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In addition to the sites that have directly joined Sannyas Ring, there are many fine Osho sites around the world which also merit attention. Here in no particular order are nine of the most important, in size, connections or place in the hearts of sannyasins everywhere. Links to many others can be found at the major sannyas portals or at Page Two of this site.

Friends of Osho Rudra's project, bringing together all the essential services: A Directory of Osho's people, a huge bibliography of Osho's books, information and links to online versions, a great joke collection and much more. Was unfortunately down due to financial and time constraints, now back!

People & places

3000+ listings, searchable by name, location and category of enterprise

Osho's Books 

2900+ editions in 21 languages, 1700+ cover images, links to online versions


500+ of the best, hit reload for new ones, way cool!

Osho World Huge site based in Delhi

Big big big.

The site includes downloads, events, newsletters (Hindi and English), meditations and some fabulous online books: Osho's "autobio," Laxmi's story, and Osho ebooks, 240 in English, 75 in Hindi. And much much more.

Osho Resort The Flagship, HQ, center of the known universe . . . Still vibrant x years after Osho left his body, and after despite?/because of? many changes. And it is still the Master's buddhafield, both a pilgrimage and resort, with Osho's samadhi, groups, meditations, zennis, org and much more co-existing on the 40-acre (16-ha) campus.

Site is available in twelve languages and "partitioned" into six major areas, not always easy to negotiate. Attractions include Magazine, Resort Tour, Zen Tarot (hit me again!), Osho Library with search facility, Webcasting and much more. Big site with accent on Pune facilities.


oTantra Project of Unmad from Australia, was forced "off the air" by HQ, above, now returned with new offshore webhost. 

Evolved from his other project, "iosho," focuses on Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, Osho's classic detailed exposition on the 112 methods of meditation given by Shiva to Parvati. 

Full text and audio from VBT. 

      .  .  .  .  .  .  .     

iosho is also back, with a sprawling vast tribal vision . . . Poona One songs, discourses (text and audio), sociopolitical commentary, and tons more.  


Osho Ko Hsuan School England. School is an independent, co-educational boarding school, accommodating up to 50 children aged 7 to 16. The school is housed in a converted rectory, set in 14 acres of Devonshire meadow and woodland, with extensive outbuildings. Run as a vibrant community of children and adults, the school attracts pupils from all over the world.

Osho Ko Hsuan School has an holistic approach to education where children are encouraged to be themselves, take responsibility for their actions, and are supported to grow in freedom and love.

"Children still remember something of the mystery.
They have just come from the other world, they have not yet forgotten it completely...
the fragrance is still around them.
That's why all children look so beautiful.
They start losing their grace the day they start learning plastic behaviour."

Unfortunately Ko Hsuan seems to have disappeared as a "real life" entity, though its site continues.

Rebellious Spirit From Czechland, project of Nishkam and Leela

Osho events around the world:

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A snappy, well-designed site with easy features, some of them unique. These include a place for Osho centers to announce their events, a "center parade" of different centers around the world, and an ongoing sannyas webzine. News, polls and feedback also contribute to the interactiveness.


Osho Viha Based in US, worldwide in reach

Osho Viha center in Mill Valley, a suburb of San Francisco, started as a small center. Then one thing led to another and whaddya know?
Now they have a book and video/audio distribution empire, with lots of hard-to-find stuff AND . . .

Viha Connection  their 
world-class bimonthly magazine.


Osho Humaniversity Based in Holland, Veeresh's famous therapy Institute

Intensive trainings informed by Osho: "communal therapy," emphasis on nitty-gritty life-affirmative processes based on catharsis and understanding, la Pune Une.

OSHOinUK  based, duh, in UK

Project of Yoga Christopher, produced by Veena and Punya, features Meditations, events, centres, well organised links, lots of nice "profiles" of British sannyasins, business connections, news, gossip, art gallery and much more.

For lots more Osho-related sites, see Page Two

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