Zhangjing Huaiyun
Jap., Shokei Eki
Zhangjing (Seal Revere) Temple     Cherish Plan
born:  756
died:  815

place:  China
Chan master:  Mazu (J., Baso)
Chan disciples: 10 recorded as masters
Zhangjing Temple was located in old Chang'an
(modern Xi'an), then the capital of China.

No Mind: The Flowers of Eternity, ch.9

The Great Zen Master Ta Hui, ch. 26
aka:  Chang Ching (old W.G.)
surname:  Xie
posthumous name:  Great Awakening Zen Master
     oshobob  The Living Workshop                                           
                                                 Zen Masters
Mayoku came to Shokei carrying his bell staff with
him. He circumnavigated Shokei’s seat three
times, shook his staff, ringing the bells, stuck the
staff in the ground, and then stood up straight.
Shokei said, “Good.”
Mayoku then went to Nansen. He walked around
Nansen’s seat, shook his staff, ringing the bells,
stuck the staff in the ground and stood up straight.
Nansen said, “Wrong.”
Mayoku said, “Shokei said, `Good’; why do you
say, `Wrong’?”
Nansen said, “Shokei is `good,’ but you are
wrong. You are blown about by the wind. That will
lead to destruction.”

You will find dry roses in strange places like the
Bible. But a dry rose is only a memory, a
remembrance, a faraway echo of the real rose
who was dancing in the wind, in the rain, in the
sun. Whenever anything becomes stale,
repetitive, a man of understanding is going to call
it wrong. Not only that, if you continue like this you
are moving towards destruction, not towards
enlightenment, awakening, a rebirth.

Hence, both are right. Shokei is right – Nansen
said, “Shokei is `good,’ but you are wrong. You
have become wrong just because you are
repeating the same act, which has become non-

Anything that is non-spontaneous is destructive to
the soul. It is not a creative act that enhances your
being, that enhances your awareness, that makes
your love pure gold. It simply leads you towards
the graveyard...

        No Mind: The Flowers of Eternity, ch. 9
Chinese simplified:  章敬怀恽