Xuedou Chongxian
Jap., Setcho Juken
Mt. Xuedou (Snow Cave)   Again Reveal
born:  980
died: 1052     72 years

place:  China
Chan maste:  Zhimen (J., Chimon)
Chan disciples:  Tianyi (J. Tenne), ...
Xuedou wrote the verses to the well known Zen book
Blue Cliff Record.

There is another Xuedou (Xuedou Zhijian) in Zen
literature--a different man from the poet.

many Osho books that use stories from the Blue
Cliff Record
, also have Xuedou's verses in them,
referring to him by his Japanese pronunciation
Bokushu asked a monk, “Where are you from?”
The monk gave a ‘katsu’ shout.
Bokushu said, “This old monk is shouted down by
The monk shouted again.
Bokushu said, “What about the third and fourth
The monk stayed silent.
Bokushu hit the monk and said,
“You empty-headed fool!”

Setcho put it like this:
“Two shouts, three shouts;
the knowing one knows well;
if going hell-bent,
both are blind.
Who is blind? Fetch him!
Expose him to the world!”

It is sheer stupidity – I am afraid we will have to
meet this fellow Setcho again and again.
Schoolmasters should not enter into the lion’s den,
but this Setcho has entered; now I cannot save

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