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They are legion, and i have not touched them before, save a few that because of their influence i had listed elsewhere. These authors are rarely if at all acknowledged as masters, even by themselves. Still, many people, impressed by a worldview, freed of some baggage, touched by a poetic expression of That, think they have something worthwhile to say. Many acknowledged masters are also authors of course, but they will not be listed here, just the poets, dreamers and thinkers – and what the hell, maybe even a few artists and musicians. So this is not about their ineffable personages, just their works, some of which have truly been influential spiritual classics. There are most often, in the case of the deceased, no surviving orgs/cults. A few factoids, as usual, and the name of their best-known work will be included.
The links provided will often be just book links, eg Amazon, Alibris and BN. There may be better or more personal sites to be found with a diligent Google search. I will not be looking hard for these guys, but feel free to nominate one who has touched you in this way (Feedback). A yellow asterisk (*) = suggested or located by visitor, thank you.

Basho M 1644-1694 Japanese master haiku poet aka Matsuo Munefusa, Narrow Road to a Far Province 
Itzhak Bentov
* M American 1923-1979, science of consciousness type, Stalking the Wild Pendulum.
Annie Wood Besant F 1847-1933 Brit many years Pres Theosophical Society, social reformer, The Ancient Wisdom
Black Elk M 1856-1950 Oglala Sioux warrior and healer, Black Elk Speaks
Bô Yin Râ* M 1876-1943 aka Joseph Anton Schneiderfranken German painter, influential author, links to 9 language sites, Hortus Conclusus 
Paul Brunton M 1898-1981 aka Raphael Hurst, Brit journalist, intro'd Ramana et al to the west, the first Guru Rater! A Search in Secret India Unflattering material in Wikipedia 
Richard Maurice Bucke M 1837-1902 Canuck MD, literary executor of Walt Whitman, Cosmic Consciousness 
Titus Burckhardt M 1908-1984 Swiss, wrote lots on Sufism, translator, An Introduction to Sufism
June Campbell* F b1945ish Scot important feminist critique of Tib Buddhism, based on double life with Kalu Rinpoche, Traveler in Space: In Search of Female Identity in Tibetan Buddhism Tricycle interview 
Alain Daniélou* M 1907-1994 French artist, philosopher, musician, polymath deeply steeped in culture of India, explained it all to the West The Myths and Gods of India
Duane Elgin American author, speaker, workshop wallah, informed optimistic view of saving the planet as we evolve, Awakening Earth. WIE Interview
Walter Yeeling Evans-Wentz M 1878-1965 British anthropologist, editor of 1st Tibetan classics to come to West, Tibetan Book of the Dead
Maurice Frydman* M 1900-1976 Polish aka Swami Bharatananda hung with Gandhi, Ramana etc, edited and translated Nisargadatta into English, I Am That
L Ron Gardner* M b1951 Amer (CA) has written hundreds of reviews of spiritual books at Amazon, towering influences = Ramana, Buddha, Adi Da and Ayn Rand, expert on just about everything, Beyond the Power of Now
Kahlil Gibran M 1883-1931 Lebanese based in US and Europe, The Prophet
David Godman M b1953 English Ramana editor, Papaji chronicler, Be As You Are  
Kurt Gödel* M 1906-1978 Austrian-Amer logician, showed incontrovertibly that logic could not answer all questions, Incompleteness Theorems 
Alex Grey M b1955ish American artist of stunning human portraits with anatomically correct interiors and energy, Sacred Mirrors Wild Heart Journal interview with work samples
René Guénon** M 1886-1951 French aka ’Abd al-Wâhid Yahyâ, explainer and uniter of all varieties of Eastern and Western metaphysics, universalist "Perennialist" most focused in Sufism, Sophia Perennis (pubs, 23 vols)
Michael Holshouser M b1950ish ponderer aka Mike Jay, Yaj Ekim, aphorisms, blogs, free downloads, The Stillness Before Time first pub 1992
Harish Johari* M Indian 1934-1999 sculptor, poet, painter, wrestler and renaissance man, Chakras 
RP (Rajeshwar Prasad) Kaushik* M Indian 1926-1981 books are nondual talks transcriptions, Organic Alchemy.

Jed McKenna M b1975ish(?) American (IA), no personal info, only the books, (self-)publisher's site, click for reviews. JM is rumoured to not exist, other (bogus) rumours have him as Richard Rose Spiritual Enlightenment -- The Damnedest Thing, said to be fiction
Malcolm J Mitchell* M ?ish Brit? no biodata, book a  "mystical Animal Farm, funny, multi-level learning," long pretentious title subtitled The Hog's Wholey Wash MORE 
Scott Morrison M d2000 American, site has disappeared, so all that's left for him is authorshipness, touched many, Open and Innocent 
Mikhail Naimy
* M 1889-1988 aka Mikha il Nu ayma, Mikha'il Na'ima, etc Lebanese/American poet, essayist, Kahlil Gibran biographer, etc  The Book of Mirdad.
Sri BV Narasimhaswami** M Indian 1874-1956 aka Narasimha Iyer, biographer of both Ramana and Shirdi Sai Baba, major builder of SSB's legacy, Self Realization.
Ohiyesa M 1858-1939 aka Dr Charles A Eastman Sioux / Dakota physician, autobiographer, legend re-teller, essayist, lecturer, The Soul of the Indian 
Arthur Osborne M English 1906-1970, Ramana editor and Shirdi Sai Baba biographer lived long in Tiru, For Those with Little Dust QUOTE
P.D. Ouspensky * M 1878-1947 Russian mathematician, exponent of Gurdjieff, Tertium Organum
Swami (A.) Parthasarathy M b1927 Indian Vedanta scholar, Chinmayananda, lots of books, Vedanta Treatise
Yogi Ramacharaka** M ??? unknown/pseudonym of William Walker Atkinson? many important yoga books, c1905. Page tries to unravel his story, Advanced Course in Yogi Philosophy and Oriental Occultism
Andrew Rawlinson b1942ish(?) English religion prof, compendium / history of Western gurus, The Book of Enlightened Masters
William Samuel M 1924-1996 American, prolific author on simplicity and innocence, The Child Within Us Lives 
Frithjof Schuon* M 1907-1998 Swiss-French chief successor of René Guénon, immersed self in many different spiritual schools incl Native N American, The Transcendent Unity of Religions 
Pete Sierra M b1933ish "best known Cuban-born nondualist on the net," runs A2Z and NDP, contributes to GR, Enlightened Fiction 
Baird T Spalding M 1872-1953 Amer / Brit engineer, film consultant, mystic who surrounded his own life with mystery, Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East (6 vols). Site is bloggish
George Spencer-Brown** M b1923 Brit mathematician, shrink, poet, engineer, Laws of Form explores a mathematical basis for making distinctions (duality) from the void
Ulla* F No info, site selling a book of poetry with lots of exclamation marks, nice graphics, Beyond Poetry 
Eugenio Vignali M Italian blogger / translator, nonduality flavoured with many sources, especially New Thought, Il dono supremo 
Ken Wilber M b1949 Amer, many books, forums, big commentator on spiritual scene, A Brief History of Everything QUOTE Anti 

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