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These guys are all westerners and almost all male. Ah well. They do have something to offer to a certain type of mind, and in fact to humanity in general, by continuing to question and undermine the materialist assumptions of the western intellectual/scientific model, though they are themselves . . . intellectual westerners.
If any of them turns out to be the next Avatar or Messiah, please let me know (Feedback).
Some descriptive information is included. An asterisk (*) indicates they don't really have their own sites, just an interview or short description on someone else's site. And a yellow asterisk (*) = suggested or located by visitor, thank you.

David Bohm M 1917-1992 American physicist, HUAC'd out by Jos McCarthy, collaboration with J Krishnamurti, etc
LEJ Brouwer (Luitzen Egbertus Jan)** 1881-1966 Dutch mathematician founder of Intuitionism school of math, author of Life, Art and Mysticism 
Peter Collins M no bio Holistic Mathematics
Jan Cox M d2005 American (GA), no bio, "intellectual provocateur and entertainer-of-ideas . . industrial-strength mappings of consciousness," cable TV wallah
Amit Goswami * M b1939ish Indian physicist based in US (OR) author, lecturer, F Merrell-Wolff. Page is an interview
Paul Hague M Brit b1942 mathematician, IT, Paragonian (= beyond conflict) Foundation, preparing for a "Sharing Economy" to replace the self-destructing current model, site reduced to book, Paragonian Manifesto, re Integral Relational Logic (IRL) and Unified Relationships Theory (URT)
Nick Herbert M Physicist, "Quantum Reality"
Geoffrey Hodson * M English/NZ 1886-1983 Army officer into Theosophy, angels, devas, clairvoyance, etc, prolific author
Matt C. Keener M b1969 American, esoteric/aesthetic cosmologist, meme artist, "Quantum Resonance"
Timothy Leary * M 1920-1996 American 60's "LSD guru" moved thousands in a new spiritual direction, with some casualties
Spencer Lewis M 1883-1939 big Rosicrucian, synthesis of many esoteric trads, Egyptian, Xian, Indian, Kabbalah, etc
TD Lingo * M c1924-1994 American (CO) eccentric hermit into brain research, work extended by Neil Slade or Lion Goodman (conflicting claims re successorship) or both, take yer pick
Martinus M 1890-1981 Danish philosopher/author, lots of books, non-sectarian "Martinus Cosmology," multilingual site includes Esperanto
Joel Morwood M b1948ish American (OR) no info, "Center for Sacred Sciences," Franklin Merrell-Wolff
Thomas Daniel Nehrer M ?ish American, "Religion destroys perception of Reality. It does not, in any way, accurately reflect it," Essence of Reality
Alice Ouzounian F b1939 Egyptian based in Cyprus, new-agey, many links to ancient western/hermetic stuff

Andrea Pucci F b1950 American (OR), page is a conversation about her "gnostic awakening" with Joel Morwood, Franklin Merrell-Wolff
Stanley Sobottka* M American physics prof, quantum physics/advaita intersection QUOTE
Maurice F. Taylor M ?ish American, "Belief is a Homo sapiens level function," cult of society Deprogramming approach, no bio, Radical Consciousness
Max Théon* M 1848-1927 Polish aka Aia Aziz, based in Paris and Algeria, big influence on Aurobindo, The Mother, Crowley, Gurdjieff, Steiner, Blavatsky, etc
Dr William A Tiller * M b1934ish Canuck based in US (CA), Science and Heart unified, multidimensional author, IONS founder, was big in "What the Bleep Do We Know?"
Vitvan* M 1883-1964 American (NV) aka Ralph Moriarity deBit, gnostic/magick eclectic prolific author, desert hermit
Samael Aun Weor M 1917-1977 Colombian moved to Mexico aka Victor Manuel Gomez Rodriguez "avatar of the Age of Aquarius," big Gnostic author, see also Gnosis-USA
Alan T. Williams M no bio, physicist & poet, science of consciousness, tao of physics, etc. Site has essays, poetry, re Conditional Relativity, Beyond Zen, etc
Fred Alan Wolf M b1934 American (CA) physicist, multi-author, Quantum Soul, shamanism, etc.
Dr Stephen Wolinsky * M b1955ish American (CA) "Quantum Psychology," multi-author, Nisargadatta. Page is a book review
John Wren-Lewis * M b1923ish Aussie mathematical physicist, unsought satori in near-death experience, unusual perspective. REVIEW written by him of movie Fearless
Wulf Zendik M 1920-1999 American (WV) Counterculture figure: Art, Phil, Religion, Sexuality synthesis = "Creavolution," wrapped in alt-farm = "Ecolibrium," succeeded by wife Arol
Gary Zukav b1947ish American quantum physicist, author of The Dancing Wu Li Masters and The Seat of the Soul, works with partner Linda Francis

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