Zhimen Guangzuo
Jap., Chimon Koso
Zhimen Temple (Wisdom Gate)    Light Blessing
born:  c. 940
died:  1031

place:  China
Chan master:  Xianglin (J., Kyorin)
Chan disciples:  Xuedou (J. Setcho), ...

Blue Cliff Record, Case 21

Live Zen, ch. 7
Zhimen came from Zhejiang Province, later
traveled to the Chengdu area of Sichuan to be with
his Chan master, Xianglin. He later lived and taught
at Zhimen Temple, from where his "mountain name"
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                                                 Zen Masters
Chimon is one of the greatest masters….

A monk asked Chimon, “What will the lotus
flower be when it has not yet come out of the
Chimon said, “The lotus flower.”
The monk asked, “What about when it is out of
the water?”
Chimon said, “The lotus leaves.”

There ends the dialogue – it seems the monk
has understood.

Chimon has made an existential statement.
Even in the seed the lotus flower is a lotus
flower. You cannot see it but its being does not
depend on your seeing. If it was dependent on
your seeing, then certainly the seed cannot be
called the lotus flower, it will be a lotus flower
only when floating on the water with open
leaves, dancing in the sun.

But that which floats on the water, if it is not
hidden in the seed, from where can it come? In
the seed it was invisible to our eyes. Our eyes
have their limitations; our eyes could see it only
when it started floating on the water. That is
our limitation; it is not a change as far as the
lotus flower is concerned...

                                Live Zen, ch. 7
Chinese simplified:  智门光祚