Yunyan Tansheng
Jap., Ungan Donjo
Mt. Yunyan (cloud cliff)    Covered with clouds  Light
born:  784
died:  841

place:  China
Chan masters:  Yaoshan (J., Yakusan), Baizhang (J.,
Chan disciples:  Dongshan (J. Tozan), Xingshan (J.
Surname: Wang

originally from Jiangxi Province,
Yunyan is well known in
Zen literature in stories with his biological brother and
fellow dharma student  
Daowu (J. Dogo) who was his
elder by about 15 years.

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It is said Yunyan spent over 20 years with Baizhang, but
finally attained enlightenment with Yaoshan.
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Isan then suggested that Tozan visit Ungan who Tozan
later succeeded. Coming up to Ungan, Tozan asked,
"Who can hear the sermons of insentient creatures?"

"Insentient creatures can hear them," answered Ungan.

"Why can I not hear them?" asked Tozan.

Ungan raised his staff straight up and said, "Do you

"No, I don't," answered Tozan.

Ungan said, "Don't you know the sutra says, `Birds and
trees, all meditate on the Buddha and the Dharma?'"

At this Tozan suddenly became enlightened.
He wrote the following verse:

    Wonderful! How wonderful!
    Sermons by insentient creatures;
    you fail if you listen with your ears;
    Listening with your eyes, you hear them.

By the eyes he does not mean the ordinary eyes, he
means the eyes of an awakening clarity of your being. If
you can hear in your silence, if you can see in your
silence, then everything in the world is speaking, giving
sermons, singing songs, dancing.

Can't you see? But these eyes and these ears won't do.
You will have to dig deep within yourself to find the right
approach to see the eternal dance of existence, to hear
the music and to see the beauty of it...

This. This. A Thousand Times This: The Very Essence
of Zen, ch. 4