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In fact, there are too many to keep up with. Here are some more sites devoted to Osho and  sannyas, though little effort is made to verify that they are still there. Order may come later. Many more can be found at the major sannyas portals: 

Friends of Osho (Mitra)
Friends of Osho (Rudra)
Osho-Holics (Devakrishna)

Sannyas World (Gorakh)
Rebellious Spirit (Nishkam and Leela)

Osho Nisarga – Site for Ma Yoga Neelam's big center near Dharamsala. Site seems to be buggy, no links. Big photo spread here. Video link here.

Zouddha.com – Startup by Nirman and friends, may grow to be a full-fledged portal, has videos, interviews, chat, blog, personal ads, event listings, etc

ManeeshaJames.com – Maneesha's personal site, history, work with consciousness and dying, active meditations, books and more

OshoBuddha – Big site from Australia with lots of pics, text, audio and video, comes and goes but worth keeping an eye on

Meditation Module – Exploration of Osho's active meditations based in NYC and Berlin, includes 12 meditations plus the three "meditative therapies"

OshoRadio.nl – Sannyas music + Audio Discourse excerpts updated weekly, some archives, links, especially to musicians' sites

Satrakshita.com – Big project of Satrakshita, with hundreds of pages on Osho's books, discourses, meditations, the people he commented on; biggest links page (to other Osho sites) on the net

Kids In Divine Spirit – The KIDS site, by Rupda, for and about those who grew up as sannyasins, reunions, pix, message board

Message from Masters – About many of the "big" masters but primarily and centrally Osho, big project of Amit, lots of e-book downloads, bio-info, methods, meditation, jokes, etc

Osho Books Library – Links to lots of Osho for downloading, Hindi mp3s and English pdfs, project of Pankaj Kumar 

Baytalhaq – Osho in Arabic, big project of Asho Vimal from Syria

Wonder Full Things – Major Osho book, audio and video outlet in Sedona, well organised alphabetically or by category

Osho Gautama Multiversity – Based in Italy, big program, lots of teachers, trainings, grounded in Osho's vision

Osho Friends Europe – Based in Kφln, aim is to be a channel for resistance to trademark monopoly of Osho's name by OIF

My Samasati – Project of Nando, daily meditation, "inspired by Osho, an extraordinary contemporary Zen mystic"

Swami.de – Based in Germany, in German, info and links relating to current stuff, like India travel, center projects, etc. All-Germany Osho Film Festival eg, at time of listing

Osho Network – Web-only, mailing list for sannyas website information and news

Meditation Research – Project of Maneesha and friends, explaining and investigating Osho's active meditation methods, focusing mainly on Dynamic. See also ActiveMeditation.com/ 

OshoPicsPune1 – Anonymous project with 445 Osho pics from Pune 1. See also Pre-Pune (102 pics), World Tour (78) and Pune 2 (322), by the same poster. Awesome!

OshoPhotos.com – Another anon project, Flash-based slideshow-type presentation, organized by theme into different galleries + quotes and links

ZorbaBuddha – Project of Karuna and friends, directory of healers, musicians, events and info on Osho's meditation methods

At the Blessed Feet of the Awakened Master – Sweet site from Nepal, by Yoginimaa, pix of Osho from his time there, celebrating various Nepali buddhafields

Osho & Others Pune 1980-81 – Project of Samvado, 30 pics + see also Ranch 1982, 49 pics  

Osho Publikaties Nederland – Osho booksellers and much more, based in Holland, site in English and Dutch

Osho Sakshin – The biggest Osho center in Japan, pages in English and Japanese, meditation methods, CDs, book distributors etc

Osho Multiversity Sweden – Trainings, courses, etc, Swedish language only

Osho Amici Italy
– Friends of Osho Italian style, newsletter, events, music, links for Italian centers

Osho Centre Mexico – En Espaρol, lots of different actividades, en todo el Mexico, based in DF, regular meds etc

Meera.de – Schedule and other info on Osho's wildest artist

Living Workshop – Project of Oshobob, deep study of Zen / Chan masters and Osho's talks on them + info on everyone Osho has talked about

Osho Academy – Mystery School in Sedona AZ founded by Kaveesha, Avirbhava et al, calendar

Zen.new21.org – Multi-master site based in Korea, Osho section has 186 nice pics – Anon project, lots of mp3s of discourse, music + a few vids

Apta Yoga – Project of Vivarto, complete Vigyan Bhairav Tantra + Yoga A&O Vol I, + comparative religion links and critique

Osho Diamond Breath – Meditation-oriented breath and body therapy, includes some tantra, collective of Shunyo, Dwari, Devapath, Shanti (Mex) and Bodhi Ray

A Taste of Osho – Selected discourses arranged by topic

Osho Risk – Big commune in Denmark, groups, trainings, sessions, festivals, meditation center

Osho.tady.info – Extensive Osho site in Czech language

Osho by Bosma – Dutch info, quotes, books, + a page of English quotes and pics

Osho Audio RO – Osho audio, arranged by topic, 7 1/2 hours, + software links

Osho Sammasati – Australian distributor of books, video and audio + meditation CDs & music

Stichting Vrienden van Osho – Friends of Osho, mainly Dutch language site: People, places and links + other features

Osho Manan Neo-Sannyas Commune – in Gujarat, offering lots of Osho Meds, big centre, run by Sw Anand Swabhava, Osho's ambassador to India 

Conectαndonos – El Mundo de Osho from Satyam, the basics for Spanish speakers

Osho Times Germany – Monthly mag in German with discourses and theme articles

RajMittal – Project of Rajesh Jain, 222 well-organised e-books in pdf, complete text with internal links to chaps

Singing Buddhas – Swiss site mainly in German, a celebration of singing Osho songs: pix, songbook, etc

Deva Yoko – Japanese flutist, site mainly in Japanese, "Listen" link has some sample mp3s for listening

Osho.IsGreat – Meditation info, lots of old and/or rare pix, though small

Osho-Ontario – Blog from Amrito, events, local pix in the Toronto area, 

Meditation Is Easy – Extensive site from Delhi by Eklavya and others, everything about meditation, links to books, CDs by many authors, first and foremost Osho, includes entire Vigyan Bhairav Tantra

Osho Dhyan – Blog project of Sw Santosh Robin, "seeks to re-establish a true sannyasin centre with Osho at the very heart"

Rajneesh Rebels – Recent Pune history from nego anti-admin POV, including CIA connection, new URL, alleging hacking of old site

Osho Uta Institut – Osho's place in Kφln, groups, meditations, lots of other programs and enterprises (restaurant, publishing, etc) under this big roof

Osho Miasto – Big commune in Tuscany, big program of groups with biopics of lots of big group leaders, daily meditations, monthly camps, shop etc, English & Italian

Osho Tapoban – Booming Commune outside Kathmandu, lots of daily meds, med camps, visitor space, sannyas initiation, the works, led by Sw Arun. Site has lots of Osho & other pics

Satyam/Osho Books – Project of Satrakshita, rare early booklets in pdf format

Sangam.ch – Mixed bag of stuff relating to sannyasins in Switzerland, big links page

Osho Mevlana – Residential Community in Byron (shares), meditation hall, accommodation, venue for music, satsang, groups

Instituto Osho Brasil – Brazilian Osho book and video distributor, Champak, Brasilia, includes Osho Khalid MC, therapy and meditation

One Sky Music – Milarepa and the One Sky Band, schedule, bios, CDs, Osho

MitenDevaPremal.com – Miten & Premal, "My inspiration is my master Osho. Everything I've written, sung, performed is a direct reflection of his light."

Oshodhara – Three Indian sannyasins, a "Stream of Living Masters," Siddharth, Priya and Shailendra, using Osho's methods

Conscious Living – Groupleader collective based in Europe: Sagarpriya, Meera, Moumina, Svagito, Agni, Siddho, + Osho

Oshoba – Italian book and music distributors 

Socrates Truth – Resistance movement for banned sannyasins, complete with Pune Mafia conspiracy theories (rickshaw wallahs are watching you)

Medina - 10 years on – Special sub-site of Mitra's, a where-are-they-now concerning those who passed through Medina in the 80s

Osho Verlag – Osho's publisher in Germany, lots of Osho books, tons of discourses, sannyasins' books and music, some other authors

World Concerts for Peace – Project of Mada, promoting Osho and Osho's musicians

Osho Co-dependency – Krishnananda and Amana, their brand of Osho therapy

Our Exploited Children – Project of "Ivor," centered on Ko Hsuan, teaching methods for free healthy kids

Osho Flowering – Project of Supraath, Osho's Enlightenment story + sweet images, misc "ask Osho" theme quotes

Osho Manjusha – Center in mountains near Dresden , newsletter, forum, meditations, kid-friendly commune, satsang with Mahamudra

Osho Parimal – Osho's place in Gut Hόbenthal, rural central Germany, daily meds, visiting groupleaders and musicians

Osho Nirvesha – In Tuscany countryside, Italy, near coast, group facilities, etc

Osho Freiburg – German site run by Wendelin, news, links, friends network, gossip, Osho

Osho Padma MC – In NYC, run by Priya, calendar, special events, meds, local info, books etc

Osho Leela MC – In Mόnchen, groups, sessions, meds, parties etc

Tantra Songs – Atmo and Bharti, music, groups, sessions

OshoTeachings – Blog from White Lotus / Swami Amitabh, lovingly covers all aspects of sannyas having been forced by OIF to remove "copyrighted" discourses

Meditate.org – A daily excerpt from What Is Meditation? 

Osho 1980 – Project of Hariprem, source sutras of Osho discourses + some quotes: Upanishads, Chuang Tzu, VBT, Ashtavakra, etc

Tantralife – Ma Krishna Radha's tantra site, lots of relevant Osho quotes, Eng and Italian

OshoTantra blog – Daya Sevanti's blog in My Space, Pics + Osho's words, much from Darshan Diaries

Inner Contact – Mukto's site about channeling and Osho

Osho Here And Now – Osho books, new and some rares, + DVDs, other formats, posters, etc, and a Spanish section

Osho Art Unity – Japanese outlet for Osho art silkscreens

Inner and Outer Adventures – Rahasya and Nura, trekking/sailing, growth, satsang

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