Zihu Heshang
Jap., Shiko Osho
Purple Lake   Buddhist Teacher
born:  c. 780
died:  c. 850

place:  China
Chan master:  Nanquan (J., Nansen)
Chan disciples:  1 recorded as a master.

Blue Cliff Record: Case 17 (in Xuedou's verse)
Case 96 (in Xuedou's verse)

The Great Zen Master Ta Hui, ch. 17
      oshobob  The Living Workshop                                           
                                                 Zen Masters
Haven't you read how in the old days, Master
Tzu Hu

    The Patriarch's coming from the West only
    means that winter is cold and summer is
    hot, night is dark and day is light.

It's just that you vainly set up meaning where
there is no meaning, create concern where there
is no concern, impose "inside" and "outside"
where there is no inside or outside, and talk
endlessly of this and that, where nothing exists...

--from the talks by Osho:
           The Great Zen Master Ta Hui, ch. 17
aka: Tzu Hu (old W.G.)