Sarlo's Guru Rating Service

This category consists of mostly Advaita – nb, equivalent in meaning to nondualist, though subtle usage connotations vary – types who are still too new, retiring or undifferentiated to merit rating or individual attention, plus a few oldies that never made it big but are worth mentioning. Some are unabashed clones of their masters or immediate predecessors in the lineage, some merely humble or unambitious, never having gotten around to carving out their market niche. There are those who are just putting their toes in the water, as they become accustomed to their new state and learn the biz. There are many practitioners in this genre, and more all the time, as the world discovers and becomes more comfortable with it. As Advaita is at the intellectual end of the religious spectrum and easy to grasp without really changing your life, its appeal could be vast.

About the aforementioned usage connotations, this is a vast subject, and subtle, so i do not intend to expound on it here. A collection of essays on the difference between traditional Advaita Vedanta and neo-advaita can be found on Dennis Waite's excellent site. And as to what might be called "advaita-vs-nondualism," one aspect of the distinction might be that the former have more orientation towards Indian forms and the latter less. But nbd. YMMV. 

So here is just a list and links, ie no rating, with a few identifying details where available. If any of these guys turns out to be the next Avatar or Messiah, please let me know (Feedback). Happy Trails! See also The Advaita Disease.

* = suggested or located by visitor, thank you. 
* = do not have their own site, just a page on another site.

Abol* M b1964ish German (Berlin) "encounters in truth and silence," no bio-info, Osho, Rani, Torsten. Site is in German
Ad Oostendorp
M b1955ish Dutch (Arnhem) info in Dutch, poems in English, Isaac Shapiro, Djihi.
Robert Adams* M American 1928-1997 author Silence of the Heart, InØinity Institute (morphing from that to Institute for Compassionate Living) in Sedona = "official"; personal page more heartful and informative, Ramana. MORE (re new anti-blog)
(Ma Jivan) Adima F b1959 German aka Martha Brigitte Brüning, dance, bodywork, Osho, Papaji, etc, a cup of tea. Site in German and English
Sri Adwayananda* M Indian 1911-2001 aka Sri K. Padmanabha Menon author, son of Sri Atmananda. Page is a book list
(Ma) Amana Aile Shebar* F b1955ish American (FL) dolphins, author, Creating from Source™, nurse, Reiki master, Papaji, Prasad. Page = Bali gossip page, still circling the drain? (Last chance)
Aisha Salem* F b1979 Danish gives satsang, one-to-one meetings and retreats in N Europe (expanding)
Ajja* M 1916-2007 Indian aka Bhagavan Arabbi Nithyanandam, Ram(a)chandra Bhat, spontaneous experiences over many years, uncompromising, absolutist nondual position. WIE interview  
Amber (N) d2007ish retired scientist, reclusive, made the original teacher list at Sentient, follow your own heart
Amber Terrell American (CO) F, b1951ish author, satsang includes guitar, schedule from 2007, Gangaji. Excerpt* (scroll) from Surprised by Grace.
Ameen* M b1966 Israeli based in Germany, not much info
Amrita* F b1963 Austrian author, mother, satsangs, workshops, etc, Sathya Sai Baba. Site is in German
Anamika Israeli F b1968, travels the planet with partner Harsita, Osho, Tyohar
(Ma Kranti) Ananta F b1969ish Brit traveled "to live as a free being," in Asia since '89, Gangaji, Dolano, Osho, zen, partner of Satto (below) 
Anasakta Baba b1946ish Canuck (TO) aka Michael Prayag "Awareness Guide" offering Ultimate Yoga, now new name, new shtick, Yoga of Liberation™, 35 years on path, reaching out after heart transplant, lots of PR ("Meditation is a Hoax," etc) Papaji, Aidi Shankara [sic] et al.
Annette F b1955ish American (NY) women's circles, integral counseling, Bon, Ramana
Anugraha & Anurag b1970ish M&F respectively aka Anupeople, uninformative site with flashy graphics, photo booth pics, celebration shtick, Osho
Artur M b1965ish German author, silent retreat DVDs €32, Samarpan. Site is in German
Aruna Byers F b1949ish Amer (CO) aka Rea Byers was long time in Japan, now (back) into channeling (St Germain), "awakening coach" author more than strictly nondual forms, Papaji
Swami Atmananda Udasin* M Belgian ex-Xian monk, runs Ajatananda Ashram in Rishikesh, travels to EU and US few months a year. Monastic norms apply for ashram residents, brahmacharya, men only etc, traditional advaita, Chandra Swami Udasin, Ramana, Nisargadatta. More bio info . MORE
Wayne Austin M b1936 American (CA) found "End of the Search" after dropping big-money business trip, getting into forest and Ramana, Gangaji. Some sordid rumours, Marine Drill Sergeant methods. Anti page, like many, is discussion board fragment, maybe more will develop
Bodhi Avasa M b1947 Brit (Wales) aka Adrian Meyers realized in 72, active online and in Italy, (much younger) partner Shakti does energy work
Darryl Bailey* M b1951 Cdn (WPG) interested in perception and movement from an early age, now unaffiliated and travels to give teachings, Ruth Denison, Robert Adams, Ajahn Sumedho, et al. Facebook page more up to date re meetings, activities
Jan Barendrecht M b1944(?) Dutch engineer ret'd to Canary Is, then to Panama, hangs at NDS and GRF
Éric Baret M French, no info, "nothing taught, no teacher," Jean Klein. Site in English and French
Benjamin Smythe M b1970ish Amer (CA) no bio-info woke in 2008, street "activist," w "You're perfect" signs, offers satsang, "One Week of Life," (you put him up for a week), lots of, erm, expressive vids
Bentinho Massaro M b1987ish Amer (NC)(moving to CO in Apr '13, now in Sedona), "Free Awareness Academy," satsang, lots of free downloads, etc, was partner of Karen Richards, now m to someone else. Anti*
Edwin Bergman b1960ish American (NY), "end to all seeking," cable TV, also teaches hatha yoga, Gangaji, Ramesh, Tony Parsons
Dan Berkow * M b1952 American (NC) psych prof, once held forth on NDS and GRF, now on his own list. MORE
Marcelo Bermann M b1952 Argentine based in US (CA) father was a shrink, many years with Maharaji, whom he now rejects, finished off by Prasad. Site requires plugins
Wolfgang Bernard * M b1951 German based in France, was into NLP + a primal "Original Belief © Process," now a "platonic dialogue style e-mail" nonduality teaching. Trilingual site. FEEDBACK New URL May 2018*. Note that teacher in this new site is nowhere named, but referred to only as "w". Source is a correspondent who says he is a student.
Jon Bernie* M b1955ish American (CA) "integrates emotional and hands-on therapy from the perspective of deep interconnected beingness," various teachers, told to teach by Adyashanti
Saleem Berryman M b1950ish Amer (CA) various modalities of processing "designed to help you to discover the essential keys that liberate stress and unhappiness, and support conscious awakening," Gangaji, Papaji, Osho (though Osho not named on site)
Bharat Rochlin M ?ish American, tarot, palmistry, Osho, Papaji. Site has seeking-story autobio ebook
Bhava M American (?) aka Wayne Hicks, "Enlightenment Intensives"
David Bingham* M b1967ish Brit no bio-info, artist, lots of vids on Conscious TV, John Wheeler
Moritz Boerner M b1945 German extensive bio, film, author, surly pics from infancy on, Byron Katie, Osho. Site is in German
Jean Bouchart d’Orval M b1948 Canadien (Mtl), Éric Baret. Page is in French
James Braha M b1950ish Amer (FL) 30 years seeking, astrology, 5 weeks with Sailor Bob, book = "Living Reality"
VV Brahmam M Indian (AP) b 1944, big Czech connection, "Om Nama Sivaya" from age 6 kept him pure enough to be transformed by Ramana pic in Tiruvannamalai, now "The Grace of Self burns all your tendencies. No question or any practice is needed."
David Brockman* M b1971ish Brit (LON) author of "The Wonder of This,” not much info
Lisa Cairns* F b1975ish Brit no bio-info bloggy site offers the usual, at times in exotic locations, eg winter/spring '13 in Thailand, Ramesh, Roger Castillo
Dr Prabhã Calderón F b1948 Mexican homeopathic doctor based in Belgium, travels, 25-year cv with Muktananda, Ramana, Tibetans, Papaji, Stephen Wolinsky, UG, now offers "Quantum Questions," "School of Self-Enquiry"
Canela Michelle Meyers F b1965ish Canuck (YVR) reiki, Paul Lowe, Isaac Shapiro, awoke in 98, rumours of unfinished issues
Danny Castro* M b1944ish Amer (NM) not much bio-info, author of In That Stillness (talks from late 70s), RP Kaushik and J Krishnamurti
cee F b1955ish American (CA) gentle, no info, poetry, Nome/Russell Smith
Adam Chacksfield* M b1970ish Brit based in US (CA) dropped out of academic stream (prof) at 33, "graduated" after some years with Peter Fenner, satsang + nondual coaching
Christoph Gränitz M b1964ish German offers satsang and Gurdjieff Movements, Ramana, Samarpan. Site is in German
Ilona Ciunaite F Lithuanian international psychologist, co-founder of Liberation Unleashed, a free on-line resource for awakening from the illusion of separation, staffed by some of the many students who have "graduated", dharma partner of Elena Nezhinsky
Devi Clara Llum F 1959-2013 Spanish-Amer based in US (FL) aka Clara Ibáñez GZ Lisson, offers Buddhist and Vedantic Dharma via satsang, reiki, yoga, etc, Kuan Yin, J Krishnamurti, various Tibetans
Marlies Cocheret (de la Morinière) F b1956ish Dutch based in US (CA) Hakomi therapy, tantra, psych, specialty = satsang for women, ex-wife of Mokshananda, Deep Water Sangha, Osho, Barry Long, Adyashanti. New URL
Lynda Cole F b1948ish Cdn (West Van) psycho-spiritual therapist and body worker, "does not claim to be enlightened," Eckhart Tolle
Timothy Conway M b1955ish Amer (CA) author PhD with Catholic background no org or commercial trappings, free satsang, "engaged spirituality," Nisargadatta, other nondual streams, extensive wide-ranging site. MORE 
Dahlia F b1979ish Danish aka Aisha, lots of pointers, "the Self awakens in Europe," journey of body-consciousness, then body goes back to being just a body
Darpan* M b1963ish Swiss offers meetings and indiv sessions, Osho, Barry Long. Site is in French
Let Davidson
M 1941-2010 Amer (NY) aka Dasarath nondual coach via Zen, Vipassana, Yoga and Advaita Vedanta offered emotional trauma release, holistic health and "psychoneuroimmunology"; Werner Erhard, HWL Poonja. Death May 23 not announced on site (as of Jul 6), no heir apparent.
Ellen Davis F b1960ish American (CA) dance teacher, "yoga of ballet," page links to other sites (poetry, blogs, ballet, satsang, etc) Aurobindo
Katie Davis* F b1955ish American (WA) 1986 spontaneous awakening, 12 years to understand and deepen, ending with Eckhart Tolle, free sessions and satsang, biz partner of Sundance Burke
Dhyani Maria Kovar* F b1959ish German "New School of Contemporary Zen," Zen-flavoured workshops with hubby Mirek, Kensho in '99, Osho. Site in English and German
Djihi Marianne* Dutch F b1957ish aka Marian(ne) van de Wetering offers Kashmir Yoga a la Jean Klein; Isaac Shapiro. Site is in Dutch
Dolano F b1955ish German(?) aka Eva Nuber, Ma Deva Eva, the swan lady of Osho Commune, said to have pushed a few over the top, into animal welfare
Colin Drake* M Brit b1948 based in Australia (NSW) varied background incl Gangaji, offers e-books and email help, published and promoted by Jerry Katz. New URL
Jim Dreaver M b1960ish Kiwi based in US (CA), author, Jean Klein
Peter Francis Dziuban* M b1960ish Amer no bio-info offers book Consciousness Is All, vids, audio, phone and email consultations
James Eaton* M b1973ish Brit (Totnes) musician, math and other careers did not satisfy, nor did spiritual practices until nonduality came. Rupert Spira, tony Parsons, etc, offers meetings, retreats and Skype sessions

Elysha Kiwi M b1956 aka Raymond Joseph Omundsen, site was new agey, flew the NZ flag, then "Who You Are"™, awoke spontaneously, "IT was already here ~ always has been ~ 'I' was the obstruction to IT." Now, "True Nature Centre," relocated to UK with Julie, below.
Enza Vita* F b1968ish in Sicily, emigrated to Australia (SA), new age and spiritual mag editor awoke in 2007, author, MahaShanti Foundation to support awakening of all, Namkhai Norbu, Ramana et al
Jeff Foster M Brit b1969ish astrophysicist, author, "These days, all seeking has apparently died. I have no idea how or why, but it seems to be the case." 
Francis Lucille French M b1950ish author, scientist, Jean Klein, REPORT
Gaia M b1965ish German Intentional Healing™, online and reg satsang, Isaac Shapiro
Jan Frazier* F b1953ish Amer (MA) author of When Fear Falls Away: The Story of a Sudden Awakening, "It is possible to be without suffering; it is, even, our birthright," Gurumayi, Krishnamurti, Tolle.
Gabriele Rudolph* F b1959ish German  "open evenings" three times / week in Berlin. Site is in German
Nicholas Gancitano Jr* M b1963 Amer (FL) aka I Am, silver-spoon athlete succeeded at everything found Ramana and pierced the veil, Atma-Vichara Ashram offers Arunachala trips and "Who cares?" intensives.
Alice Gardner F b1953 Amer (CA) author, years at Findhorn, offers spiritual mentoring, Eckhart Tolle, Adyashanti
Gerd (Gerard) Kortmann* M b1954ish German offers Standup-Dialogues, Charisma Training, Identity Training, etc, though calendar not very busy, influences Huang-Po, Wei Wu Wei, Nisargadatta, Alan Watts, Tony Parsons, Byron Katie. Site is in German
Nathan Gill M b1960 Brit. Site is mainly online pamphlet
Jim Gilman b1955ish American (CA) aka James Harvey G, Vedanta teacher, Bhagavad Gita expounder, all classes by donation, Swami Chinmayananda
Thaddeus Golas* M 1924-1997 American, page a sort of autobio relating and linked to his classic book (whole), The Lazy Man's Guide to Enlightenment
Jean-Pierre Gomez M b1970ish Amer (AZ) no bio-info, "just a pointer, for beingness or awareness is not something that anyone can teach, but simply be," Robert Adams, Ranjit, Sailor Bob
Greg Goode M b1955ish American (NYC) eclectic aficionado of many paths, into "philosophical counseling," runs lively NonDualPhilosophy forum QUOTE
John Greven M b1953ish Amer (OK?) no bio-info, John Wheeler
Hans-Jörg Höpfner* M b1964ish German (Köln) free satsang and "Gracelight Healing," Ramana, Osho, UG, Ajja et al. Site is in German
Burt Harding M b1960ish Canuck (YVR) dreamed of Ramana in 1974, on to ACIM, Supersentience, had a TV series once, Awareness Foundation, now more accent on Ramana again
David Hargrove M ?ish American (GA), no info, Nisargadatta
Harsha M b1955ish Indian based in US (RI) aka Harsh K Luthar PhD, management prof, Harsha Satsangh mag, holds forth on NDS and HS, Sri Chitrabhanu, Ramana
Robert Hart b1950ish Australian (Byron), harp player and maker, "cosmic black hole," has separated day job (harp making playing and instruction) from "anti-guru" biz; Isaac Shapiro et al "lineage" said to be post-awakening. Is domain still owned by RH? Do we wanna know? New URL (gone back to old)
Leo Hartong M b1955ish Dutch ex-druggie, no info book promo site, Google ad keyword = satsang. Interview (click on "Mountain and Valley")
Paul Hedderman* M b1961ish Amer (CA) in addiction recovery movement since 1988, angle = "selfing" as addictive process, uses Buddhist memes, lots of talks available, travels
Evor Hines M ?ish Brit, no info, appears to be in Engineering at Warwick U in UK, into "Intelligent Systems Engineering Laboratory"
Thomas Huebl* M b1970ish Austrian "touring and doing satsang in a new way called 'Open Space'," endorsed by Paul Lowe
Dorothy Hunt* F b1960ish Amer (CA) runs San Francisco Center for Meditation and Psychotherapy, Moon Mountain Sangha, Inc, offers satsang, retreats, dokusan, etc, travels by invite, trajectory was Mother Teresa, Ramana, Ramesh, Adyashanti
Paul Hurcomb* M b1965ish Brit, illness crisis propelled him into "truth beyond conditioned individual identity," many more years of work, now offers meetings, skype, retreats + "Golf in the Natural State," Eckhart Tolle, Mooji. New URL
Indra F b1960ish German energy-work, no info. Site is in German
Isa* Amer (NC) M b1949ish aka Sw Prem Hamid, Barry Naster, PhD, psych "blessed with the ultimate accident" in 1992, I AM NOW™ = Inner Awareness Mastery NOW™, Osho
Jacqueline Hobbs F ?ish UK/US-based aka Oracle Girl, "Separation has to pass. This is an energetic occurrence and there is nothing that can be done about that. If you want liberation, you can want it all you like but this will not affect whether or when separation passes," was academic, poet, long time in Tibet, travels, does not accept devotees.
Janaka Stagnaro M b1955ish American (CA) poet, author, artist, growing since childhood, finished by ACIM, Ramana
Marionette Jens M b1965 German aka Jens Schmidt-Wike, Guru Ikarus, was less active for ten years, now (2014) more active again, no longer gives bank acct number for donations, Sathya Sai Baba, Satyam Nadeen, Ramesh Balsekar, Karl Renz. New URL, own site, in German
Jivanjili F b1945 Dutch, aka Ma Prem Savaab, told to give satsang by ShantiMayi, Gayatri Mantra. Also Osho
Joanika Ring* F b1946 Dutch sculptor, satsangs, Alexander Smit. Site is in Dutch
Stephen Jourdain M ~1935-2009 French awakened at 16, author of Radical Awakening et al. Site is in French.
Julie Sarah Powell* F b1973 Brit found Elysha in NZ, awoke in 2003, "became the simple clarity of the heart without identity" in 2007, now both relocated as partners back in UK, offering spiritual/heart abundance, Living Your True Nature e-course, etc
Burt Jurgens M ?ish no biodata author of Beyond Description, John Wheeler, Gilbert Schultz
Kali F b1965ish Swedish aka Franciska von Koch, musician, teacher, counsellor, Christopher Titmuss, Nisargadatta, Papaji
Kay F American (MS), no lineage
Wolter Keers* M 1923-1985 Dutch author, Jan van Delden mentor, Ramana, Krishna Menon. Page is a lecture transcript, other pages also on site (mag)
Loch Kelly b1950ish Amer (CA) big credentialed CV, nondual psych, Insight Med teacher, asked to teach direct path by Adyashanti
Dr Jan Kersschot M b1960 Belgian MD author on nondual people etc and biopuncture, now also awake no biodata, Tony Parsons et al
Scott Kiloby M b1960ish Amer (IN) author, live and Skype satsangs, no bio-info, uses addiction recovery language and idiom, also specializing in reaching out to LGBT folks, at*. "Never trust a teacher who appears to believe his own bullshit."
Kiran Kanakia Indian M 1941-2006 based in India but traveled, Osho, UG Krishnamurti
Kiran Trace F b1981 Cdn based in US (CA) , spontaneous awakening, teachings focus on healing, living clear insights, integrating into life post awakening (her own transition said to have been helped by suggested name change to Kiran). Endorsed by Adyashanti
Kosi* F b1967ish Amer (HI) author aka Ann Warner, name from major tributary of Ganga River, offers satsang and "A Conscious Conversation" community, mainly online, Gangaji et al
Krishna M no bio, Papaji et al
Sri Krishnadass M b1960ish Korean (Changwon U) prof, Papaji translator, no info, site now in Korean only
Krishna Gauci M Amer (OR) "Krishna invites everyone to roll up their sleeves and celebrate the paradox of being both Infinite and finite simultaneously. His sleeves are rolled up too," also an officer in Saniel Bonder's org, Papaji, Bonder, Dzogchen
Gina Lake* F b1960ish psych counselor, astrologer, author ("Radical Happiness," etc) channels "Theo," Adyashanti, m to Nirmala
Hans Laurentius* M b1964ish Dutch "spiritual therapist," author, "the scintillating completeness Hans felt craved for expression," many influences, bilingual site
Hermann R Lehner* M b1955 German woke up reading Nisargadatta, offers mostly his own books + email, etc, no workshops scheduled. Site is in German
Jose LeRoy * M no bio (French?), Xian nonduality. Page is Noumenon extract
Lester Levenson M Amer (AZ) (d) no bio, "Sedona Method," emotional baggage release method used by many satsang providers, succeeded by Hale Dwoskin
John Levy* M British d1980, author, editor of Atmananda Krishna Menon. Page is interview with student
Uwe Lilienthal M b1955ish German, lots of therapies offered, no info. Site is in German
Rick (Dr Richard) Linchitz* M b1959ish German, split life = pain-control + alt-med practice in US (NY) and satsang in Germany, Satyam Nadeen. Satsang site is in German
Roger Linden M Brit b1955ish J Krish, TM, psych, Feldenkrais, J Klein, Tony Parsons
Lodewyck Kuijt M b1952 Dutch aka Gopalji, into tennis, "teaches mainly in Holland, Scandinavia and India, lives in Spain" Hans Raj Maharaj.
Elizabeth MacDonald American, b1960ish, assoc with A. Ramana
Madhukar M b1965ish German TV journalist, travels all over, logo reminds of Golden Arches, Papaji
Sri Maha Krishna Swami M Indian b1935, based in Brazil, Maha Yoga, Ramana. Page is in Spanish
Mahima Lucille Klinge Zimbabwean F b1960ish aka Prem Mahima based in Switz, disappeared for many years, now back with corporate image, "CEO" of  Love Silence, author, "rewire the brain using meditation," Osho, Papaji,
Frank Maiello* M b1948 American, varied history ending with Ramana, founding figure of Advaitin e-list. Page is tribute from Harsha
Hugo Maier* M 1929?-2004 German aka Appa + wife Amma based in Arunachala and Switz, service work + advaita, Ramana. Site only mentions service work, serious students only
Mario Mantese * M b1955ish Swiss, big ex-musician, transformed by NDE (blind, paralysed, mute, then recovered)
Maria Dott-Carmon* F b1964 German, sweatlodges, Archie Fire Lame Deer, Samarpan, etc. Site is a Jetzt-TV video collection, old site in annoying text-as-image format was her own domain, now gone, also has a fasting site, all in German
Marta Janssen* F b1958ish Czech based in Germany, offers Reiki, Aura readings, energy work and other stuff besides the usual nondual fare. Site is in German.
Martin Erdmann M b1941 Pole based in Germany "neophilology" lecturer (Heidelberg), Darwin Gross, Maharaji, Mahesh Yogi, Gurumayi, R Steiner, Pir Vilayat, Ramana etc smorgasbord. Site is in German
Mata(-ji)* F b1954ish German offers art, homilies, weekly darshan in Bavaria and phone darshan. Site is in German
Christian Meyer* M b1952 German (Berlin) diploma psychologist offers therapy, seminars and retreats, author of "Aufwachen," concept = "Seven steps to awake," Eli Jaxon-Bear. Site is in German
Michaël Szyper (N)* M b1970ish Belgian, Law, marketing, therapist, poet-novelist, methods said to be confrontational, only uses his first name (now with diaeresis) on site, full name for books, French / Eng site
Philip Teertha Mistlberger M b1955ish Canuck (YVR) transpersonal therapist. In the biz 12 years (rumour = "Hey, I can do that!") before "experience of the non-dual awakened condition deepened significantly." Osho, Gangaji, ACIM etc. Thoughtful author of four books. New URL* (as of 2015).
Mokshananda M b1958 American (CA) psych aka Joe Sousa offers satsang, retreats, wife Marlies Cocheret now added, first grad of Adyashanti. REPORT 

Moller de la Rouviere M b1945ish South African, no longer with "Advaita-Ashram" in rural ZA, author of  "Spirituality Without God," into practical solutions, Spiritual Humanism, also an e-group of that name. QUOTE
Moni Vangolen F b1960ish Cdn (YVR) travels, Eckhart Tolle
Mooji* M b1954 Jamaican based in UK (Brixton) aka Anthony Paul Moo-Young, satsangs and retreats, travels, Papaji. Site in 5 languages
Roslyn Moore * F b1960ish Amer (CA) author, self-acceptance training. Page is her story ( with Gangaji, whose autobiography she co-authored
Charlie Morris M b1963ish Amer home-schooling author, Chi Lel, Intrinsic Breathwork, "It seems to me, because I do have a sense of right and wrong still, that the world could use a bit less duality right about now"
Sri Mugavai Kanna Muruganar
** M 1890-1973 Indian aka CK Subramanya Iyer, Tamil poet, major Ramana devotee wrote Guru Vachaka Kovai (The Garland of Guru's Sayings)
Mukti F b1961ish Amer (CA) aka Annie Gray, dokusan, acupuncture, hatha yoga, Yogananda, wife of Adyashanti, a mature teacher in her own right, said to be "quietly wonderful". INTERVIEW
Muni F b1961ish Canuck (Nelson BC) nurse, yoga teacher, "there was no experience of before and after Awakening," Adyashanti
Muni M b1959ish German satsangs etc, Osho, Nirmala Devi, Prem Rawat, Michael Barnett, Raphael etc. Site is in German
Brian Nager
M b1975ish? Amer (FL) "has chosen to awaken early himself, at the age of 24 years," author, variable-cost online enlightenment programs, free 5-day program includes "free continuous (24-hours daily) Energetic Connection and a highly-powered and specifically-focused (personal) Intermittent Spiritual Transmission through Brian." Site does not mention former Hawkins-like calibrations, 
Naja Sambhari Larsen F b1965ish Danish aka Naja Vita Nielsen, no info, Byron Katie. Site is in Danish
Nandini F b1947 Brit aka Dalia Bishop, many years in India, Reiki, Indian dance, Veda Bharati, Ramana
Nathan M b1961ish Amer? no info based in Thailand “Whoever finds my door, finds it open. Satsang is free of charge"
Neeru F b1950ish "Never Born and Never Died, No Footprints in the Sky," Goa, Osho?
Elena Nezhinsky F b1968 internationally certified coach specializing in integration of awakening, based in US, writer, co-founder of Liberation Unleashed, a free on-line resource for awakening from the illusion of separation, staffed by some of the many students who have "graduated", dharma partner of Ilona Ciunaite
Ngeton* F b1939 Amer (HI)  successor of Jean Dunn, Nisargadatta's editor, many previous gurus, mostly Tibetan, teaching since mid-90s with big word-of-mouth buzz but no site until 2010, site honours both Niz' tantric Nath lineage and uncluttered truth / awareness. "Enlightenment Unplugged," throw in love and compassion
Annette Nibley F b1956ish Amer (CA) (returned from "Disappeared" June 2013). Formerly: "This appears too simple . . . That’s why it’s so easy to miss," neo-advaita per John Wheeler, now more trad advaita per James Swartz
Bob Nickel M 1947ish-2012 Amer (CA) many years in Tiru, diagnosed with terminal cancer only shortly after started teaching, "NOW truly is the time" was satsang msg, Gangaji, Y Ramana, V Ganesan
Nirmala M b1960ish Amer (AZ) aka Daniel Erway author (free e-book downloads), Neelam
Nukunu M b1947 Danish aka Jørgen Larsen author, workshops in all Scandanavia, Osho, Shantimayi
Candice O’Denver* F b1948 Amer (CA) Critical Theory, "Twelve Inquiries are taught [in] intensives [at] Great Freedom Sanctuary (Marin)". Said to have roots in Nome and Russell Smith's operation SAT, in Santa Cruz.
Jackie O'Keeffe* (Jac) F b1960ish Irish author ("Born to be Free") now 50-50 in IR and India, taught for seven years, took three years off, now back, Ammachi, Ramana
Felipe Oliveira M b1956ish no biodata, John Wheeler. Site is mainly writings
Oliver Bosshard* M b1970 Swiss (Zurich) satsang wallah, no lineage, "I am like the seer among the blinds who sees that nobody is blind." Site mostly in German, some English
OM aka Cedric Parkin, German M, b1952ish psychologist, Sufism, Gangaji
Mary O'Malley F b1950ish Amer (WA) author, many teachers incl Pir Vilayat, Jack Kornfield, Eckhart Tolle
One Sun* M Amer (CA) b1968 many years seeking, finished off 2001 by Gangaji retreat, offers meetings in person, by phone and skype
OWK M b1963 Austrian author, comp programmer aka Edgar Hofer, Swami Anand Vartman, Yogi Devananda Naatha, various writings, Osho, Satto et al, site Eng / German
Padma F b1955ish Cdn (YVR) no info, site pages open in annoying new window, pdfs as well 
Padma Wolff* F b1964ish German psych, translator for Eli Jaxon-Bear and Gangaji offers satsang, enneagram, "Leela" and psych work, also Isaac Shapiro, lives with Torsten (below). Site mainly German, some English
Pamela Wilson F b1955ish American, no info, Robt Adams, Neelam
Jacob Parece* M b1991 Amer (RI), awakening experience in hurricane preceded coming out as gay, story at Scott Kiloby's WakeUpGay site, site not much developed yet
Petros Xristos M b1966 American (CA) aka Peter Lima, "itinerant spiritual teacher." has lively pre-teacher-biz writings, ran for Cal Governor (2003)
Philipp Grießl* M b1979 German (Munich) satsang + heilpraktiker. Site is in German
Kriben Pillay M S African little CV, editor of Noumenon, non-dualist semi-annual, now into Byron Katie
Savadore Poe* M Amer (NY) b1970ish musician based in Tiru, had crisis in '97, long searches, many teachers, Doug Harding, Toni Packer, Ajja, etc, search concluded by Dolano, offers Skype sessions
Johannes Ponader* M b1959ish German (München) no bio-info, offers book tips. Page is in German
Britt Posmer(-Edwards) F b1970ish Amer (IL) partner of Prakash background of healing from abuse, Don Miguel Ruiz, Reiki, massage, dance informs nondual healing practice, "The meeting of souls in Being renders all illness and dysfunction impossible." 404, has little presence on Prakash's new site, save hyphenated name on every page in title, +, bizarrely, "testimonials" from her re him; "Britt's World is coming soon" no longer there in links page
Prajapati N Lange M b1959ish German satsangs in Augsburg and Munich, Papaji, Om Parkin, Gangaji, Ramana, Mother Meera. Site is in German
Prajna N Ginty F b1961 American (CA) Hakomi, massage, yoga, mother, "Flowing River," "Feminine Flow of Wisdom" = "our power is in our roundedness," Adyashanti, Isaac S
Prajnaji F b1946 Panama, travels, aka Zaida Gates, Papaji. Page is in German
Prajnaparamita F b1955ish Dutch aka Susan Frank, no bio-info, Alexander Smit, ShantiMayi, site in Eng, Dutch and German
Prakash* M b1968ish Amer (IL) aka Kevin Edwards partner of Britt Posmer (-Edwards) above, "Masters degree in Sacred Theology from the Angelicum in Rome, gifted writer, speaker, poet, and story-teller," etc
Prasad Paul Duffy** M b1965ish Amer (CA) filmmaker, author, "lucid living . . . new paradigms for global awakening live on Internet talk radio," disappeared for a few years, now back on Facebook, doing well with big spread in Topanga, Papaji. Interview
Premananda English M b1944 aka John David, engineer, architect, painter, first based in Australia now Germany, Osho, Papaji. Site in 8 languages, has made video with lots of different Indian and western masters.
Bernie Prior M b1955ish Brit (Worcs) no bio, pricey retreats help to "be where you are."
Pure Silence M b1960ish Amer (PA) aka Mark McCloskey, focus on silence as central experience, no satsangs, simple, quiet
Eric Putkonen M b1974 Amer (MN) 2005 awakening, site = Engaged Nonduality: blog/articles, realized without a guru or lineage, satsang or coffee meetings free / donation. New URL
Pyar Trolle F b1955ish German doctor, Osho, Samarpan. Site is in German
rajee* M b1972ish Indian based in Pune and Goa, no bio-info, offers free satsang and paid retreats, Mooji.
Rajiv Misra M b1949 Indian, tantra demystifier based in Holland, various teachers ending with Papaji
Ramaji* M b1950 Amer (CA) aka David Alan Ramsdale, kundalini awakening at 16, transmission of grace from Ramesh B in '89, began teaching 2011, into Ramana M's right-sided heart, zaps crown chakra with RASA (Ramaji Advait Shaktipat Attunement), sees your (Hawkins-like) LOC (Level of Consciouness, 30-1000). Site has fuzzy pic taken from video
Sri Ramakant Maharaj* M b1941, 19 years with Nisargadatta, "simple and direct", based in Nashik Maharashtra, lots of material on multilingual website
A. Ramana M 1929-2010 Amer (NC) aka Dee Wayne Trammell, A. for Arunachala, based in Tiru since 1984, name from Muktananda, mixes Napoleon Hill and Ramana, Neville Goddard
Yukio Ramana M b1960ish American, shrink, author, "Radical Awakening," Papaji
Raphael M b1944ish? Italian Skt and Western esoteric scholar based in Germany multi-author no bio-info. Site is in German
Michael Read* M b1949 American (NM) gentle offbeat humour, mock browbeating. Page is a quote collection. Hangs at NDS, GRF, among others. QUOTE
Michael Regan M b1955ish American no info, "siimple and accessible style"
Philip Renard M b1944 Dutch author (Bilthoven), "Universal Non-dualism," Alexander Smit, Siddharameshwar. Site in Dutch and Eng
Renate Busam* F b1956ish German offers seminars, Arunachala visits, etc, Ramana and Raphael above (also works with him). Site is in German
Karl Renz M b1953 German painter, musician, no bio-info, in the strict nondualist mold, tours Tiru, expanding beyond Germany, site in four languages
Rezaji* M Israeli b1968 aka Reza Darshannath based in S India, "Arunachala School," Zen-advaita-Sufi blend, 5 years with Aziz, now not mentioned since falling-out
Karen Richards F Brit b1974ish nurse, "certified life coach" awoke in 2008 w zero background in the Search, 2 years of illness, now ready for the Circuit: Tiru, US, etc, offers "donation based Non-dual Pointing, Satsang, Coaching," was partner of Bentinho Massaro, now on her own.
Dieter Rieck* M b1945 German (Bavaria) satsang since 2003, background in Zen and Rosicrucians. Site is in German
Riktam Barry M b1950 Australian author, schoolteacher aka Barry Douglas Wright, Sw Deva Riktam, convicted pedophile. "Awakening by mistake" 2003, Osho, Isaac Shapiro. Site is Amazon book page.
Jensen Ruehle (N)** M b1963 Germanish Australian author (?) no info, Alfred E Neumanish pic, "Whatever you do to be natural - is unnatural!" Restored from (X) by request, page is a directory listing
Ruthless Truth* Expanding international collective of realizers offer talking through barriers to seeing truth, free online, claim lots of success
Sri Sadhu Om Swamigal* M Indian (Tamil) 1922-1984/5 devotional poetry, 30 years of self-inquiry diary, Ramana, lit executor of Muruganar
Sahaba F b1943 German, page is in German, Osho, Samarpan
Samadhi Devi F b1946 American (CA) aka Samadhi Mayi Ma awakened 1997  ret MD, "Truth is Absolutely Free" = unwavering principle
Samarpan aka Sam Golden, American M b1941 based in Germany, some students now in the biz, bilingual site, Osho, Gangaji
Samdarshi M b1961 Indian (Manali & Jabalpur seasonal operations), one of Osho's best-known disciples in the biz, said to use lots of Osho forms and meditations but does not mention him on site
Sandeep Chatterjee* * M Indian, no info, internet will-o'-the-wisp, also quotes at Covenant 
Sascha A Jaksic M b?isch German offers live satsang online, coaching @ €15 / 1/2 hr. Site is in German
Satto(babasanji) M b1960ish French aka Charles Coutarel awakened 1991, "so ordinary that we overlook all the time!" "The tasteless taste," satsang + individual sessions, partner of Ananta (above) Site is in Fr / Eng
Swami Satyaprem M b1965ish Brazilian (PA) journalist, author, therapist, not much info, "in 2000, the 'end of the search' was revealed to him," Osho, Dolano 
Stewart Stars Saxton M b1933 Amer (MD?) sculptor, "A Guru of Symbolic Art," no info on lineage, enlightenment process, teachings, etc outside of Art
Timothy Schoorel* M b1965 Dutch in 1995 found "the freedom he had intuited since childhood," author, Osho, Alexander Smit
Lisa Schumacher* F b1964 Amer (CA-OR) long time with Gangaji, asked by her to give satsang, also offers enneagram
Stuart Schwartz M ?ish American (AZ) no info, Robert Adams?
Norman Scrimshaw M b1948ish Amer (NH) "mind had lost its power to dictate identification with fear, emotional pain, and anger," White Mountain Sangha, Adyashanti. New URL*, ret'd from WMS, now a vegan, studying Non-Violent Communication (NVC)
Suzanne Segal * F 1955-1997, came "accidentally" into awakening experience, died before integrating. Book excerpt
Shakti F b1960ish German, Chiron and Jupiter shtick, Osho. Non-Flash pages only in German
Shantam F b1961ish Amer (CA) Aquatic Bodywork instructor at Harbin, Aqua Sangha Satsang, Adyashanti
Shanti Iris Sautter F b1955 German Hellinger Family Constellation work, etc, Osho, Papaji, Ramesh, etc. Site is in German
Shanti Mai F b1955ish Amer (CA-WA) offers Intuitive Spiritual Counseling, "Insistent Truth," all Major Credit Cards and bank cards accepted, "credits the lineage of Ramana Maharshi and 17 years of single-parenting her four children as having been her greatest teachers"
John Sherman M b1942 American (CA), sprung from dead end in prison (political bank jobs) by Gangaji, took over Amber Terrell's site, Google ad keyword = satsang, now mediocre apologist for G's part in G / Eli meltdown. REPORT Said to have evolved since REPORT, has got into one simple method for everyone, inquiry into the feeling of "me-ness", into self-reliance, declines guru role.
Silence F b1965ish German aka Annette Meiners, not much info, page is in German
Mandi Solk F b1953ish Brit (Yorks) convenor of Brit Satsang-givers, Non-Duality-North, Tony Parsons
Rob Sondaar M b1951 Dutch, "promoted himself to professor in the knowledge of not knowing," paints floating happy pigs, Alexander Smit. New URL, now bilingual
Subhash M b1950ish Austrian aka Karl Georg Robin, no info. Besides his web design biz, site is mostly his book, "Subhash: Be Quiet!" in German
Rodney Stevens M b1952 Amer (SC) security officer, 20-plus year search ended after reading John Wheeler, Radiance of Being, site is a blog 
Stuart Schwartz* M b1949ish Amer (FL) author of The Great Undoing, satsangs + one-on-ones, Robert Adams
Pete & Pearl Sumner M & F b1945ish Australian (WA), blind couple m1966, offer spiritual counseling, satsang, blind activism, awoke independently, he via Xian mystics, she via Eckhart Tolle
Sundance Burke M Amer (HI) b1955ish author aka Donald Russell Burke III biz partner of Katie Davis, many interlocking shell sites ("Advaita Satsang" etc)
Suprya* F b1954ish German offers satsang, humanist psychotherapy, dance therapy, gestalt and other modalities, Samarpan. Site is in German
Surya F b1960ish Dutch aka Yvonne Oosterholt, no apparent lineage, yoga, meditation, reiki, site is in Dutch
Susan F b1955ish Canadian based in Germany aka Ma Deva Sarovara, Osho, Mikaire. Site is in German
James Swartz M b1941 Amer (ID) author aka Ram based in Tiru, Chinmayananda, Abhedananda, Dayananda. Site has tons of material on Advaita, w, w/o Vedanta, + opinions
Swarup* M 1964-2005* Italian based in UK, articulate about impossibility of being articulate, Osho, Ramesh, Dolano, bilingual site
Richard Sylvester* M b1943ish Brit (Kent) author no bio-info, "when the person drops away there’s no change in the phenomena whatsoever and yet it is a staggering event," Tony Parsons
Taro Gerritsen F b1949 Dutch, Thai beach retreats + Europe, doggerel, inner clown work, Osho, Dolano, Rani
Florian Tathagata* M b1950ish German author, a few silent retreats here and there but still available for phone and skype sessions for singles and couples, bilingual site, Isaac Shapiro
Tejguru Sir Shree Tejparkhiji M Indian (Pune) b1966ish (Jan 26, = Indian Rep Day, enlit Aug 15/97 = Indep Day) beyond Self Realization = Self Stabilization, "The Final Truth can be experienced by merely listening," most services free
Cesar Teruel* M b1969 Venezuelan based mostly in S India and E Europe, no charge for satsangs, tons of vids available, Sathya Sai Baba, Ramana, Sri Ratan Lal
Thierry M b1960ish French new-agey no info. Site is in French with English translations avail only via plugin
Tom Thompson M b1953ish Amer (NC) satsang and hatha yoga, teaching 30 years, no biodata or lineage save scraps gleaned wading through "Writings"
Douwe Tiemersma M 1955ish-2013  Dutch (Leusden) studied biology and phil, offered satsang and yoga Nisargadatta. Site is in Dutch
Joan Tollifson F b1950ish American (IL), author back from vacation, on tour, Toni Packer
Tomas Stubbs M b1955ish Brit based in Canada yoga + satsang partner with Moni Vangolen, 
Torsten Brügge* M b 1966ish German author, "Gangaji  has encouraged him to share his experience of freedom with others," lives and works with Padma (above). Site is in German
Gregory Tucker Wei Wu Wei-derivative clinical psych, little info, Mind-Generated Wank (MGW)
Unmani F b1961ish Brit aka Liza Hyde no bio-info, "end of seeking . . . absolute not-knowing"
Jan van Delden b1950ish Dutch. Annoying background lines make reading difficult but then again it's in Dutch anyway
Jan van Rossum M b1965 ish Dutch no info. Site is in Dutch
Deva Vanessa F b1941 German aka Vanessa Renate Hanna van Echten, Osho, Samarpan. Site is in German
Todd Vickers M b1968 Amer (CA) extensive bio, rebellion, drugs, catharsis, Osho, Papaji, Gangaji
Claudette Vidal* F b1963ish Quebecoise tells of deep realization experiences in nondual, Xian and Sufi modes, offers primarily nondual, in Europe and Quebec, Gangaji. Site is in French
Vimala Thakar * F 1923-2009 Indian, author, J Krishnamurti. Page is two interviews. See also Prahlad Gallery 
unAsleep* ? ?ish ? no biodata just poetry and videos, "No Maps -- No Methods -- No Mind Games -- Just Truth"
(Swami Prem) Vishrant Australian (WA) M b1954 aka Vincent Cooper, naturopathy, psychotherapy, Mystic Heart Mystery School, Osho, Vartman et al. New URL
Barbara Vödisch* F b1964ish no bio-info author, dance therapist awoke Y2K, channels Sananda. Site is in German
Elke von der Osten F b1944 German, Ramesh Balsekar, hubby Henning vd O (b 1926, Osho, Ramesh) also gives seminars. Site is in German
David Waldman* M b1960ish Amer (OR) one-time chiropractor said to bring heart, transmission, into dry field, Ramana, Catherine Ingram
Michael Walsh M b1960ish Amer author of "The Power of Yes," no bio-info, bloggy site, "assisting awakening" via network / nucleus of awakeneds working with small groups
Melvyn Wartella M b1939 Amer (CA) horrendous early life, spontaneous final awakening in 78, no teacher
Wei Wu Wei* M 1895-1986 Irish aka Terence Gray, influential author, also published as 0.0.0 (Unworldly Wise)
Wendy Sobieski F b1960ish Cdn (Ed) mother, Natural Medicine practitioner, Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie
John Wheeler** M b1960ish Amer (CA) got it "in short order" from Sailor Bob. REPORT . John Wheeler is apparently still active (2015) but his site is gone. Link is U-Tube search results
The White Guru M b1945ish Westerner, "one of the few remaining direct disciples of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj" no bio-info, based in Manali, India, AmberRose Nisargadatta Zen Spiritual Retreat
Stephen Wingate
* M b1960ish Amer (MA), 20 year search, reading Nisargadatta led to John Wheeler
Robert Wolfe M b1945ish Amer (CA) found truth in contemplation alone, now shares for free in Zen, Hindu advaita and any other mode which may be suitable, mainly one-on-one 
Ian Wolstenholme M b1944 Brit aka Nutan, "It is acting from our emotional scripts that prevents the more subtle experiencing of awareness," Osho, Barry Long
Sri Bhagavan YanchiGuruji* M b 1961ish Kiwi aka Satguru Yanchiji no bio- or lineage info, apparently long time in Tiru w Ramana successor, offers satsang and ashram / community
Yod M Austrian b1944, J K'murti, Papaji, Osho. Site is in German
Yolande Duran-Serrano* F b1965ish French spontaneous awakening 2003 with no spiritual background, offers hikes around Chamonix, "In an instant the whole of life is present." Site in French and Eng, mostly images
Yudhishtara* M b1945ish Amer (CA). Free satsangs in LA, free online book, The Beloved Mystery Within You
Jeannie Zandi F b1967ish Amer (NM) "spiritual guide, facilitator, mother, poet . . . feminine perspective . . . spiritual warrior and tender sister-friend," promotes book by her young daughter Sophia, Adyashanti, Pamela Wilson
Zeida Rothman* F b1951ish Amer (CA) long-time Buddhist nun, no satsangs, one-to-one, Adyashanti

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