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Many thousands of New Age sites and movements and leaders will be ignored here because the field is too vast and mostly irrelevant to the theme of gurus/masters. Those listed here should, in addition to the vague New Age parameters described below, demonstrate qualities of leadership or guidance and offer some sort of liberation from the tribulations of ego, through a relationship with them or through their methods. They are not necessarily pretty. If rated they might well end up in Fringe with , which is where some of them have come from. Bigness would be the main factor in such a move but some arbitrariness may apply.
This category includes a wide spectrum of enterprising spiritual leaders. Disappearing into the Oneness of All is not usually high on the list of Great Values they espouse. Mainly it will be about Channeling (Gabriel, Hilarion, etc), or Powerful Locations (Mt Shasta, Glastonbury, etc) or Extraterrestrials, or Atlantis, or Wicca, or Manifesting, or Ascension, though their creativity is not limited to these areas. They may display characteristics of Pagan, Gnostic, Xian but these will most often function as market niche and trappings more than central meaning. The wisdom of the Orient will likewise usually play a small part. A Manichaean – black/white, good/evil, ie loaded dualistic – view of the world is not essential but is often a big theme. A deep critical look at many of these forms, with a special acc ent on ET's, channeling, End Times, conspiracy and politix can be found at Chi-Ting Apocalypse.
Still, ya never know: authentic enlightened masters may be found herein. If any of them turns out to be the next Avatar or Messiah, please let me know (Feedback), though breath will not be held.
Some descriptive information is included. An asterisk (*) indicates they don't really have their own sites, just an interview or short description on someone else's site. And a yellow asterisk (*) = suggested or located by visitor, thank you.

Abdy Electriciteh* M b1964 in Iran, based in Canada (TO) former investment broker, rediscovered childhood "gift" in 2001, "channels an energy that allows an individual to connect to their own divinity", said to have a huge trransmission. May redeem this category, who knows. And yes, this is his birth name.
Abraham-Hicks aka Jerry and Esther Hicks M & F b1953ish Americans (TX), she channels abraham [sic], a corporate "group of obviously evolved teachers." "Anything that you can imagine is yours to be or do or have."
Rev Chavah Aima* F b1959ish American (NM) High Priestess of the Western Mysteries, Silver Moon Sanctuary, now Sanctuary of Enlightened Life, author of nowhere book Wisdom of the West: Pathways to Self-Realization. Page on BookFinder, circling the drain
Oberto Airaudi* M Italian b1950 aka Falco, conducts spiritual/artistic research at Federation of Damanhur, a Mystical-pagan-ufological/political community in Italy
Christian Anders M b1955ish nordic "superstar," aka Lanoo, disappointed by fame and fortune, became a prophet
Bruce Avenell M b1930 American (CA) into Audinometry, spiritual mechanics, many levels, sacred geometry, measuring "sonic chords and light spectrums within the being," Kirpal Singh + space travel & Mt Shasta
Alice Bailey F esoteric writer pub dates 1922-1960, channeled Kut Hoomi and Djwal Khul, very influential in New Age circles. Page has links to lots of material
Rev Remco Bakker M b1958ish American (NM) Spiritual Healing, western esoteric trad, husband of Chavah Aima (above). Page on BookFinder, circling the drain
Amy Bortner-Gialuco* F Amer (PA) Reiki master, Chakra balancing, Feng Shui, channels "spiritual guides from many different dimensions and reality systems," Seth, Ascordia
Sylvia Browne* F b1944ish American (CA), very commercial psychic operation, with ministers, hypnosis, trance chaneling, TV appearances, traces of gnostic Xianity
Rev. Rosalyn L. Bruyere* F b1958ish American (CA) author, workshop presenter, Healing Light Center Church, Lynn Andrews likes her book, no info
Eileen Caddy MBE F 1917-2006 aka Eileen Marion Jessop, was the last surviving founder of Findhorn, eco-farming & educational/spiritual community in Scotland
Edgar Cayce * M 1877-1945 American psychic, gave readings for many thousands on health, spirituality, etc. Org= Association for Research and Enlightement
Earlyne & Robert Chaney* F&M Americans (CA) she channeled, he survived, Astara = synthesis of various esoteric stuff
Hilda Charlton F American d1988, many books about different masters, claivoyant, etc
Eddie Conner M b1952ish American prosperity wallah, no bio info
Larry Crane* M b1945ish American (CA) promoter of The Release« Technique, Lester Levenson's Sedona Method applied to Abundance: celebrity clients, Fortune 500 etc
Dava M? ?ish "Incarnation of The State, Presence, and Influence Of Reality or God Itself. He is not a charlatan, and is not deluded." Whatever
Bob Fickes M b1949ish American Thai-based (Chiang Mai), long time with M Mahesh Yogi, then channeling, New Age TV, Babaji, runs AUM (Awakened University of Meditation) methods mantra-based + healing techs
Philip Goddard M b1942 Brit, never meditated before awakening, long autobio, reiki, Xls, classical composer, lightworker, "I myself lack [dark-force] programming, because I belong to a small minority of people who are no-soul incarnations," etc
Gudni "Ged" Gudnason* b1951ish Icelandic aka Baron Gudni Halldor Gudnason Von Thoroddsen based in US (CO) Golden Dawn, "other great mystery schools such as Tibet, Africa, Transylvania, Japan . . . Celtic, the Norse and the Egyptian . . . authorized to do the work by the Hierarchy of Light in all manner with the highest powers given to a human" Anti* site hits on ignoble "martial arts master" past
Harsita M b1953ish American (NY) ex-Wall St, artist, various shticks (Malchi Zedek as shaman, Orion, Merkaba, Om) partner of Anamika, Tyohar
Hehpsehboah* F b1944ish Cdn Native (Mi'kmaq) aka Thunderbird Woman, Shri Shanti A Deva Dutta, prophet, healer, peace activist, web radio (PalTalk) hostess, antiwar activism overshadows other aspects on limited (said to be not very representative) not well linked sites
Rev Harrison Roy Hesketh DD* M b1941ish Amer (HI) aka Master Tat, titles include Reverend, Swami, Kahuna, Shaman, Bishop, Doctor of Divinity, Lama, Sri,  founded Astral Physics School, Church of Revelation, City of Light, etc, Xianish, "On the Path since 1974 . . .Over 3000 hours of audio tapes recorded since 1975"
Jafree Ozwald M American (CO) b1970 aka Jeffrey Grant Oswald, long self-indulgent bio, mainly into manifesting, Papaji. MORE by him on manifesting
Janet Jefferson F b1946ish Amer (CA) David Hawkins a big influence but "calibrations" gone way beyond. Hawkins' limit is 1000, she is up to 50,000. Also Mme Blavatsky
John of God M b1950ish Brazilian healer aka JoŃo Teixeira da Faria, "unconscious medium" who channels quasi-medical healing entities, millions healed in 38 years @ no charge, simple village setup etc
Kathie Jordan* F b1953ish black Amer (CA) author of The Birth Called Death, astral travel, visits with dead brother since childhood

Alton Kamadon M Australian d2003, "Melchizedek Method" from Ascended Masters Thoth, Sananda, etc, "responsible for grounding upon the Earth plane the vibration of the Kamadon Order of Mastery of Unconditional Love"
Dr George King
* M 1919-1997 UK eclectic until 1954: "Prepare yourself! You are to become the voice of Interplanetary Parliament," moved to US (CA, natch), over 600 Cosmic Transmissions from the Space Masters
Vijay Kumar M b1957ish Indian, "The Man who Realized God in 1993 . . . You must possess a copy of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. It was more precious to me than a Bible or a Quran." Next!
Maitreya M b1940ish no bio-inf, pic " on the Thrown" [sic] genealogy to mass murderer Nadir Shah, Mohammed, Adam etc, convoluted symbolism, book = "The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament"    MORE
Maria DEVI Christos* * F b1960 Ukrainian aka Marina Mamonova- Tsvigun-Krivonogova-Kovalchuk, Mother of the World, failed Komsomol, started religion, "Great White Brotherhood," Usmalos, in 1990, busted after failed Armageddon, back with new hunk hubby, "Lord John Peter II." Rick Ross anti page. Official site in Russian only, English =  404.
Alexander Johannes Markus M Hungarian b1939 aka Marc John, Markus Johannes, based in Sweden via Ecuador, melange of Xian, Sant Mat (Charan Singh) and Johnny Lovewisdom, Andean reincarnation of Milarepa. Site is in Swedish and English
Donna May F new agey author: "The Bridges of Madison County meets The Celestine Prophecy"
Carolyn Molnar* F b1963ish Canuck (TO) Psychic Medium and Spiritual Teacher, author, intuition trainer
Rev Rosemarie Moyer* F b1944ish Amer (PA) "State-Accredited 'Blooming Rose School of Metaphysics and Healing Arts'," 7th Degree Astaraian
Shri Natha Devi Premananda F b1956ish Indo-Amer (CA) aka Claretta Cayette, Queen of Peace Xianish mini-devotional, visions of Mahavatar Babaji, "Eagle Wings of Enlightenment," sweatlodge, Sathya Sai Baba, etc. Bio-info page not linked to or from rest of site
Dr Jonathan Parker M b1950ish American (CA) purveyor of guided meditation CDs, academic credentials, prosperity, life mastery, TV, includes "subliminals"
Prem Nirmal M b1960 Indian (MH) offers Astral Travel, Chakra Workshops, Stress Management, Aura Reading, Intuition Development, Meditation Therapy, etc, varied science background, Dada Gavand
Pratima Mumford-Sephton* F b1952 Brit aka Michele Mumford loosely based in Oz and Bali, formerly in (N), Papaji, now offering Kalki Deeksha + pyramids, crop circles, quantum physics, ancient civilisations, sacred geometry, much more, "accredited emissary for Nassim Haramein." Disappeared for years though seen 2009 satsanging in Tiru, new site not updated since 2012
Ra Uru Hu M b1948 Canuck aka Alan (Robert) Krakower "former arrogant genius" based in UK, "was taught the basis of the mechanical nature of the universe" in 1987 in marathon encounter with an intelligence he calls "the voice," Human Design System now franchised, corporate, «, ę, ™ etc
Kristopher Raphael* M b1956ish multi bloggy sites affect a Toltec lineage (Miguel Ruiz) and school but flog "Golden Flow" – no relation to Golden Shower – and Law of Attraction
Jane Roberts F 1929-1984 American (NY) channeled "Seth" from 1963 on, vast heaps of manifesting-related material, no org
Rumi Da M b1945ish Canuck aka Ron Carson, Sw Anand RD, Karma Tigme Tashi, Pema Lhasung, yoga teacher, crystal work, lots of other stuff, Kalu Rinpoche, Osho
Yogi Sharanananda M b1954ish Canuck (YVR) aka Ricardo Serrano, Holographic Healing, Melchizedek Method, Merkabah, Atlantis, Thoth, "Weekly workshops held weekly," Chidvilisananda, Alton Kamadon
Dr Michael Sharp* M b1955ish Canuck socio PhD author, "Awakening, empowerment, ascension," "Annunaki" ETs created first slavery, now redemption, "the last prophet," site has online book
Shin Shiva Svayambhu M* (= Mahadev / Maharaj) M b1951ish Swiss aka Gideon Fontalba, Shin Gwyd´on, started young, enlightened 1981, "School of the White Spring," "The School of the Ocean of Life," "Integral Learning – Intuitive Doing" travels, Druid, Kabbalah, Sumerian and other ancient shticks, Omraam MikhaŰl A´vanhov. New URL in three languages, no bio-info
Silo* M b1938 Arg-Chilean aka Mario Luis RodrÝguez Cobos promotes "Silo's Message," a multi-layered dense and opaque e-tome in 25 languages, + Community based on it, gatherings near Mt Aconcagua
Dr Joshua David Stone M b1948ish American (CA) lives on light, organises "Channel Panels," Ascended Masters, Melchizedek Synthesis Light Academy
Story Waters* M b1972 Brit (Brighton) author, channeler of SunSon, empowers people to find light within, unfold your self-creation, etc, primarily into aud-vid, internet broadcasting
Sion Richard A Windelov* M b1968ish Kiwi aka Rich Si, channels Ascended Masters, non-serious "I am a Master of Energy (eeekk my ego sais ,, you can't say that!,, people with think you are arrogant! and a fool!)" dealing w Ley Lines, Watkins lines, Energy rivers, Vortex's, Sacred Power Points since 1994. Site gone, still active in EU, link is Facebook
Yahowha M 1930?-1975 American (CA) aka Father Yod, Jim Baker, LA-based commune head, lots of original music, veg restaurant, women first, Brotherhood of the Source, Yogi Bhajan

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