Chan master:  Mazu (J. Baso)
Chan disciples:  5 recorded as masters

Ma Tzu: The Empty Mirror, ch. 5, ch. 8
aka: Hsi-t'ang Chih-tsang (old W.G.)
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                                                   Zen Masters
On a later occasion, another monk said to Ma
Tzu, "Please transcend the four sayings and
refrain from the hundred negations, and tell me
the meaning of Bodhidharma's coming from the
Ma Tzu said, "Today I'm tired and I can't tell
you. Go and ask
The monk went and asked Chizo, who said,
"Why don't you ask the master?"
"He told me to come and ask you," said the
"I've got an awful headache today," said Chizo,
"so I can't tell you; go and ask Hyakujo."
The monk then went to Hyakujo, who said,
"Well, as to that, I myself really don't know."
The monk reported all this to Ma Tzu, who
said, "Hyakujo's cap is black; Chizo's cap is

The white cap and the black cap refer to an old
story of two robbers. One of the robbers wore a
white cap, while the other wore a black cap. As
the story goes, the one with the black cap was
more ruthless and radical than the one with the
white. So it was that Hyakujo was said to be
more radical than Chizo in his methods of
dealing with young monks...

           Ma Tzu: The Empty Mirror, ch. 5
Chinese simplified:  西堂智藏