Yuquan Shenxiu
Jap., Gyokusen Jinshu
born:  c. 630
died:  706

place:  China
Chan master:  Hongren (5th Ancestor)
Chan disciples:
Surname: Li

Yuquan was one of the main founders of the early
"Northern School" of Chan, usually referred to by his
dharma name
Shenxiu (J. Jinshu).

Zen: The Quantum Leap From Mind to
No-mind, ch. 9
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An Indian disciple of Eno, Kutta Sanzo, on
passing through a village found a monk doing
zazen in a small hut he had built.
Sanzo asked, "What's the idea of sitting here all
by yourself?"

The monk answered, "I'm meditating."

Sanzo said, "What is this `he' who is meditating?
What are you meditating on?"

The monk said, "I don't know what you're getting

Sanzo said, "Why don't you look at yourself,
and quieten yourself?"
The monk still looked blank.

Sanzo then asked him, "What school are you

Jinshu's," said the monk.

Sanzo said, "Even the lowest heretics in the
India I come from don't fall as low as that! Just to
sit emptily and aimlessly – what can it profit you?"

India could not understand Gautam Buddha for
this simple reason. They think that to sit silently,
just being, is worthless. You have to do
something, you have to pray, you have to recite
mantras, you have to go to some temple and
worship a man-made god. "What are you doing
sitting silently?"

And that is the greatest contribution of Gautam
Buddha, that you can find your eternity and your
cosmic being only if you can sit silently,
aimlessly, without any desire and without any
longing, just enjoying being the silent space in
which thousands of lotuses blossom...

Zen: The Quantum Leap From Mind to No-Mind,
ch. 9