Yunju Daoying
Jap., Ungo Doyo
Mt. Yunju (Cloud Reside)  Dao Receive
born:  c. 830
died:  902

place:  China
Chan master:  Dongshan Liangjie (J., Tozan Ryokai)
Chan disciples:  Tong'an (J. Do'an),...

This, This, A Thousand Times This: The Very
Essence of Zen, ch. 14

Zen: The Diamond Thunderbolt, ch. 6
Lived at Mt. Yunju, which is near modern Nanchang,
Jiangxi, China.
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One day,Yunju Daoying went up into the hall and
quoted Dongshan's old saying, "Hell is not really
painful. Wearing this robe, to fail to understand the
great matter – that loss is most painful."

Addressing his monks, Daoying said, "You are
already within this tradition. A hundred percent is
not far from ninety percent. You should exert a little
more energy. Then you elders will not tire of your
perpetual journey and yet will not turn away from
the monastery."

He continued: "An ancient has said, `If you wish to
be able to bear this matter, you must go and stand
atop the highest mountain, and walk on the bottom
of the deepest sea. Only then have you some

Daoying said, "If you have not yet taken care of the
great matter, for now you must tread the hidden

A monk then asked, "What is esteemed by an

Daoying said, "Where mind's consciousness does
not reach."

Another monk asked, "What are the grades of
buddhas and patriarchs?"

Daoying said, "Both are grades."

A third monk asked, "What is the meaning of the
coming of Bodhidharma from the West?"

Daoying said, "Meeting no one on the ancient

Now you have to understand the symbols and the
metaphors of Zen. Hell is not really painful because
there is no hell other than being outside yourself,
and there is no heaven other than being within
yourself. Hell and heaven are both just metaphors;
they do not denote any reality.

All the religions have made much fuss about them.
Their whole exploitation of man depends on two
things: fear of hell and greed for heaven. It is such
a contradiction that all these religions go on
teaching against fear, against greed, but
underneath, their whole teaching is based on the
fear of hell. If you are not virtuous, if you are not a
believer, you will fall into eternal hell; you will be
tortured for eternity. If you are a believer, a faithful,
virtuous, respectable person, then the doors of
heaven are open for you.

It is a contradiction because hell is only a metaphor
for fear, and heaven is another metaphor for
greed, for lust. Zen does not consider them to be of
any significance at all...

           Zen: The Diamond Thunderbolt, ch. 6
Note:  In his original English talks,
Osho used the Japanese
pronunciations of the Chinese names
used in these stories, to a large extent.
In his books the names were
romanized using Japanese
romaji. In
the instances where Osho used the
original Chinese names, they were
romanized in the books using the old
Wade-Giles system, now seen very
infrequently in world wide usage.

The stories shown on this website will
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