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This page is just an archive, a record, such as it is, of what i once said about certain of my listees, who once had a higher profile, kept for the sake of continuity of information. Please note that some "factual" info here will be obsolete, as will be some of the people listed.

I have moved these guys below from their formerly rated categories. For the most part they are relics of the starting phase of my little project, when i rated everyone i came across. They were early realizers of the internet possibilities, got listed in directories, etc, and survived the first cuts when i introduced unrated categories. Now, as the rated pages have gotten so huge, i have moved some who don't really have a big presence in the biz. Some are dead, some merely unambitious.

Their ratings were mainly low in any case, since neither web buzz, presence nor audience size ever got off the ground. On the other hand, putting them in unrated categories does not mean they have become less. More are from Fringe than anywhere else since those guys never had much to offer in the traditional advaita-devotional spectrum, which has some relevance, it turns out after all, in the area of satisfying spiritual longings. 

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Sheikh Ahmad al-'Alawi  
M   1869-1934     aka Ahmad ibn Mustafa ibn 'Aliwa,  Abu al-'Abbas al-'Alawi 

Algerian. "Emphasized knowledge of Allah (ma'rifa) through the practice of solitary retreat (khalwa) under the supervision of sheikh, and the invocation (dhikr) of the Supreme Name." Purist, repudiated "assimilationist" Europeans who considered all religious traditions as valid and acceptable reflections of a single truth. Well excuuuuse me. 

Gururaj Ananda Yogi  
  M   1932-1988

"What is the purpose of our life ? We would necessarily have to define what purpose means, and what life means, and how we could have a purpose in life, and how life could become purposeful. Now, the purpose of life would be to find fulfillment. The very word implies a fullness, to have a purposeful life that could be lived in fulfillment..." Say no more. Please.

Christian Anders
M   b1955ish   
aka Lanoo

Christian Anders

"European superstar," disappointed by fame and fortune, became a prophet. "The origin and purpose of all religions are given in THE BOOK OF LIGHT and in THE DIVINE MESSAGE FROM THE TRUE GOD, revealed through its prophet LANOO." All religions presented as they SHOULD be. Amen and hallelujah!

Wolfgang Bernard
  M      b1951
Wolfgang Bernard (for link see his entry at "N")

German based in France. NLP and "The Original Belief © Process . . . the most important and first belief that takes root in every human being during infancy." Riddled with NLP bafflegab but does acknowledge "a well done psychotherapy (re)establishes identity. Awakening dissolves it." Benefit of doubt.

Bhashkar Perinchery  
  M   b1948    aka FIL 
(Friend of Inner Light)

Bhashkar Perinchery

Indian filmmaker, one-time Osho sannyasin now in guru biz, based in Germany. Marketing something called VIHAP (Vital Harmonizing Programme). "You may have heard within a different context the expression “transcendence.” Transcendence is referring to the recognition of a dimension beyond the so-called “good” and the so-called “bad;”" Needs a new keyboard. Has founded 32 acronymically named schools. Phoniest of the balonies.

Charles Paul Brown*
  M   ?ish
People Forever

American. "Physical immortality in 1960." Looks 50ish. "Over the years has remained constant in his hunger for others to bond with him in a deathless living. . .The result is the end of religion, indeed of all belief systems. . . The spell is broken. Death’s promise is revealed as a cruel hoax, and eternity is at last accessible here in the present, fully alive, whole, complete, and everlasting." Traveling immortality salesman.

Paul Foster Case*
  M   ?-? 

"Adam was reminded of the good blue fairy who, Adam  decided, perhaps hadn’t been joking after all. Yet Adam, in going over his true desires, found himself face to face with emptiness." Qabalah, Tarot. "Vibratory Attunement Ritual to heal ourselves, loved ones, the world." Builders of the Adytum in LA since 30's. "Extended by Dr Ann Davies." Esoteric mumbo jumbo. 

Dr Chakras  
  M   b1954
aka T.J. Sharack
Dr Chakras

American. "Paths are indeed diverse. Although suffering and sacrifice are surely among them, they're by no means requirements – IF we can simply transcend our self-destructive, Self-limiting beliefs." Took name as anagram of birth surname. Site text formerly formatted as images, now improved. Bland, harmless-seeming self-promoter. 

Eddie Conner  
  M   b1952ish 

American prosperity wallah. No bio info. "Eddie's ability to hear and see his spirit guides and angels enables him to tap into the Higher Energies of the Universe . . . Our past is the photograph of where we have been, what we have learned from it creates the roadmap to our future, but the gift of our life is today... that's why it's called the present." Wanker. 

Dadaji    M    1906?-1992
aka Amiya Roy Chowdhury

"You don't have to torture your mind or body to find God. Just doing your best in your daily life is rough enough. No guru, teacher or priest is needed... within your heart... When he entered the fields of banking and insurance... no knowledge of banking, yet became manager of one of the largest banks in India." Does anybody care?

Dava    M?   ??ish 

"An Incarnation of The State, Presence, and Influence Of Reality or God Itself. He is not a charlatan, and is not deluded." "Why is God or Reality Considered a foundational principle of The Path? Because Reality is The Foundation Of The Way." Deluded blowhard. 

Let Davidson  
M   1941-2010
aka Dasarath  
Let Davidson

American. Zen, Vipassana, Yoga and Advaita Vedanta . . . Werner Erhard, emotional trauma release, holistic health and psychoneuroimmunology. (Oooh that's a long word). "Five years of HWL Poonja has radically transformed his sense of identity and teaching work." Earnest, professional. [death May 23 not announced on site, no heir apparent]

Dorje Taktser Rinpoche
M    ?ish

"As the Sufis would say, 'You can only have one king to a kingdom, but you can get twelve dervishes under a blanket.'" Western-born lama, enlightened age 20, "unconditionally committed to the truth, rather than to personal opinion." Many traditions, organic synthesis, Yoga, Tantra, etc. 12 dervishes shtick overused. Who is this guy?

Burt Harding  
  M   b1960ish 
Burt Harding

Canuck. (YVR) "Ramana Maharshi appeared to him in 1974, spiritual search ended." Teaches A Course in Miracles now. Gives lessons "on the basis of auditory and automatically written channeled material." Workshops in Supersentience. Had a TV series on the mind/body connection. From Ramana to ACIM = down arrow

Wayne Hartman  
  M   ?ish
Wayne Hartman

Californiac, details sketchy but "I am a Visionary who works on the Grand Schemes and the 'Big Picture' of how spirit expresses in flesh. I think deeply on a number of issues including society, government, education, economy, and even reality creation itself." How about that?

Kirby J Hensley  
  M   b1911
Universal Life Church

BYO Beliefs. Get ordained! Learn how to use religious tax exemptions, etc. Press Cards, minister's window stickers, all kinds of certification CHEAP! "We offer special titles such as Shaman, High Priestess, Yogi, and any other variety of title that you can imagine!" Refreshing but no cigar (except exploding). 

Jeru Kabbal 
M   1930-2000
aka Swami Anand Santosh
Jeru Kabbal

American, "is a spiritual friend and mentor who can guide you to ultimate clarity – even in today's confusing world . . . has a unique gift of making complex subjects simple and easy to understand." Disciple of Osho, influenced by Nisargadatta, Ramana. DeHypnotherapy, The Clarity Process and Quantum Light Breath. Pitch is like elevator music, but who knows?

Swami Shanti Kristian*
M   b1929
aka Kristian Dahl-Madsen

Spiritual Hedonism

Swedish disciple of Osho. "Spiritual Hedonism, which means life- affirmative spirituality, is the natural way today, since Osho introduced it in the 60's." Reichian, Gurdjieffian methods to remove conditioning; meditation, energy work to reduce post-enlightenment somatized ("karmic") illnesses. Enlightened 1982, working quietly in Swedish boonies. Original. Benefit of doubt. New URL

  M   1891-1972 
aka Kainichi Otsuka

"As a child, predicted future, cured sick, invented many  devices." "Lao-tze could not divide One completely. If One is divided into Zero or the limit, One is Many and One is All. If people come to understand this Truth, they will realize its absoluteness. All things appear from Zero." Also, Kyobosama (Kunie Otsuka) F b1906. Doubletalk could be clever cover for wisdom. 

Graham Ledgerwood  
  M   b1950ish 

Canuck based in Californialand. "Studied and practiced . . . Sufism, Jewish Mysticism and Christian Mysticism, Zen, Egyptian Mysticism, The Tao, Theosophy, the Eight Main Yogas, and many others." Honours conferred include Satguru, Master, Avadhut, Illuminatus and Maharaj, but "prefers to be regarded as a fellow student and brother mystic." New Agey. What a guy, eh? 

Spencer Lewis  
  M   1883-1939 

"Rosicrucian system ties together all of the different aspects of metaphysical study, and demonstrates their interconnectedness. Understanding the natural laws that govern all realms leads to true prosperity and peace of mind." Egyptian / Indian / Christian / U-name-it. Synthetic, intellectual, no master. 

Christopher Love   M b1950ish   A––>N––>X
Christopher Love

American. Reiki. Hypnotherapy. NLP. Papaji train. "There is no charge for Satsang. A $10.00 donation is recommended." Commercial, no info, benefit of doubt.

Swami Shri Harish Madhukar  M 1923-1996

Madhukar (new site, Jinendra could not keep a page for his master)

Recited Bhagavad-Gita at age 4. (No one's perfect). Burned his Sanskrit degree vowing to never take up a job where they need proof of his education. Paid dues with menial task sadhana, cave meditation, etc. Recommended a "24-hour sadhana of living joyously, in full awareness . . . Realization of truth depends on no apparent qualifications. IT may happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime in any manner." Unpretentious, likeable. 

Frank Maiello 
  M    b1948
new URL

American." Those involved in the new physics, metaphysics, or the exploration of that which lies behind the appearance of things, will hopefully find this site interesting, if not compelling." Saw through Catholic church hypocrisy at early age. Then, Theosophy, Zen, Castaneda, Qabalah, Freemasonry, Bardo Thodol, ending with Advaita Vedanta and Ramana Maharshi. Mental/metaphysical approach, benefit of doubt.

Shirra Meiklejohn-Wilson
   F    b1946
Sojourner Institute

"Christian Mystic on a mission." Teaches Gurdjieff's Fourth Way. "'The Work' is a 4000-year-old tradition and discipline which enables individuals to effectively develop spiritually while remaining within their everyday life." Who is this woman?

Thomas Daniel Nehrer 
  M   ?ish

American. Scientific background, expression is intellectual but uncluttered. Vast expositions on what "Essence of Reality" is NOT. "Religion destroys perception of Reality. It does not, in any way, accurately reflect it." Available for email consultation. Not much reference to eastern thought or respect for guru/disciple model. Benefit of doubt.

Satpal Ji Maharaj*
M    b1951
aka Bal Bhagwan Ji
Manav Dharam

Oldest brother of Maharaji, also an Indian politician. Crowned by mother Mata Ji after Lord-of-Universe lawsuit against Maharaji. "Travels across the oceans to talk to people and enlighten them about the human essence i.e. the life force called the spirit. He is enlightened and compassionate and finds joy eternal in serving humanity." Fat and fatuous.  

Timothy Schoorel* 
  M   b1965
Timothy Schoorel

Dutch. At age 15, became disciple of Osho. In 1991 with Alexander Smit, Dutch disciple of Nisargadatta. "In December 1995, Timothy realized his absolute nature, finding the freedom he had intuited since childhood." Book = The 7 Principles of Freedom. Benefit of doubt.

Srimad Shuddhananda Brahmachari   M    b1949 
Baba Lokenath Divine Life Mission

"Naisthic Brahmacharin Hindu monk . . . male Mother Teresa." Renounced world, life-transforming vision of guru Mahayogi Baba Lokenath (1730-1890!) Former Professor of Commerce, "designs self-help programs addressing the root causes of poverty and disease. . . Addressed World Parliament of Religions [blah blah] keynote speaker . . . hallmarks of a saint." Service big time. Unpromising bio redeemed by soulful picture (unfortunately on lost site).

Russell Smith 
  M   b1950ish
 (exes testify)

American, split from brother Master Nome, "both awakened by the Teaching of [and borrowing the authority of] Ramana Maharshi." Now has disappeared, said to be involved with wife Helga's enterprise, building on his background in Ch'an Buddhism. Split, in 2003, may have resulted from damning reports from exes.

Maurice F. Taylor 
  M   ?ish
Radical Consciousness

"Belief is a Homo sapiens level function. If you do not sense your bondage, your angst, your constriction as a cultural product, as a Homo sapiens, then you are probably not ready to move forward in a more conscious way beyond the many meaningless programs offered within the cult of society to which you are now confined and addicted." Deprogramming shtick. No bio. Benefit of doubt.

Master Thomas  
  M   b1950ish 

Master Thomas

American(?) based in Chicago "The Light of God lifts me before the audience during broadcast on national televeision [sic]. This lifting demonstrates that I am the messenger from God. I fly through the air during interview with publisher of a national magazine . . . It was the LIGHT OF GOD within me as Jesus that performed miracles." Also acknowledges that this light is within you. Could be worse.  

  M   b1964ish 


Australian. Papaji / Osho hybrid. "The rope was cut of continually serving the god of 'me'…The deep realization that the only thing left to do was to surrender everything to the Truth that was revealed in glorious defeat. "Lately working with (under?) David Deida." Impression of heft although young. See new shtick in O 

Todd Vickers 
  M   b1968
Spirit Paradox

American. "One of the most clear-minded and  scrupulously honest spiritual teachers I have ever met. His willingness to respond with integrity, looking inside as much as out to the challenger, is a rare phenomenon, a healing one even by itself." – Paul Wagner, whoever he is. Rebellion, drugs, catharsis, Osho, Papaji, Gangaji, presto! Against esoteric narcissism. Extensive self-indulgent bio. 

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