Jap., Kyozan Ejaku  (alt. ,Gyozan)
Mt. Yangshan (Upward-facing  Mountain)  Wisdom Silence
born:  807
died:  883

place:  China
Chan master:  Guishan (J. Isan), also Danyuan
Chan disciples:  Xita (J. Saito), Nanta (J. Nanto)
posthumous name: Zhidong Dashi (Master
Penetrating Wisdom)
Chengxu Dashi
stupa name: Miao Guang (Wondrous Light)
name known as under Guishan: Bojiao Quwu

aka: Yang Shan (old W.G.)
Yangshan is well-known in Zen history.  Along with
his famous teacher Guishan, there formed one of the
5 Houses of Zen, the
Guiyang House.  He was
originally from Guangdong Province, growing up in a
village near Shaoguan, not far from Huineng's
monastery at Nanhua/Caoxi.

Mount Yangshan is in modern Jiangxi Province, China.

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                                                 Zen Masters
Once, when he was still with his master,Yangshan
said to
Guishan, "Where does the real buddha

Guishan replied, "By means of the subtlety of
thoughtless thought, contemplate the boundless
spiritual brightness. Contemplate it until returning to
the ground of being, the always abiding nature, and
its form of the undichotomous principle. This is the
real buddha."

On hearing this, Yangshan was enlightened.

Later, when Yangshan had become a master
himself, Guishan sent him a mirror as a gift. When
he went to the hall where his monks were
assembled, Yangshan held up the mirror and said to
the assembly, "Please say whether this is Guishan's
mirror or Yangshan's mirror. If someone can give a
correct reply, I will not smash it."

No one answered, and Yangshan smashed the

Yangshan was a very simple man – not the
philosophic kind, not a poet, nor a sculptor. Nothing
can be said about him except that he was absolutely
authentic, honest. If he does not know a thing he will
say so, even at the risk of people thinking that he
has fallen from his enlightenment. But this makes
him a unique master.

Zen is full of unique masters, but Yangshan's
uniqueness is his simplicity. He is just like a child. It
took Guishan, his master, forty years of hard work to
make Yangshan enlightened. He was determined,
and he said he would not leave the body until
Yangshan became enlightened – though he was old

                    Kyozan: A True Man of Zen, ch. 1
Chinese simplified:  仰山慧寂