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or = rating change to __, * = suggested or located by a visitor, thank you

Letters after the names indicate their categories: 
A=Advaita, B=Buddhist, C= Channels/NewAge, D= Devotional, E=EarthMedicine, 
F=Fringe, G=Gnostic/Scientific, H=Humour, I=Indian, L=Literature, 
M=Middle Path, N= Nonduals, O=Other/misc, P=Perennials,
  Q=Quasi-Christian, S=Sufi, T=Tibetan, X=Disappeared, Y=Yoga, Z=Zen
For a complete explanation of these categories, Click here.

Note that "new URL" refers not to a site re-org but a move more substantial, 
usually either finally getting their own or other "final" domain (in
or too flaky to remain in one site for long :-) or both

And i have adopted the practice of putting in
red the first letter of the name under which
 i list them alphabetically, if it is not the last name, for easier finding on 
their category page, though not 100% reliably, (not very) sorry :-)

Jun 7/15
John Willemsens (B) aka Advayavadananda new URL
May 12/15 Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha (O) * aka Ram Bahadur Banjan / Bomjon, Palden Dorje, Maitriya Guru, "Buddha Boy" moved from (I), new name
John Wheeler (N) new URL*
Apr 10/15
Abdy Electriciteh (C)*
Michael Holshouser (L) aka Yaj Ekim
Mar 1/15
Dirt link for Swami Shankarananda Saraswati (O) aka Russell Kruckman added, also in Dirt.
Sep 5/14
PicoSearch site search engine died in July. No replacement will be sought.

    The ratings are:

= the greats, helping many

= limited, some handicaps, or maybe not yet full stature

= very limited, narrow approach or ideology, or still developing

= suspect but on balance positive

= suspect

= bogus, may have some value, who knows

= worse than bogus, no redeeming value


= too new, old or retiring, not enough info, or a "teacher" type

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