Sarlo's Guru Rating Service

What does "fringe" mean when we're already in non-mainstream-land? It is both inclusive, in that it includes all those not in the other three groups and exclusive, or rather, excluded, that is from the so-called spectrum from devotion to advaita. One characteristic might be a reliance on methods or whole systems that relate very little to a basic oneness. Particular entities and energies might play an inordinate part, even indispensible. A Golden Age of the past or future might be prominent. People in this category tend to be one-dimensional, variously esoteric, political, philosophical, bullshit artists or any and all of these. No one in this category so far has a higher rating than 2 buds.

    The ratings are:

= the greats, helping many

= limited, some handicaps, or maybe not yet full stature

= very limited, narrow approach or ideology, or still developing

= suspect but on balance positive

= suspect

= bogus, may have some value, who knows

= worse than bogus, no redeeming value


= too new, old or retiring, not enough info, or a "teacher" type

If your favourite figure is not here, send in the info and i'll be happy to include, although i will keep it short. (Feedback) And if your favourite figure is here, but underrated or wrongly categorized, let me know and i'll have another look. No flamers please.

Name, M/F, b/d, aka, rating, links, 
* = suggested or located by visitor          shtick, principles, rap (+ / –)

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov 
  M   1900-1986


Bulgarian. With master Peter Deunov 1917-1937, then moved to France to teach mainly there. "In easy-to-grasp language he teaches us how to better: think, eat, breath, love, conceive children and bring them to life, help others and ourselves, etc . . . meditation, karma, visualization, reincarnation, the aura, the Gospel, astrology, magic, Kabbalah [big-time], Kingdom of God, Universal White Brotherhood." Name Omraam given by Neem Karoli Baba. Mainly concerned with morality and esoterica, though his sites evolving to more expansive offerings. Site in five languages. More heft seen since last evaluation, benefit of doubt.

Marshall Herff Applewhite
  M   1931-1997
aka Do, Bo
Heaven's Gate 
Astro Chart

American (CA) space cadet gathered others with partner Bonnie Lu Nettles ( aka Ti and Peep to his Do and Bo) for fame and mass suicide. Group of 100s in 70s dwindled to 37 glassy-eyed loners – half of them castrated men – prepped for alien rendezvous behind comet Hale-Bopp. Site preserved by  Historical interest only. Pointless tacky drivel, Darwin Award candidates.

Shoko Asahara*  
  M   b1955
aka Chizuo Matsumoto

Japanese. 8 years strenuous Yoga and Buddhism. Founded Aum Shinri Kyo in 1987. Claims to have guided "more than 350 disciples to various stages of enlightenment," but then again we're all in various stages. Also claims expertise in science, medicine, music, writing, translation, education, but omits mention of his nerve gas operation (11 dead in Tokyo subway). Book = Declaring Myself the Christ. Good luck! Had his fifteen minutes. Still in jail.

Rabbi Philip S Berg
  M  b1935ish
aka "The Rav," Feivel Gruberger



American dir of Kabbalah Center in LA, many branches worldwide, many celeb clients incl Madonna, prod lines incl $26 for a length of red string (anti-Evil-Eye), lots of cosmetics ($130 for an eye cream), Kabbalah blessed mineral water cures cancer, etc. Wife Karen Berg, sons Rabbi Yehuda Berg and Rabbi Michael Berg assist operation. Some history altered but apparently really did study with Rav Yehuda Brandwein fwiw. Ya pays yer money and ya takes yer chances.

Paramahamsa Thakura Sri Srila Badrinarayana Bhagavata Bhusana Guru*
  M   b1957ish 

Indian, guru Srila BR Sridhara Maharaja, "completely dedicated to the sublime mission of rescuing all souls suffering in this world through the transcendental sound vibration of the Divine Power Mantra . . . He who meditates on this personal Power Mantra will undoubtedly see his innermost desires fulfilled and all symptoms of good health and the power of love will manifest in him . . . A full and sincere meditation on the personal Power Mantra, the Power-Song of your life, is supremely victorious over all types of afflictions." At least it's free. Wish Fulfillment 100. 

Helena (Madame) Blavatsky
  F   1831-1891

Russian-American author, psychic, founded Theosophical Society, first big western attempt at religious/esoteric east-west synthesis. Quoting Kabalah, "Thou art one, the root of all numbers, but not as an element of numeration; for unity admits not of multiplication, change, or form." Remarkable for her time, though this does not outweigh rumours of fakery. Anti page is review of book (Madame Blavatsky's Baboon) which blames Theosophy's influence for virtually all 20th century mumbo-jumbo

Sri Chinmoy
   M   1931-2007
aka Chinmoy Kumar Ghose

Sri Chinmoy

"Dedicated to world peace and fulfillment of the unlimited potential of the human spirit." "Peace initiatives, heart-to-heart approach to global harmony, personal and international harmony." Became disciple of Sri Aurobindo at (orphaned) age 12. Champion weight lifter. 800 books, 8,000 songs and 135,000 works of art to his credit, etc. Celibacy shtick and feats punctured at dirt site. Classier new home page. Former harmless guy now just another exploiter.  Let's see what happens now after his death.

GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui
  M   b1952-2007
aka Samson Lim Choachuy

Anti*: German forum

Chinese Filipino businessman, healer, Pranic Healing® (=Chi Kung, Reiki, Xian, Tibetan synthesis), Pranic Psychotherapysm, Pranic Feng Shui, Kriya$hakti®, Arhatic Yoga, Pro$perity, big org, many national sites, HQ (Manila) site consistently "unavailable because of bandwidth limitations." Service-oriented "Meditation on Twin Hearts" (not linked) the only sign of something "spiritual," ie other than healing. Taking Master Mantak Chia to court for plagiarism. Benefit of doubt, some -ve rumours. Taking 1-2 yrs off in '07, very ill after overwork (heal thyself?) -- Ooops, now permanently retired. Wiki Wars: Choa's entry deleted and  restored from English Wiki several times after tussles, stay tuned, German Wiki article more viable and substantial.

Deepak Chopra
  M   b1948ish

Deepak Chopra

Indian renaissance man – endocrinologist, Ayurvedic medicine, physics, advaita, master of all trades. Praised by President Clinton and Time Magazine. Site is dedicated to mass marketing, all things to all people: Ask Deepak, Spiritual Law of the Day, Recipe of the Week, Creating Affluence, Ayurvedic Jam, etc. Still, good guy, engaging speaker. 

Aleister Crowley  
  M    1875-1947 
aka Edward Alexander

Magick, Ordo Templi Orientis, 666, etc. "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law." "Not a license to indulge in every passing whim, but rather the mandate to discover one's True Will and accomplish it; leaving others to do the same in their own unique ways." Will, power, control. This is truth?  Visitor feedback includes impressive assessment of "successors."

aka David Hoffmeister
  M   b1952ish 

American ACIM grad. "David's descent into [Bryce Canyon] is symbolic of descending into the mind." Massive web of sites all over, most pages just collections of links to each other. Link-wanker. Now has new site, Awakening Mind, better graphics, more sophisticated appeal for tax-deductible donations. Based in Cincinatti.

Werner Erhard 
  M   b1935
aka Jack (John Paul) Rosenberg 
Landmark    Anti 

Used cars, Scientology history, although probably neither side proud of this. Also with Oscar Ichazo. Long intense confrontative seminars (est, Forum) promise "Greater confidence and self-esteem . . . better relationships . . . less concern with approval and opinion of others . . . less fear or anxiety." Big money + snake oil + manipulation. Wiki page has lots of info, links pro and con, controversy re taxes, Hunger Project, abuse of wife, daughters.

Sri Darwin Gross  
  M   b1928 
aka Dap Ren 

American. "Ancient Teachings of the Masters (ATOM) . . . 972nd Living Master in an unbroken line of Bourchakoum Masters that date back to the beginning of time . . . contact with other Bourchakoum Masters besides Peddar Zaskq (Paul Twitchell), such as Rebazar Tarzs and Fubbi Quantz." Was Twitchell's successor at first but then excommunicated. Site features an annual discourse. Their God is called Sugmad, so be careful. 

Anne Hamilton-Byrne *    F   b1922ish 
aka Evelyn Grace Victoria Edwards, The Teacher, Ma Yoga Shakti

Australian, group = The Family, or Great White Brotherhood, now shut down. Adopted suitably blond babies, raising them in isolation as her natural children, with collusion of adult followers. Page, one of many devoted to Muktananda "heirs," is a major excerpt from a book by a survivor. Whole book can be found at "Moore of Sarahji's Photoes2" (somewhat difficult to navigate). Deservedly out of the biz, historical only. Fallout continues with wounded survivors suing H-B for abusive cult upbringing. Also 2 and 3, tipping balance to no redeeming value.

Dr David R Hawkins*
(R for Ramon)
  M   1927-2012

David R Hawkins 
 MORE   Bio*

M American (AZ) shrink, author, kinesiological "calibrations" used to support R-wing politix, "Power vs. Force", celebrated in Korea, complex "Levels of Consciousness" system derived in part from Lester Levenson. A new-age Lyndon LaRouche? Shifting URLs, ended up back to his (self-)publisher's site. W'pedia page deleted, apparently amid concern re actual "notability." Bio page is the site of his biographer, long-time adherent Scott Jeffrey, now disillusioned (see the free pdf of the first three chapters of second book, Power vs Truth). And now, 2014, another blow, two e-books: Secrets of David R. Hawkins: Map of Consciousness and Secrets of David R. Hawkins: Hawkins Applied Kinesiology , the first showing how he and Lester got the Map of Con from -- Oh No! -- none other than L Ron Hubbard (see below) and the second showing the Hawk is too far out even for the International College of Applied Kinesiology, and exposing some cult tendencies. Plenty of nails in that coffin now.

Hilarion ?

Jon C Fox

Channeled by Jon C. Fox. "There are between 70,000 and 7,000,000 NADI... 1st Strand of each nadi (Prana Energy) unlocked by First Degree Omega with Parashakti Level 1... Vyana Energy... Seventh Degree Omega with Fourth Light Attunement." etc. Puhleez!  Omega Shakti System. That link lost. Hey! Wanna go to Atlantis instead? Oops, that's gone too! Also muse to Nostradamus, see Hilda Charlton. Good News! Jon C Fox is back!

L Ron Hubbard  
(L for Lafayette)
  M   1911-1986 
Operation Clambake (anti)
Bare-Faced Messiah 
and Lermanet (European)
Roster of ex-members speaking out

[Caveat in The Road to Happiness] "If you find any words in this book you do not know, look them up in a good dictionary. If you do not, then misunderstandings and possible arguments can arise." Failed naval officer, pulp fiction writer turned authority on everything. "Let's sell these people a piece of blue sky." Ironic alt-bio includes unacknowledged Aleister Crowley connection. BFM an unauthorized bio. Big money, heavy-handed org. Anti-orgs everywhere, hard to choose. Operation Freakout tips balance into buds. Though there is redeeming value in some programs, and org has "settled down now to harassment within the limits of the law, the organization as L Ron ran it was unambiguously criminal and destructive." "Roster" a wiki, with members' positions and links to their stories, over 1000.

John-Roger (Hinkins)  
 M   ?ish

"The message of The Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness [or MSIA, pronounced "Messiah"] is that God is in heaven, that there are greater realms, that you don't have to die to experience them, and that you can know the divine reality while you live on this earth." Split from Paul Twitchell, whom he allegedly plagiarized. Ariana Huffington land. Which is not a high recommendation. 

David Icke 
  M   b1952 
David Icke 

Brit, pronounced Ike, as in Eichmann, not Icky. "The most controversial speaker in the world." Org = Bridge of Love. New Agey, Green politix mutating to neofascist conspiracy theories. Anti-Illuminati, pro-extraterrestrial lizards, Sumerian serpent kings, "What we call the New World Order is the reptilian fourth dimensional agenda." Prolific writer but quantity isn't everything. 

Rev Jim Jones 
  M   1931-1978 
Revisionist book

American (IN) alternative Xian based in Guyana. Started recruiting followers even as a teen, socially progressive "People's Temple" but carried away by authoritarian tendencies. No successors, in fact 914 murder-Kool-Aid-suicides in Guyana jungle ended movement with a thud. Site a thorough review, book is a "sympathetic" view. The definitive modern destructive cult, historical interest only. 

Luc Jouret
   M    1946-1994 
Solar Temple 

Belgian born in Congo established Solar Temple in Switz and French Canada, along with lesser-known Joseph di Mambro. 15 minutes of fame consisted of flameout mass murder / suicide events in both Canada and Switz, ~100 in three separate events. Like Jones above, there is an apologist book, and similarly, like Jones, added for historical interest only. 

Kalindi  F   ~1955-2010
aka Kalindi La Gourasana,
Carol Seidman

Miracle of Love

Pacific Sun (Anti)

Innovative emotional processing-cum-meditation methods (said to be taken uncredited from psychologist Lou Stolis), alloyed with Xian trappings. "Speaks on behalf of Lord Gourasana, The Golden One, a current-day incarnation of God. She is His voice." Rumoured to have been with Hare Krishnas before MOL career. MOL® triple-play includes The Lady, now (2010) the only survivor. Trappings + big money + pretentious crap = unattractive. Site now returned to vapid no-info format. Death may finish group off, new Anti-site good on cult analysis, "teachings," short on personal testimony, alleges lots of recreational drug use.

Sri Harold Klemp  
  M   b1931ish 
Klemp Speaks

"Gives inner guidance through dreams, Soul Travel, and the Spiritual Exercises of ECK. Eckankar always has a living Master, who is given respect but not worship." Current leader of Eckankar (see Paul Twitchell). Got there by dumping Darwin Gross. Lightweight, blathering discourses. 

J. Z. Knight  
  F   b1946
aka Judith Darlene Hampton

Channels Ramtha, model for Doonesbury's Hunk-Ra, a 35,000-year-old warrior who chose her to demonstrate that women are as divine as men. "Ramtha is a state of Consciousness. It is where all of us want to go." Big author. Benefit of doubt.

David Koresh  
  M   1959-1993
aka Vernon Howell


Waco flameout held by some extreme right-wing Xians to have been martyred by Big Government. Classic tragic childhood with single teen mother, abusive alcoholic stepfather, etc. Joined Branch Davidians and rose to top after many struggles (ousted at gunpoint, violent and convoluted internecine plots, etc), visions of self as messiah, interpreted Bible to justify his polygamy, including sex with 12-yr-old sisters of "wives," etc. Epilog = mother stabbed by her sister in 2009. Like Jones and Jouret above, added for historical interest only. 

Dr Ilchi Lee  
  M   b1945ish
aka Seung Heun Lee

Healing Society
Brain Respiration

Anti (eg)

Korean multi-author no bio or info, was involved with Moonies for a while (learning the trade?) "Dahnhak [study of ki] aids the individual to recover his/her physical health and ethical foundation on the way to becoming a 'spiritual' person who is nonetheless successful in the everyday world." 5-step bland "Brain Respiration," site used to use images of young cheery women, now redirects to, even error msgs in Korean. Many centres around world, lots of anti-sites. Refried brains?

Frederick Lenz  
  M   1949-1998 
aka (Zen Master) Rama, Atmananda

Skeptical Book Review

American. "I consider Tom Hanks, Bruce Willis, Susan Sarandon, Alec Baldwin, Jean Reno, Meryl Streep, Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford, Linda Hamilton, Sean Connery, Jodi Foster, and Denzel Washington to be some of the best actors and actresses in Hollywood today." Suicide said to have been because of terminal illness. Learned the biz as recruiter for Sri Chinmoy. Aggressive self-promoter, expert on everything. Philanthropist too. 

Li Hongzhi  
  M   b1951 

Falun Dafa
Persecution facts*

Chinese, no bio. Falun Dafa/Falun Gong derived from Qigong. "Characterized by the cultivation of a Falun (Law Wheel), located at the dan-tian (lower abdomen). Absorbs energy from the universe and relieves the body of bad elements. The rotation of Falun synchronizes with the rotation of the universe, is a miniature of the universe." A different cosmology. Exercises said to be useful. Persecuted by Chinese gov't, can't be all bad.

Grand Master Lu

  M   b1945
aka Living Buddha Lian-sheng, S-Y L

Taiwanese based in US (WA), millions of followers, prolific author, True Buddha School. "After 27 years of daily cultivation, I have put the jewel of my life in 120 books I wrote. I guarantee that it is true that Shakyamuni Buddha gave me the title of 'Flower Light Self-mastery Buddha.' . . . After spiritual cultivation, my wisdom has increased tremendously." Big-time grandiose. 

Lubavitcher Rebbe  
  M   1902-1994
aka Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson

Seventh Lub Reb, son-in-law of 6th. "The Master Plan of Creation" page begins: "It is no accident  that you picked to read this item. Nothing that happens in our lives is mere circumstance or coincidence." Org = Chabad. Apocalyptic extreme right-wing Jewish Hassidic fundamentalist. 613 commandments, lots of morality. Anyone for fire and brimstone?

Drunvalo Melchizedek 
  M   b1948? 

Flower of Life

American, after varied background settled on Mer-Ka-Ba, ancient Egyptian sacred geometry teaching. "Flower of Life" symbol one of these. "There are five Melchizedeks here on Earth at this time, but only two of them are in the 3rd dimension . . . I am not allowed to give their names at this time." Etc. Benefit of doubt.

John Morton   
 M   b1956ish 

American. Apparent successor of John-Roger in  MSIA. (More of the Same Inane Albatross.)

n0by*    M    b1948
aka Bhagwan Beast, East (Erhard Anand Sudesh Thomas), NOBODY, etc

German. Gives "digital satsang" wherever people will let him. Rambling bitterness against any and all authority alternates with poetic humour and detachment. Demonstrates occasional expansiveness but basically trolling for rejection. Multiple websites in German and English. Insisted on being listed. No relation to Werner Erhard. See also Klopapier

Dave Oshana * 
   M b1971ish?
aka Dave Lee
(links to specific GRF posts)  BONUS*

"London lad," stand-up comedian, "The acid test is this: Can the teacher produce enlightenment? If a teacher is real, they can give enlightenment very quickly." Not much info, a lot of posturing. Age and 30-year spiritual work history reconciled by starting at age 5. PR debacle on GR Forum when "graduate" held up as enlightened backed off. John de Ruiter, etc. All PR all the time, fails acid test. "BONUS" page an oldie preserved by, a London-based chat board where Oshana announces his enlightened graduate (click on "Recent Awakenings")

Harry Palmer  
M   b1940ish 
Dirt (dedicated site)

American "educational psychologist" (said to have faked credentials) into mental procedures, "mission . . . to catalyze the integration of belief systems." Doesn't mention his Scientology background but various anti-sites do. Workshops expensive, cheaper alternative (, 99% off) now unavailable, 404, but resisted legal pressure for a while. Bogus vibe, hype, shifting sites, offset by personal testimonials. New dirt site has detailed claims, hype, cult pressurings, etc.

Dr Baskaran Pillai * 
  M  b1957ish 
aka Maharishi Brzee, Sri Siva,
Dattatreya Siva Baba

Anti *

"Tamil Siddha Master" based in US. "Sri Siva – That's my name. My beloved devotees have given me more. Some call me Swamiji and others call me Maharishi, etc but most of them call me Guruji, with a lot of love and affection. I hail from . . ." Well, you get the picture. Nadi Astrology = Your Personal Future inscribed on palm leaves.  Gave the 'Ahhh Meditation' to Wayne Dyer. Was nadi astrology travel agent, now mind science prosperity wallah. Anti page an account of grasping wish fulfillment workshop in TO. Names, sites and trips keep changing, new URL

Elizabeth Clare Prophet 
  F   1939-2009
Church Universal 
and Triumphant


Better-known successor to hubby Mark. Channels Ascended Masters. "The Holy Christ Self initiates and guides the soul to union with God (Ascension). Through meditation and a unique mantra-prayer called decrees, we gain a new empowerment . . . protect ourselves and loved ones from negativity and danger." Said to have been afflicted with Alzheimers, org faltering, likely 2009 = the End of that story. Gobbledygook + doubletalk + heavily-armed survivalism, an historical blip.

Robert Rabbin  
  M   b1951ish 


American. Ten years with Muktananda. Leads "meditative inquiry seminars, spirit-based corporate retreats, serves as an executive advisor to visionary leaders of numerous organizations . . . has been interviewed extensively by the media. Questioning leads to silence, silence to clarity, clarity to revelation, revelation to passionate action. Clarity, Awareness, Leadership." Corporate motivational salesman.

(His Holiness) Raël
  M   b1946
aka Claude Vorilhon 




French journalist and race-car driver based in Quebec. Major UFO site in 19 languages.  Principal aim to establish "Embassy" for ETs  for when they come in 2035, financed by tithing. "All the major religions were founded by ambassadors chosen by the Elohim," Elohim being an esoteric concept appropriated from Genesis, here meaning the ETs who seeded Earth with humanity. Very big in actual scientific cloning research. Group unconventional in many ways, apparently life-affirmative. But with some martyrdom / suicide rumblings: Hugo Stamm (scroll)

Ram Dass
M   b1931?
aka Richard Alpert
Ram Dass 
(more homey)

Guru was LSD then Neem Karoli Baba. Laid-back books. "I don't have a model. All I can see is that I am a teacher. The peculiar predicament that I'm in is that I go back to the feet of this little old man in a blanket [NKB] and I'm in the relation to the guru of chela. It's his trip, not mine anymore. I am in the role of service." Moved to Maui after stroke, reduced output. Not a master. Nice guy but lingo grates. 

T Lobsang Rampa 
   M    1911-1981 
aka Cyril Henry Hoskins

The "T" stands for Tuesday, the day on which the Tibetan entity entered and took over the body/mind of Hoskins, formerly a British plumber. Before adopting that explanation, Hoskins claimed flat out to BE Rampa, a Tibetan high incarnate lama. Lots of books, esp The Third Eye. Was hard to find a supportive site for a while but the books still sell, so now has one. Debunker traces history via Blavatsky. Irrelevant, nuff said.

William S. Sadler  
  M   1875-1969 
Urantia Foundation   (non-Foundation Alternative, one of many)

From The Urantia Book: "Jesus now prepares to spend a short period on Urantia to experience the ascending morontia career of a mortal of the realms. Although this time of the morontia life is to be spent on the world of his mortal incarnation, it will be in all respects the counterpart of the experience of Satania mortals who pass through the progressive morontia life of the seven mansion worlds of Jerusem." Morontia indeed. Schisms and lawsuits arising from UF control. Wanker. 

Swami Deva Sarlo*  
  M    b1946

Canuck disciple of Osho. In the biz solely by virtue of pronouncing judgment on others. Fake humility, detachment and humour hide ego of enormous proportion. Middle Path + belief system demolition = mediocre beyond belief. Mindfuck artist.

Dr Donald Burton Schnell
  M   b1955
aka Prema Baba Swamiji


Quackwatch Anti (scroll to "Fitonics")

American (CA) author, martial arts, bodybuilding, Rosicrucians, Swamy Nagananda, Sathya Sai Baba, Muktananda, etc, etc, endorsed by Laura Lee. Sites shift according to what's being flogged,  "Enlightenment 101" shtick bagged, now it's Spiritual Java – same price as E101 – featuring also better-known diet book author wife Marilyn Diamond (now aka Swamy Leelananda). Oh, now that's gone too. Then there was "The Initiation," that too gone the way of the dodo. Oh well, there's always Ghost stories. The inspiration for Sarlo's Law of Inverse Hype. And in 2011, he`s back, now relatively hype-free, unless you doubt his personal encounter with Babaji.

Dr / Master Zhi Gang Sha*  
  M    b1956

Dr Sha 

Medical doctor in China and trad Chinese medicine doc in China and Canada, founder of the Institute of Soul Healing and Enlightenment, multi author, a sort of Chinese Deepak Chopra except . . . "book campaigns" resulting in Amazon and NYT bestsellerhood" said to be orchestrated using followers' mass purchases. Divine has given him "authority to transmit divine blessings, download golden, rainbow and purple light systems, download new souls from the Divine [$5000], clear personal karma [$2000] and ancestral tree karma, create divine healers, writers, editors and more." Books said to be readable and useful but No Sale. And reports of exploitation almost creepy.

Jose Silva   M   b1920?
Silva Method

Developed Silva Method of Mind Control to "use the untapped power of your mind to accomplish whatever you desire." Whatever. 

Gary Smith*   
M  b1935ish?
aka Gah Rah
Smith   bio 
other sites   Anti

Amer, claimed developer of "Sacred Merkaba" techniques, does not acknowledge Drunvalo (above, who first brought techs through), claims to be the 10th Jesus (Jesus was 8th, Shiva first, appearing every 1000 years), gazillion other claims of New Agey supreme achievement, Thoth, Quezatcoatl, healings, etc, failed end-of-world predictions. Many similar but independent sites (>12) linked from Tribe forum page. No bio whatsoever except, oddly, the offsite "Author's den." Anti site (Rick Ross forum, 16+ pages) features long scolding email from Drunvalo and worries about trance induction in voice recordings. No sale. Rick Ross sold domain 2013, Smith link lost in shuffle (temporarily?)

Summum Bonum Amon Ra*  M   1944-2008
aka Amen Ra, Claude (Corky) Rex Nowell 

American (UT) founder of Summum.  Mummification + cloning = immortality. Met blue aliens ("Summa individuals") in 1975. "Summum Transcending Meditations" not described, require absolute devotion. "The universe was created with a Big Bang through the Masturbation of God." Philosophy sexually open, apparently life-affirmative. Somehow thriving in Utah, must be the Art Bell factor.

Edward Tarabilda  
  M   1940-1999 


American. "The Art of Multi-Dimensional Living® is, paradoxically, a spiritual science expressed in astrological language, as well as, secondarily, an astrology based in spiritual science. However, to compare it in any way to conventional astrology is ludicrous." 8 Great Paths to God ™, 8-Fold Ayurveda ™, 28 quintessential questions, 224 major archetypes. And a Partridge in a pear tree.  

  M   b1942
aka Samhan Lee

Korean. Multiple childhood tragedies and hardships, large bump on third eye. "The Man With The Third Eye has come. Who is he? Why did he have to come to us? . . . One day he questioned himself and at that time something came up in his brain . . . he saw himself as someone who had attained the Enlightenment that nobody could attain for a long time." Two "T"s and an "A" short of a full load.

"The Teacher"*  
  M    ?ish


"I am your friend and brother, not a God. It is true my Father has, once again, sent me to you . . . Naught that I say shall disappoint you; naught that I do shall cause you fear. Know, my friends, my brothers and sisters, that I am your friend, your Brother of Old, re-treading the Path of Old." Apparently channeled, though this is not stated. Retread, world-class megalomaniac.  

Teal Swan*
  F   b1984
aka Teal Scott, the Spiritual Catalyzer
Interview at BATGAP

American (UT) New Agey wielder of extrasensory abilities, survived horrendous sexual and ritual abuse in child and teen years, a classic "wounded healer" who shares openly and freely about issues that remain, encourages emotional honesty in every possible way, has devised many methods of processing emotional blocks. Impressive, though not fully integrated. MORE And since "shadow self work" opens lots of wounds, we have:
Negative links: Celestial Healing, Sarbdeep Swan (ex-hubby), Jessica Mystic
Positive: TruthAboutTeal (inner circle refute allegations)

Vernon Kitabu Turner* 
  M    b1948
aka ZM Kitabu Roshi
Turner interview

African-American (VA). Martial arts from boyhood, zazen from Zen master Nomura Roshi. Indian guru, Sant Keshavadas, told him to "heal the African-American soul." On the difference between no-self and self-mastery: "When an enlightened person is still, that’s enlightenment, but the moment they move, it becomes self-mastery, because the moment you move, you have to act in the world of particulars." Book Soul Sword. Unprepossessing site but carries himself well.  Evolving shtick has him now as Zen master, various orgs: Soul Sword Zen Community, American Vishwa Shanti Zen Mission

Paul Twitchell 
  M  1912?-1971
aka Peddar Zaskq 
a livelier alt bio   Anti

Eckankar, his org/movement survives with a living Mahanta, currently Sri Harold Klemp. Soul travel, dream work, etc. Indian-flavoured Christianity. Initiated by Kirpal Singh in his first American tour, 1955, set up shop 10 years later. Also owes a debt to L Ron Hubbard. Lightweight.  Anti site a collection of links + a few personal stories.

(Zen Master) Umi* 
   M  1938ish-2012
aka Tom Lodge,
Swami Anand Purno 


Brit/American, former Radio Caroline DJ set up in Californialand. "BreatherapySM is a trademark of Lloyd's Mayfair Group, Inc. . . There is nothing for you to obtain. This is like the flu. You catch it. Be with Umi and you can catch it." Inspired to go into the biz by Mikaire. High-turnover crew with olde Arthurian names. All shtick, no substance.  May '09 update: Arthurian shtick  gone, now "Zen," BreatherapySM became Dharmabreath. Improved? MORE page updated. Let history be the judge.

HH Master Wan Ko Yee* 
aka Yangwo Wan Ko Yeshe Norbu, Ven Vimalakirti II, Buddha Vajradhara Dorje Chang Buddha III, etc
Wan Ko Yee 

Chinese based in US (CA) multi-faceted artist turned Tibetan master, extolled in 100s of puff-piece pages from to purported "endorsements" from Sakya Trizin, Gloria Romero, Kevin Shelby, Long Hui and Corrine Brown, etc. Art achievements include "Yun sculpture," calligraphy and painting, "like a golden dragon breaking away from the earth’s crust and soaring in the azure sky above the blue sea, free at will, unbridled and unrestrained, all worldly dust whisked away, ever changing, and beautiful beyond compare!" No coherent home site, no one ever gets to meet him, pic with silly wig, etc. Site PR Wan Ker. 

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