Zifu Rubao
Jap., Shifuku Nyoho
Precious Benefit     Like Treasure
born:  c. 870
died:  c. 940

place:  China
Chan "grandfather":  Yangshan (J. Kyozan)
Chan master:  Xita (J., Saito)
Chan disciples:  4 recorded as masters.

Blue Cliff Record, Case 33, Zifu's Circle

Live Zen, ch. 6
Little is known of Zifu from Chan literature--he taught at
Zifu Temple in Jizhou, China, and has a few stories
recorded mentioning him.
     oshobob  The Living Workshop                                           
                                                  Zen Masters
Chinso came to see Shifuku. Shifuku drew a
circle in the air.
Chinso said, “I have no object in coming here.
Why do you bother to draw a circle?”
Shifuku closed the door of his room.

Setcho says:
    Perfect the circle, pure the sound,
    Bright and abundant the encircling jade,
    Loaded on horses and mules,
    Loaded on board the iron boats,
    Given to those who know
    The peace and freedom of land and sea.
    He put down the tackle to fish the turtle.

It is not unwelcoming. He is saying, “If there is
no object in coming, if there is nothing to say,
nothing to listen to, I am not interested in
playing. I have left those childhood toys far

His closing the door is simply mystifying. He is
not a man without compassion and he is not a
man who has no respect for others – but he has
to close the door. In his clarity perhaps Chinso
has had some glimpses, but he is still not fully
awakened. This closing of the door may help...

                                         Live Zen, ch. 6