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The teachers in this exploding category do not necessarily claim to be enlightened. What they have in common is a) a humble or retiring enough public image to avoid getting rated with the big guys, or perhaps just starting out, and b) they don't fit in to the other teacher categories. Some Kriya yogis, some hybrids, and some very miscellaneous others. An eclectic lot. 
If any of them turns out to be the next Avatar or Messiah, please let me know (Feedback).
Some descriptive information is included. An asterisk (*) indicates they don't really have their own sites, just an interview or short description on someone else's site. And a yellow asterisk (*) = suggested or located by visitor, thank you.

Aaravindha Himadra M b1960ish American big in Germany aka Janis Briedis, Sacred Solar Lineage from 24000+ BC, now more secret, known by AH "at an early age due to his gift of Saumedhika sight," immortal masters in remote Himalayan valleys, Sambodha intentional teaching community, 1st in the alphabet, just ahead of Aardvark. MORE (–ve) & MORE (+ve) & MORE (+ve) & yet MORE (+ve) . . . Bizarre Anti-link fwiw
Frédéric Abbah M Dutch b1946 aka Abbah Frédéric, Drs Frédéric AE Wagemakers, based in Spain, and Belgium, was Persian Sufism, Shu'em Path, now Abbahi Way of Transcendental Living, "spirituality liberated from the 'religious corner' with which it is often associated."
Swami Abhishiktananda
* M 1910-1973 French aka Dom Henri Le Saux Xian/Hindu crossover, author, Sri Gnanananda.
Acharya S F b1965ish American aka Surmani, Dorothy Murdock, archaeologist, author, scholar exposes shoddy claims in especially mainstream religions, partner of Arhata, below.
Maitreya Adhyatma Bhagavan Sri Babajhan Al-Kahlil* M b1944ish Amer (CA) aka John Lee Douglas enlightened by grace as a kid, sent back to "earn" it, which he did in 77, offers Adhyatma-Yoga-Dharma, "God's Eternal Universal Religion," Soldiers of The Light, The Friend's Way, all either Trademarked or Service-marked
Swami Adhyatma Chaitanya** Indian (Kerala) b1955 Vedanta + devotion, many years in Himalayas, this and that, developing in west, Ammachi, Chinmayananda, but site now reduced to devotee's personal blog
Gurudevi Ahalya Running Deer Mahakali* F b1945ish American (CA) shaman/Kriya yoga hybrid, reiki, Hari Om Tat Sat Hermitage, "a remarkable Shaman and a Yogini Christ," Sant Mata Samyama Shangri-La. Site non-functional Nov 2017, said to be still active
Sw Akhil Saraswati M b1966 Indian with Osho since 1984, no longer affiliated with Oshodhara, now corporate and indiv workshops, partner of Divya, Say YES To Life™, "Osho Nirmal Kriya Yoga." Fifth URL since being listed
Alexis Zorba* M b1982 from Lux, offers satsang, tantra, with new age language, "an ascensioning master of divine light and love," setting up "eco-village" in Peru May 2010, Osho
Amoda Maa Jeevan* F b1962 Brit author overcame much suffering through various crises, collapse, rebirth, along the way went through psychology, Buddhism, Zen, Osho, Ramana, etc.
Anami* M b1975ish Canuck (YVR), world traveler, lucid dreaming since childhood, lots of methods, domain salesman
Francis Ananda Love* M b1950ish American monk (NM) aka Sadhu Anandadeva, "Ananda Baba" blew off science PhD, half adult life in India, service, underground "cave" retreat, mod cons, Anandamayee Ma
Gururaj Ananda Yogi M Indian 1932-1988 aka Purushottam Narsinhram Valodia investigated truth at early age, traveled extensively, light humourous satsangs, Swami Pavitrananda
Shri Anandi Ma F b1958 Indian based in US, travels, meditation, varied yogas, Dhyanyogi Madhusudandasji
Mystress Angelique Serpent F b1965ish Canadian (YVR) ex-dominatrix, Fire Serpent Tantra, yoga, channeling, shaman, reiki, etc
Vladimir Antonov, PhD M b1945ish Russian synthesizer of Castaneda, David Copperfield, neurophysiology, Sai Baba, etc, "guided directly by God," rambling articles
(Sw) Anurag Shantam* M b1946ish Amer (ME) 10 years of TM, used to offer Hypnotherapy, "Playmobil therapy," now "teaches sleeping Gods how to slay the beast within." westernized version of Osho
Arhata Osho (O) M b1960ish Amer (WA) aka C Erik Sydney Olson (subj to change), ret'd Wall St whiz, communal living, free speech promoter, etc, Osho, partner of Acharya S (above). Finally (again) his own domain, after years of wandering in social networking sites
Srinivas Arka M b1965ish Indian proponent of "Arka Dhyana," does South India and the world
Saint Goswami Shri Balendu Ji Maharaj* M Indian b1971 aka Swami Sri Balendu ji, yoga, healing, astrology, centers around world based in Vrindavan, shuffling sites, rumours, was affiliated w Bhakti Shakti (below) now she disavowed him
Sant Baljit Singh M b1962 Indian successor of Sant Thakar Singh, Hindu Rajput initiated in 98, rose fast
Terrence Oldham Barnes M 1922-2000 American (CA) aka Sri Vyaktananda, "Looked at one way, the cause of this 'illusion' of individuality is ignorance; looked at another way, it's love."
Daniel Stacy Barron* M b1960ish American (OR) now based in Hamburg, Germany, creator of the "post-new age psychospiritual paradigm of Theohumanity," Emotive Subself Healing™ (ESH)™ therapy, Project Enhearten, author, zen background, reportedly harsh "tough love" EBE program (Emotional Body Enlightenment) "not for everyone" Anti 
Bei Yin* M b1934ish German based in Ibiza, poet, meditation, FalconBlanco intentional community/eco-village
Jeff Belyea M b1943 American (FL) into success in mind goals: "Younger, Stronger, Smarter, Richer," humourous touch, MBA and PhD from Columbia Pacific University, resume all about advertising, offers "Mystic Heart Meditation"
H Charles Berner* b 1945ish Amer now in Oz aka Yogeshwar Muni, no bio, creator of now widespread "Enlightenment Intensive" process, Swami Kripalvananda
Bhagavan Das M b1945 Amer author, kirtan tours, workshops, unsavoury rumours, Neem Karoli, 6 years in India as a sadhu (ascetic renunciate).
Ma Bhakti Shakti F b1965ish Brazilian aka Maria Martins based mainly in Oz, founded Tantrananda School of Tantra, "Kaula Tantra lineage" unspecified but training program and Business Plan enable the serious student to buy in. "A well-known presence on the Internet."
HH Bhakti-Tirtha Swami Krishnapada* M 1950ish African-American international aka John E Favors, child TV evangelist, Nigerian chief, Nelson Mandela, Hare Krishnas, vedic trainings for "spiritual warriors"
Bhashkar Perinchery M b1948 Indian filmmaker based in Germany, aka FIL (Friend of Inner Light), has founded 32 dumb-acronymically named schools, Osho
Judith Blackstone F b1955ish American (NY) psych, dancer, author, "Subtle Self Work"
Bobby Meizer M b1950ish American (CA) aka Donald Brewer site is aphorisms, cutesy bio, moved from Humour page to Nonduals, now here, visits at GRF, now on YouTube, John Wheeler
Swami Bodhananda Saraswati M b1952ish Indian (Kerala) tours in N Amer, base in MI, "Some of Swamiji's most unique work integrates traditional, scripture-based Vedantic values with modern economics and corporate management" 
Bodhi Avinasha F b1955ish American author, originator of Ipsalu Tantra, "become empowered to realize your heart's deepest desires," Osho, Babaji (Tantric Kriya?)
Bodhidharma M b1955ish German no bio, aka Swami Anand Rudra, "Zen trainer," specializing in ruthless ego-reduction, Osho
Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami* M b1942 American (HI) successor of Gurudeva, long time sadhana, Hindu monastic trad, Kauai Aadheenam
Stephan Bodian M b1946ish Amer (CA, HI) years in Zen, Tibetan, Jean Klein, psychotherapist, author around teaching for years, now "Dharma transmission" by Adyashanti, "lineage dating back to the historical Buddha"
Prajapita Brahma* M Indian 1876-1969 aka Brahma Baba, Dada Lekhraj Kripilani awakened 1936, org = Brahma Kumaris, run by women, based in Mt Abu. Big in UN. Exes (semi-anti)
Christine Breese* F b1965 Amer (CA) multimedia whiz, world traveler, eclectic spiritual doodad collector, University of Metaphysical Sciences and Universal Church Of Metaphysics "bringing a new level of professionalism to the spiritual careers possible in today's spiritual market," site search engine optimized with full name used extensively, multiple interlinked sites
Charles Paul Brown M ?ish Amer (AZ) former nightclub entertainer, evangelist, "Physical immortality in 1960," looks 50ish. Traveling immortality salesman, People Forever, Eternal Flame, People Unlimited, etc. Shifting sites, once reduced to ASCII zine archive, now variously in partnership with "Bernadine" and "James Strole." Anti 
Michael Brown* M b1960ish Cdn/Amer? no bio associated with E Tolle's operation, author of The Presence Process, aim to "integrate traumatic childhood imprinting . . . so we may interact with ourselves and all who enter our daily experience in a consistent, compassionate, and responsible manner"
Burkhardt Kiegeland M German b1942 "Heart-Master" runs heart-opening groups and "Tao for living," Jesus, Osho, Michael Barnett et al. Site is in German
Robert Earl Burton M b1939 American (CA) aka The Teacher, Fellowship of Friends 4th Way school based on Gurdjieff-Ouspensky, 10% tithing, abuse allegations, some hypocrisy about homosexuality. Anti  
Paul Foster Case* M ?-? Qabalah, Tarot, various mumbo-jumbi, org = Builders of the Adytum
HH Gayuna Cealo M b1945ish Japanese-born Burmese Buddhist monk, no info, site all promos, Foundation for Global Harmony, 501(c)3
Chris Celine* F b1948 Amer (OR) abuse survivor studied many paths, most deeply shamanism and ACIM now offers satsang + various forms of prayer, "her pure love can be received in every cell," said to offer a heartful kind of nondualism.
Sw Chaitanya Bharti M b1942 Indian long-time conductor of Osho meditation camps, one of the first to resist limitations imposed by Osho's org
Sri Chandra Swami Udasin M Indian aka Suraj Prakash b1930 in the village of his Master, Baba Bhuman Shahji Udasin, enlightened at 35, many practices, silent a lot, unpretentious, not to be confused with one-word Chandraswami b1950 the alleged tantrik hustler.
Huzur Maharaj Charan Singh* * M Indian 1916-1990 (Very) big Radhasoami guru, no real site, sound current, succeeded by nephew Gurinder Singh, also no site. Sawan Singh.
Swami Chetanananda M American b1948 aka Michael Shoemaker, Trika Yoga, Rudrananda (Muktananda lineage) dirt, "Three Gurus" guilt by association. NB new URL for dirt site, = old site preserved by
(Sw) Chidvilas M b1955ish Italian "Pranotherapy," Osho Pranic Healing, "Meeting with friends," Osho et al. Site in Eng and Ital
Gurudev Shree Chitrabhanu M b1922 long-time Jain monk got married went to US (NY), centers all over, author, ahimsa advocate
Dr Chloe Damore* F b1961ish Amer (CA) bills self as Doctor of Soul Psychology, does psych healings, so far only blogging, unusual in that no archive kept beyond a few days, no bio, said to have been with Umi
Max Christensen M b1960 Amer (HI) aka Lama Ngakpha Dorje, learned various Oriental healing arts from age six, nei gung, qi gung, Kunlun, etc, org =  Rising Red Phoenix, has had (vanity) movie, “Lama Thunderbolt,” made of his life, Wudang Master Wu Xiao Deng. Discussions in TaoBums forum 
David Ciussi* M b1945ish based in France (Nice) ex-engineer transformed in '95. Site mostly in French
Linda Clair F b1958 Australian (SA) aka Dai’an Jishin not a formal Buddhist but uses walking & sitting "Simple Meditation," Peter Jones, Hogen Yamahata, Harada Tangen
Swami Lord Collins* M b1939 Brit "has lived and begged in over 12 different countries," gathered some yoga and other dharmic doodads, posts at alt.slack but has "serious" side as well, biochemistry, Rg Veda, drugs, diet, yoga, etc
Susan Dane F b1955ish American (NY) author, healer, promoter, multilinguist
Sri Sailendra Bejoy Dasgupta M 1910-1984 Indian, Kriya yoga author, Sri Yukteshvar Giri. Site is a treasure trove of Kriya lore
Sri Dava Prakasha no bio-info, "living Incarnation," anti-trendy "The Way of Freedom is difficult, because it is against your nature." Good luck!
Roy Eugene Davis M b1931 American (GA) Center for Spiritual Awareness, teaching since 1952, Yogananda,
Sri Daya Mata F 1914-2010 Amer (CA) aka Faye Wright heir to Yogananda's org, "fulfilling the words Gurudeva once wrote to her, 'inspire all with your spiritual motherliness'." See also SRF-free discussion group for lots of rumour and talk about org
Onisaburo Deguchi M 1871-1948 Japanese, promulgated a kind of "roots" Shinto, org Omoto founded by mother-in-law Nao Deguchi
Dr Carlos de Leon** M b 1956ish Mexican eclectic 5-career overachiever incl academic, PsychoEnergetics, body-mind psychoyherapy, 20-30 years each in martial arts, Hindu Tantra, Bali and Brazilian Shamanism, Kabbalah, Chi-Kung, Chinese medicine, creator of Ontogony, founded Psychotherapy and Transpersonal Ontogony Development Association, Sifu Peng. "Several spiritual lineage titles have been bestowed on Dr. Carlos de Leon."
Arnaud Desjardins M b1925 French docu film-maker, author, advaita-flavoured "Adhyatma yoga," ashram said to be non-fee-based, Swami Prajnanpad et al. Site is in French
Bhagwan Sri Sri Sri Dr Devang Dattani ji* M ?ish Indian said to be a tech and entrepreneurial whiz, big movement based in email now ready to move into mega-"spiritual city" project in Europe. 1008 centers around world but events and city by invitation only. Nominally anti-org, no hierarchy, no guru, etc.  MORE
Sadhu Rev Dr Devi Nostrum, Pharm D, MQP, CMT * F b1965ish aka Swami Nostrumananda, Shaktipat, Reiki, Kabbala, Qi Gong, Eckhart Tolle, Kashmir Shaivism, Muktananda, Solomae, Chopra, U-name-it
Swami Anand Dharmesh M b1952 Mex (DF) aka Rodolfo Basail Heredia, artist, airline pilot, yoga, travels, Sivananda, Osho, Ramesh. Site in Spanish only
Master Dhyan Vimal M b1963ish Malaysian based there and Canada (YVR) aka DV simple childhood, investigated truth early, "successful leader, businessman, husband and father . . . depth that surpasses normal understanding," media-savvy, many orgs and sites, Osho et al
Julie Dittmar* F b1968ish Amer (WA) partner of Matt Kahn, "internationally renowned Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, award winning voiceover talent," True Divine Nature™
Ma Anand Divya F b1962 Indian aka Osho Divya, whole life with Osho, no longer affiliated with Oshodhara, now corporate and indiv workshops, partner of Akhil, Say YES To Life™, "Osho Nirmal Kriya Yoga." Fifth URL, ashram in Lonavala
Soami Divyanand M b1932 Indian based in UP and Germany, no worship, power structures or group identity, lots of books, Kirpal Singh. Page is in German
Dorje Taktser Rinpoche M ?ish Canuck? (TO?) no info, many shticks, enlightened age 20
Sri Durgamayi Ma b1955ish German F Neem Karoli Baba, cookie cutter Hinduism
Sri Eknath Easwaran* M 1911-1999 Indian based in US (CA), big author, 8-point program of meditation (repetition in mind of memorized passages), mantram, etc
Mr Irmansyah Effendi, MSc* M b1966 Indonesian based in Oz, MSc in Artificial Intelligence from CalState no other CV, lots of books, Grand Master of "Reiki Tummo®," + other energy thingies, operates via underlings' email in many countries (MLM?), orgs Padmajaya and Padmacahaya foundations; Jeanne Garner, Mystress Angelique Serpent. MORE 
Faisal Muqaddam* M Kuwaiti b1946 based in US and Europe, long work with AH Almaas now independent, Diamond Logos
Dr Ann Faraday * F b1955ish? English/Australian? woke up one morning without a self, dream researcher, author, m to John Wren-Lewis.
Bob Fergeson* M b1952ish Amer (CO) uses group "friendly confrontation," other med methods, Mystic Missal, Richard Rose
Guy Finley* M b1945ish American (OR), author, silver spoon childhood, saw through it all, etc. Platitudinous site but okay, Vernon Howard
Babaji Francesco Isa Atmananda M b1945ish Ital once self-appointed "successor of Osho," now combats GM organisms, promotes SUM (United States of the World) assoc with Radha bilingual site
BK Frantzis* (= Bruce Kumar) M b1949? Amer (CA) author travels, taoist meds + martial arts: tai chi, chi gung, ba gua, "Energy Arts" taoist water method, Morihei Ueshiba, Liu Hung Chieh
Dr David Frawley* M b1950ish American aka Pandit Vamadeva Shastri expert in many fields, Vedic acharya, multi-author, Hindu explainer, Ramana, Sivananda Murthy 
Timothy Freke* M b1959 Brit (Glastonbury) author, multi-religious scholar, "Stand-up Philosopher" not really a full-service guru but "in his mind-blowing standup performances and life-changing seminars he shares profound ideas and practical techniques to help participants taste the ecstasy of waking up to oneness and big love."
Swami Ganga-puri Kaliuttamananda-Giri F b1951 American (WA) aka Sharon, Ganga Karmokar, Karma Sonam Wangmo, Swami G, "kundalini support" attempts to balance knowledge with "2x4," Rajiv Misra, ordained by Swarupananda. Site an "online ashram," with "graduates" as fellow gurus (Siddhananda) and advisory sages (eg Amrit, formerly YouTube only). Anti <== Rebuttal
Stephen Gaskin* M b1935 American (TN) "The Farm" founder, default figurehead of 60s hippie commune ("I have done enough yoga to be able to handle whatever the juice is")
Sandra Glickman F b1945ish American Saniel Bonder "adept" 
Michael Gluckman M ?ish American (CA) e-book publisher ($19.95), wisdom of sages digested
God Dieux M b1976 Canuck (YVR) aka Paul LaPointe ex-doper did Prison Meditation big-time after busted smuggling to fund travels, awoke to find God (himself), non-serious, has borrowed from and adapted Osho in free-flowing ways, ex-John de Ruiter, was a thorn in side for a while
Michael Menahem Gottlieb* M 1928-2010 Amer (CA) ex-Rabbi, -psychoanalyst, studied and incorporated a wide variety of healing modalities, awakening 1977 on "Mt Jacumba," same year he visited Osho, eclectic views tailored to individual
Bonnie Greenwell F b1956ish Amer (CA, OR) Kundalini specialist, Zen, yoga, transpersonal psych, Adyashanti
Mark Griffin* M b1955ish American (CA) "Meditation Master," site has a bit of bafflegab, Muktananda
Stanislav Grof M b1931 German based in US (CA), m to Christina G, Holotropic Breathwork™, transpersonal psych. Site is link collection to various enterprises
Linda Groves F b1960ish American Saniel Bonder "adept"
Baba Gurinder Singh Dhillon* * M b1954 Indian head of Beas branch of Radhasoami Satsang, nephew of Charan Singh, took over in 1990. Very big but no site.
Guru Prasad Paramahansa M b1966 Indian successor in Ajapa Yoga (breathing method) lineage at age 14, having been raised by master since foundling orphan
Reb Yakov Leib HaKohain* M b1933ish Amer online only, Jungian Kabbalist aka Lawrence G Corey recognizes all paths, influenced by "Jewish Avatars" Sabbatai Zevi and Jacob Frank, Ramakrishna, James Kirsch
Manly P. Hall M 1901-1990 Canadian-American, prolific author on esoteric, 33º Freemason, philosopher, etc, founded Philosophical Research Society
Hanuman Das * M b1955ish American (NM), runs NKB ashram, Neem Karoli Baba. Page is book blurb
Satguru Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj M Indian b1954, inherited Delhi-based org, Sant Nirankari Mandal, branches everywhere, service, underlying unity of all faiths, etc, short shrift to women and buddhist thought
Wayne Hartman M ?ish Californiac "Visionary who works on the Grand Schemes and the 'Big Picture'."
Andrew Harvey M Brit b1952 in India based in US (NV) poet / Rumi renderer, author, Buddhist monk, prominent gay, eclectic, big meltdown after years with Mother Meera
Chuck Hillig M b1940ish American author, no link to SGRS
Elizabeth Anne (Beth) Hin* F b1953 American (AZ) "a mystic since before conception," (reincarnation of Sarada Devi, Ramakrishna's wife), did Native studies, White Rose Foundation
Lex Hixon M American 1942-1995 aka Purushottoma, Shaykh Nur al-Jerrahi author, Sri Chinmoy, Muzaffer Ozak
David Bruce Hughes M b1940ish Amer physicist, musician, polymath, Vedic expounder aka Dasanudas Brahmacari (his brush with Hare Krishnas), huge site with free open-source-type Vedic material, big on "the esoteric secrets of the Absolute Truth," HDG Abhaya Charanaravindam De
Ben Hursh M b1931 American Saniel Bonder "adept"
Oscar Ichazo M b1931 Bolivian now in US (HI), no bio-info, Arica founder (70's Gurdjieffian + eclectic methods), leader in developing Enneagram theory.  Anti link* has interesting history.
Isha Judd* F b1962 Australian based in Uruguay aka Maharishi Sakti Ishaya, Sally Ann foundling adopted, varied life total in all pursuits developed "unique system," Isha Keys, big in S Amer. Unstated in her 6-language site: lineage from Maharishi Sadashiva Isham, system debt to his "Ishaya Keys," Spanish books co-authored with Bhushana Ishaya; still touted in many Ishaya pages (eg) as a leading exponent of THEIR system
Sharon Janis F b1959 American aka Kumuda, author, TV producer and editor, Muktananda. "Amazing Visions" page reveals closet Xian, commentaries on Martha Stewart's spiritual future, Janet Jackson's breast etc
Jeddah Mali* F b1967 Brit (Brighton) mainly varied Budhhist background + anthroposophy training, now "international mentor," offers changing "the entire paradigm of human consciousness from limitation to freedom" via Law if Attraction, also very into collaborative, collective approach regarding large-scale social problems.
Dr Larry Jensen M b1945ish American (AZ) psych, listed in Who's Who. ASSET process = Awareness, Sensitivity, Spiritual Enlightenment and Transformation. Affiliated with Dr Chakras. Commercial site
Dr Jerry Alan Johnson* M b1950ish Amer (CA) International Institute of Daoist Mysticism, over 30 years of ancient esoteric Daoist studies, lengthy bio page has details, first westerner . . . etc
Justin* M b1952ish Amer (CA) no bio-info, "school has no fixed form or structure . . . serves as our 'suggestor,' suggests possibilities to explore and pitfalls to beware of on our way," includes 3rd World projects, weekly talks, rock band, etc
Prabhushri Swami Amar Jyoti M Indian 1928-2001 ten years in isolated meditation and pilgrimage then forty years of satsang, travel, etc, mostly US-based (CO) and India (Pune), Truth Consciousness
Jeru Kabbal M 1930-2000 aka Swami Anand Santosh, American (CA) DeHypnotherapy, Clarity Process, Quantum Light Breath, Osho
Matt Kahn* M b1968ish Amer (WA) partner of Julie Dittmar, phone sessions, retreats, satsang, sacred chant events, True Divine Nature™
Kali Ma Troma Rigtsal Rinpoche* F ?ish Amer (CA) aka Khadro was into "Tantra Yoga" flavoured with Ayurveda, shakti transmission, Hatha Yoga, now full-fledged Rinpoche (!), varied pitch with lots of buzzwords, periodically reinvents history, shtick and lineage -- that link, her old site versions archived, now inaccessible, closed at her org's request -- once claimed seven years with Rudrananda (who died in 1973, making her b1945ish), lineage page does not mention antecedents, hubby Hakeem changed spelling etc etc
Kalika* F "Born by chance in Sicily in 1955," in 2002 "a fire [burned] everything, every credo, every program, every attachment, every moral, every illusion…" Osho, Michael Barnett. Site in Ital & Eng
Master Shlomo Kalo M b1928 Bulgarian moved to Israel, adherence to values, does not promote his D.A.T. Spiritual School at all
Kedarji* M b1961ish Indian based in US (PA) initiated by Muktananda but doesn't mention him much, points more to Nityananda (M's guru). "Abode of the Heart", "Bhakta School of Transformation", etc, heart-oriented methods without explicit surrender
Raymond Karczewki M American b1945ish author, "divine anarchist"
Jon Kelly M b1964ish Canuck "Self-Realized Meditating Yogi," radio wallah, Dick Cheney backward speech analyst, Yogananda, Anandamurtii
Sally Kempton F b1945ish American (CA) aka Swami Durgananda, ex-NY-journalist, Muktananda, Gurumayi. SNIPPY GOSSIP
Tom Kenyon* M b1950ish American (WA) "Master - Teacher - Scientist - Tone Healer - Author - Psychotherapist - Musician - Songwriter - Singer - Shaman" works mainly with sound, also channels Mary Magdalene on sex magic
Guru Mata Keshavadas F b1955ish Indian aka Rama Mata wife, successor of other K, some standard-issue Hinduism
Sadguru Sant Keshavadas M 1934-1997 Indian offers siddhis, guru's grace, devotion; audience with Pope 1967
Jared Kimble M American (FL) b1977 aka Da Fire, Babblon, appears to use language to appeal to Xians, "new tradition" = "Bright Smelting Fire of God," "enbrightenment." New URL now his own site, offers free e-books.
Babaji Bob Kindler M b1950 American, centers all over US, org dedicated to Ramakrishna/Sarada-style Vedanta. Music, yoga, advaita, misc stuff
Mahatma Brahmachary Krishanandaji M b1950ish Argentine aka Prof Jose Sergio Griffa, "the greattes spirituel Master of Larin America," does photo ops, runs AR Ammachi centre, Djwahl Khul, etc. SXPRULXS!
Swami Shanti Kristian* M b1929 Swede aka Kristian Dahl-Madsen was into "Spiritual Hedonism," life-affirmative spirituality / Reichian psychotherapy, now offering Kalki Deeksha, Osho, Gurdjieff, Kalki
Swami Kriyananda M b1926 American aka James Donald Walters, founder of Ananda Community, composer, some dirt, P Yogananda
Sri Goswami Kriyananda M b1930ish American (IL) in Yogananda line, no info, "warm humor and profound insights"
Kyososama* M 1891-1972 aka Kainichi Otsuka "As a child, predicted future, cured sick," org = Shinreikyo, survived by wife Kyobosama (Kunie Otsuka / Miyashitain) b1906. New Home site in Japanese only
Shibendu Lahiri M b1939 Indian great-grandson of Lahiri Mahasaya, Kriya Yoga handed down in family, no org, travels the world. Site in 8 languages
Lama Lar M b1949 Amer (NM) aka Lar(ry) Short author overcame crippling childhood psych and neuro difficulties with Aikido, has absorbed and offers wide range of modalities, Rudi, Dilgo Khyentse
Ronda LaRue F b1960ish American (CA), nondual expression in various modes, artist, writer, psych, retreats, workshops, "Ojai Salon," Richard Moss
Mother Lasana* F b1987 Czech aka Matka Lasana compared to Mother Meera, little info, offers touch and presence, not words, giving darshan since age 8. Her mother, Matka / Mother Diesana, also has a following. Site mostly Czech, some English and Polish
Leah Allén F b1965ish Swedish, little info, used a tendency to illness to tune in: "If I didn't breathe and act out of my deepest truth, my body answered with physical as well as psychic pain," offers "guided meditations about opening your heart and your Christ/Magdalene consciousness." Site mostly in Swedish
Graham Ledgerwood M b1942ish aka Ramakrishna Ananda, New Agey (?) Canuck based in US (CA) Satguru, Master, Avadhut, Illuminatus and Maharaj, but prefers "fellow student and brother mystic," author of Keys to Higher Consciousness, "A true guru will want you to test them."
Dennis Lewis M b1950ish American (CA) into breathwork, various influences incl Gurdjieff
Jaime T. Licauco M Filipino b1940, President and Founder of Inner Mind Development Institute to bridge gap between Filipino psychic types and academics, travels
HH Grandmaster Professor Thomas Lin-Yun* M b1945ish Chinese (TW) based in US (CA) founded "Black Sect Tantric Buddhism at its fourth stage . . . essence of Confucianism, Taoism, Yin-Yang philosophy, Eclecticism, Exoteric Buddhism, Esoteric Buddhism, I-Ching, Theory of Ch'i, holistic healing, feng shui, and folkloric studies," recog by some Bon leaders
Jacqueline Maria Longstaff* F b1952ish Danish based in Tiru but travels, offers satsang, etc + "Cosmic Airport," three-pronged "lounge" approach: "Arrivals" = birthing instruction and help, "Departures" = dying same and "Transit" for everyone else
Olga Louchakova F b1950ish Russian based in US (CA) Inst of Transpersonal Psych, Eastern Xian mysticism and Kundalini Yoga ==> Hridayam® School of Yoga, Vladimir Antonov
Alan Lowen English M b1940ish, aka Swami Anand Rajen, Art of Being, sabbatical in 2003 said to have been to work on self. MORE. Still acknowledges time with Osho
Ger Lyons* M Irish b1956ish studied many healing traditions + shamanic, offers cellular healing, sacred transmission, core transformation, etc. "In a session with Ger we receive a very powerful transmission of high sacred healing energy"

Dr Murdo MacDonald-Bayne M early 20th c Xian/Tibetologist, healing, author
Joanna Macy F b1945ish American, eco-philosopher, social Buddhist, "helps people transform despair and apathy, in the face of overwhelming social and ecological crises, into constructive, collaborative action."
Eliza Mada Dalian F b1949ish Armenian based in Canada (YVR) aka Ma Jivan Mada, author, developed Dalian Healing Method, no bio, Osho
Ananda Maetreyii * F b1965ish American (CA?) mother, channels Anandamurtii, propagating his somewhat anti-colonialist Progressive Utilization Theory (PROUT), org Ananda Seva Mission not linked to his org
Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha *M Nepali b1990 aka Ram Bahadur Banjan / Bomjon, Palden Dorje, Maitriya Guru, "Buddha Boy","reincarnation of Buddha" was meditating 24/7 under tree fenced off but visible, then disappeared, reappeared, etc, has got fairly big in Eastern Europe and Asia, big site in 22 languages. Some alleged abuse, corruption, censorship.
Mahadevi * F b1977 Indian based in Goa aka Divya Kshama, Mahadevi International Research Center (MIRC) promotes "Conscious Motherhood" and "Spiritual Science", Osho
Mahamudra F 1944-2006 aka Hauke Heyken, German disciple of Osho. Site is in German
MahaVajra M b1972 Québecois aka François Lépine early into computers, martial arts and eclectic, protean spirituality, etc, teachings offered for free, travels, no ashram, "Maha Technique" uses mantras. Site in English and French
Maitreyi Amma* F b1952 French blind from birth, sight happened at age 6, whole life incl motherhood a prep for long India pilgrimage, multilingual site, Sri Tathata
Aba Aziz Makaja M b1965ish Croatian aka Franjo Milicevic, community, sexuality, song, study, work, meditation
Jean-Marc Mantel M b1950ish French psychiatrist, International Association for Spiritual Psychiatry, author, Jean Klein
Pier Franco Marcenaro
* M b1941 Ital runs institutionalistic non-"spiritual" Man Center (5 languages); disclaims guruhood though others disagree, Hazur, Kirpal Singh ("favourite disciple"). Former site discouraged links, new url perhaps more open.
Margot Anand F b1944 French aka Mitsou Naslednikov, author, widely traveled tantra teacher, SkyDancing Tantra; Osho, Oscar Ichazo
Roderick W. Marling* M b1950ish American many years Yogananda kriya, then into the valleys of tantra: Vamacara Tantra, wide scholarship, big on freedom
Michael Martin** M 1943-2010 Amer (TX), Sant Mat stream, Charan Singh. Page is a Yahoo Club, widely derided, now headed for oblivion. New Anti page is a garbled reconstitution of the former Geocities anti-page. Google for kaesdk and oocities and MM for more.
Wisdom Master Maticintin* F b1938 American based in BC aka Heather Hughes-Calero, Winged Wolf; HÜMÜH ("Fourth School of Buddhism") = Buddhist/shamanic mélange, suspect lineage, Alana Spirit Changer
Mother Maya F b1958ish Guyanese based in US (NC) aka Bri Maya Tiwari, Sri Swami(ni) Mayatitananda Saraswati Ayurveda author, cancer survivor, Wise Earth School of Ayurveda, charitable org = Mother Om Mission (MOM) tours extensively, Dayananda Saraswati 
Kip Mazuy M b1965ish American musician based in NZ, left Master Charles, into "right now"
Sandeep Mehta M b1970ish Indian all-rounder, yoga travel agent
Shirra Meiklejohn-Wilson F b1946, Xian/Gurdjieff, "The Work" a 4000-year-old tradition, Sojourner Inst
Jessie Mercay, PhD, ND, PhD mst* F b1945 Amer (?) chancellor of American University of Mayonic (AUM) Science and Technology, offers Vastu Science + Vaastu Science and Technology (sacred architecture + manifestation) "under the direct guidance of an authentic Sthapati – Shilpi Guru," Dr V Ganapati Sthapati, no bio-info
Rev Takahito Miki M b1957 Japanese, 3rd generation CEO of Church of Perfect Liberty, 700 branches. "Life is Art," = prosperity, "Shoot fireworks for peace!"
Joe Miller M 1904-1992 American (CA) many sources, led hippies w/ wife Guin in SF's Golden Gate Park, strong Sufi flavour and connections, endorsed by WY Evans-Wentz
Dan Millman M b1949ish Amer (CA), athlete, author (Peaceful Warrior series), sells "Destiny keys," Life Purpose Cruises to Alaska, site in five languages
Kenneth George Mills M 1923-2004 Canuck (TO) pianist / painter / poet / conductor etc, spontaneous Unfoldments™ since 1968, worked with voice liberation. "It doesn't take time to think right. It only takes the willingness to do so."
Sri Jyoti Mirabai Devi* F b1961ish S African based in US (CA) offers satsang, kirtan, darshan, "empowers people to focus on the light of God within to directly experience their own Divine nature"
Louis Mitchell M b1952 Brit (Harrow), "Seamless meditation," awakened 1993 after long bouts of ACIM, Adi Da, Buddhism, etc
Miten Veniero Galvagni* M b1944 Italian aka Swami Prem Miten, Ciampa Leksce, Amico VG, shrink, homeopath, NLP, etc, Comunità dei Riconoscenti (Gratefuls), Osho, Geshe Champa Gyatso. Site is in Italian
Richard Moss M b1945ish American MD, author, works with small groups, "Yes to life," cool logo
Mu-Ho* M b1947ish German aka Mudito based in Italy, Neo-Zen Dinamico (= Dynamic), a few scholarly articles from Japan, zazen seems to be about "concentration," Osho. Site in Italian, German and English
Munishwarji Walking Tall M b1959ish Amer (GA) "spiritual head of Mahavatar Babaji Ashram, Master Teacher, Master Healer,  Master of Life-Force Energy, ordained interfaith minister, mystical clairvoyant, Shamanic Apprentice, life coach . . . law degree . . .  initiated as an Enlightened Being by the Grace of his Gurus, Mahavatar Babaji, Sant Mata Samyama Shangri-La and Gurudevi Ahalya Running Deer Mahakali". Site non-functional Nov 2017, guest appearance in Atlanta center site.
ET Nada M b1960ish, "his true origins are obscure." Cutesy aphorisms. Thanatologist, philosopher and mystic, etc
Swami NadaBrahmananda M b1955ish Canadian (Victoria), yoga, eclectic, had a couple of dreams of Sivananda
Nagasiva Yronwode* M b1960ish American aka Thyagi Morgoth Nagasiva, Thyagi Tzu, Frater Nigris, big Thelemite leader and writer, incl "Suicide Encouragement FAQ," A Crowley
Shree A Nagraj M b1920 Indian aka Agrahar Nagraj Sharma, iconocalstic as youth, not satisfied with trad answers, "propounder" of "Madhyasth Darshan – Coexistentialism or ‘Jeevan Vidya’," answers to everything, realized after 25 years sadhana in Amarkantak
Claudio Naranjo M b1940ish Chilean author, multifaceted background, Esalen, Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche, Oscar Ichazo et al
Swami Nardanand* M b1958 Indian based in Ujjain teaches Siddha Yoga also in West, hatha yoga, Vedanta, offers Shaktipath inititation, largest mercury shivalingam in the world, etc, Swami Shivom Tirth. Ujjain being one of the rotating Kumbha Mela sites, he is a big wheel in Melas. Ashrams in Brazil, US and Czechland. Some complaints. New URL
Sw Deva Navyo* M b1950ish Italian, Scuola di Armonia (School of Harmony), Osho. Site is in Italian
Durius Nguyen M b1952 Vietnamese (?) in Holland, into True Happiness
Van Nguyen M b1953, American Saniel Bonder "adept" 
Keith Nightingale M b1955 Australian, long rambling page, Papaji
Swami Anand Nisarg M b1975ish Canuck (ED) / Uruguay, "Mystery School" no biodata, site is mainly writings, Tarot, Crowley, Osho
Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet F b1955ish based in S India, Aeon Group, "The Symbol is the thing Symbolised," Vedas meets yoga meets sacred geometry, not much info, Sri Aurobindo & The Mother
Rick and Mary NurrieStearns M & F b1955ish Amer (OK) couple published growth mag together, awakened on different schedules, survived strains, many teachers, psychology, yoga, etc
Daniel Odier M b1945 French (Paris) tantric yoga, Kashmir Shaivism, "Tantra/Chan"
Swamiji Shri Omanand Bharti M b1963ish Indian (Pune) Reiki Grandmaster, Om Reiki Family, Mystic Village, "Mantras and Sadhana for curing patients of scorpion bites and snake bites, infertility and cases of bleak psychos," Osho
Derek P O'Neill M b1956ish Irish Psych, Hypno, Reiki Grandmaster, Kriya Yogi, Martial Arts, philanthropist, multiple healing modalities and much much more, "More Truth Will Set You Free," Sathya Sai Baba
Chris & Emma Orchard * M b1960, F b1967 aka Emma Lea, Brits, "two 'polarizations' of Truth," he talks, she bes. Page is Rawlinson book excerpt. Chrisemma Found'n became Orchard Found'n, then no more heard from
Steven Ott M b1955ish American (CA) "Trika Yoga," Shaktipat, kundalini, 30 years with Rudrananda & Chetanananda
Ozay Rinpoche* M b1957ish Brit body builder (non-Tib) aka Phillipou Cornick, retreat center in Sweden, mainly active on net, once wrote literate account (alas, 404) of forcing self to meditate in prison, but otherwise speak / write in annoying 3rd person pidgin, hide behind multiple id's, assoc with Rasa von Werder. Anti. "Site" (reduced to) a business card site, see also chippendale dancer ozay rinpoche private male naked Video Now, 2011, somewhat resurrected sitewise, inexplicably latching onto "Celtic Buddhism" coattails of Ven Seonaidh Perks 
Panache Desai M b1979ish Brit Indian based in US (FL) formerly offering new-agey "empowerments," now more meaty, "journey culminated in January of 2003 when Panache . . . became the avatar of awakening and God realization that he was born to be," new slick site
Sri Param Eswaran* M b1944 Sri Lankan / Malaysian Tamil based in Australia, "Inter-Faith Tantra" eclectic service-oriented approach, Sivananda. Anti* 
Maa Parvathinath Saraswati* F Indian b1966ish aka Kirin Mishra, Parvathi Nanda Nath, learned Kashmir Shavism yoga very young, offers Shree Vidya, many different sadhana forms but on retreat in 2011, no teachings, also fluent in Western idioms, Shree Amritananda Saraswati
Mansukh Patel M b1960ish Indian based in Holland, Gandhian parents in Kenya background, science, etc, Life Foundation. Anti 
Brahmarshi Patriji M b1947 aka Subhash Patri based in India (AP), centers all over, Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement, anapanasati meditation (watching breath), vegetarianism, growing fast
Norman Paulsen* M 1930-2006 American (CA) Solar Logos = inner Sun, advanced Kriya yoga demystified, intentional community = Sunburst, author, Yogananda
Peace Pilgrim F 1908-1981 American aka Mildred Norman, walked for peace non-stop till she died
Gregory Penn* M b1950ish American (CA) aka Swami Chaitanya Siraj, TV and radio personality, uses artwork (James Asher) and quotes (Osho) unattributed, makes meditation palatable to the masses. Osho
Master Eric James Pepin M b1967ish based in US (OR) no bioinfo, Higher Balance Institute offers a "spark igniting a revolutionary leap in spiritual consciousness," allegedly bonks students 
Spencer John Perdriau M b1972 Brit-Aussie hunk, ex-schizophrenic, artist, movie reviewer, multi-unpublished author, copyright addict. New URL
Stuart Perrin* M b1942 American (NY) author, teaches "an open-eyed form of kundalini yoga," was in the plane crash that killed guru Rudi
Mahayogi Pilot Baba* M b1945ish Indian aka Kapil Adwait sought adventure, Indian Air Force pilot then yogi, public demos of airtight, underwater samadhis etc, iconoclastic individualism, online shopping
Rishi Prabhakar M b1950ish Indian engineer, social activist, Siddha Samadhi Yoga, "no mumbo jumbo," Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, est
Sri Prem Baba M b1965 Brazilian aka Janderson Fernandes de Oliveira psychotherapist / ayahuasca priest mainly devotional approach, "When you touch my feet a chunk of your sins are left behind." Ashrams in Sao Paulo, Rishikesh (extension of guru's Ashram), + sangha in US and Holland, headed for big-time? Osho, Sai Baba, Hans Maharjji, etc. Anti
Bodhisattva Shree Swami Premodaya M b1946ish Amer (CA) born in a DP (displaced persons') camp in postwar Germany (not as horrific as he makes out) moved to US in 1953, big achiever as psychologist, five languages, 20 years with Osho + three with Ganagaji emerged in 2003 as "love Incarnate," works with psych issues and beyond.
Osho Priya F b1958 aka Ma Amrit Priya sister-in-law of Osho, singer, see O Siddharth
Alfred Pulyan M d American, no info, active in 50s and 60s, mentor of Richard Rose
Baba Purnanand M Indian b1947 aka Sw Purnanand Bharti, based in Indore, travels, silent sittings, enlightened 1977 under a banana tree, Osho.
David Quigley M b1956ish Amer (CA) founder of Alchemical Hypnotherapy, wove together Jungian, shamanic, Ericksonian etc, has trained 2000 h'therapists, offers psychic, emotional and somatic healing, Higher Self empowerment, past-life regression, etc, plus "mundane" goals
Bhagwan Ra Afrika M b1955ish black American aka Leonard Ingram, borrows heavily and unattributed from Osho (paraphrase, cut/paste) but mainly 70's Sant Mat, Africanized as "Sat Ma'at"
Rahasya M b1955ish German based in AU (Byron) aka Dr Fritjof Kraft, various processes including adventure tours, Osho, now Kalki deeksha
Swami Advait Rahasya* M b1962 S African (Jo'burg) Advait Tantra School, fleet of Dakinis (+ one Daka) online + local help, non-serious, Osho
Rajn**sh (2 e's) M b1961 Indian aka Rajn*sh (one i) Agrawal, "the
slow-walking man," declares emphatically he is not a guru and demanded i
remove his name and the link to his site from my "guru pornographic site
where idiots sell themselves…and others buy these idiots…and others promote these idiots…prostitutes and pimps of truth…" See also Iznogoud* (satire), Anti blog and dedicated Anti site.
Satguru Sri Ramana (Devi)* F b1973ish Brit (Lancs) awoke at age 5 without support, offers Hindu-accented salvation (three yogas, karma, bhakti, jnana), vegan, animal welfare, upanishads, poverty activism, charitable stuff, "Shiva Trust"
Dr Ramananda Swami Maharaj* M b1945ish Indian based in US (CA) aka HDG Dr. Ramananda Swami Adeevan Yateendra Lakshmi Giri Maharaj, sent to LA by Anandamayi Ma, author of her bio, proclaimed by her as reincarnation of 15th c Ramananda who was Kabir's and Nanak's guru, ex-prof of Indian Phil at Berkeley.
Rasa Von Werder F b1945 German-born based in US (NY) aka Kellie Everts, the Stripper for God, "sent by God to empower women and end puritanicalism and the double standard," matriarchy / fem supremacy, University of Mother God Church, Jesus, Muktananda, Nityananda, and, it is said, Swami Ganga-Puri.
Richard b1948ish M Australian (Byron), enlightened in 1981, beyond that humdrum in 1992 into "Actual Freedom"
Geshe Michael Roach M b1952 American (CA) Diamond Mountain University, many years at Sera Mey, Khen Rinpoche, Geshe Thubten Rinchen, censured by Dalai Lama re breaking vows, etc, moved from Tib forms to incorporating yoga, then 2012 retreat meltdown in AZ, complete with student death and org dysfunction: Anti, Damage Control
Nick Roach* M b1972 Brit (Surrey) "Anything that induces an emotional feeling needs to be viewed with suspicion, watched very carefully," problem-solving orientation, Barry Long
Swami Roberto M b1963 Italian aka Roberto Casarin, Universal Soul Movement, miracles, "His Mission" started since childhood
Frank Robinson M 1886-1948 English moved to US, "Psychiana, the world's largest mail order religion"
Bruce Joel Rubin M b1943 American (NY/CA) screenwriter, Kundalini Yoga, 7 years with Rudi, below, who sold him a broken buddha
Rudra Abhyananda M b1960ish Indian aka R Venugopalan no bio info author, propounder of 547-chakra system, Kundalini Shakti, Soul Searchers. Yahoo group said to be very active
Swami Rudrananda M 1928-1973 American aka Rudi, Albert Rudolph, maverick Muktananda line died in small plane crash, growing legend. New URL TALES 
Ken Lloyd Russell M b1943 American (WA) background in Gestalt, zen, lots of other stuff, took time to integrate various awakenings, Way of Seeing®, Vidyana Foundation
Steven S Sadleir M b1957ish Amer (CA) 12-hour (1 hr/wk) Self-Realization course by phone = $1500, includes Shaktipat transmission, self-empowering, manifesting etc, Vetathiri Maharishi, Shivabala Yogi
Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi* F b1953 in Mauritius, aka HH Poojya Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi 1008 MahaMandeleshwar Sri Nithyananda Mayi Maa, Chalanda Sai Ma Lakshmi Devi Sri Nithyananda Mayi Ma, Anant Shri Vibhushit Jagatguru Bhaktimayi Meera Bai Sarvanandamayi Lakshmi Devi Sai Maa, was based in US (CO), little bio-info, homilies on Love and Abundance, "Humanity in Unity," Sathya Sai Baba. New URL. Anti + Anti Blog has testimonials
Pascal(e) Salesses F ?ish American, Saniel Bonder "adept"
Bertram W Salzman M b1931 American film director ret'd to France, flogging meditation videos and book
Tony Samara M b1965 Brit "mirror of what is possible, a shining reminder of the endless potential of being human," Zen and Amazonian Shaman influences, site in 16 languages, weekly online video satsangs, activity all over Europe
Sant Mata Samyama Shangri-La* F b1942ish Filipina-American, "Taoist Yogi-Christ" tradition, sent by Mahavatar Babaji to US, founded centers, etc, said to be still active. Site non-functional, but she can be found in Atlanta center site. (Nov 2017)
HG Sriman Sankarshan Das Adhikari b1955ish American (TX) Hare Krishna since 71, course = "Ultimate Self-Realization," "It is also most important that you strictly follow the rules and regulations of devotional service," site under re-org, construction, "On this site we want to teach you how to practice bhakti yoga," has three links: How to Chant Japa, Tilaka and Store
Remez Sasson M b1955ish Israeli "success" wallah: "inner knowledge, spirituality, inner power, peace of mind, happiness, success . . . positive thinking and mind power"
Yogiraj Satgurunath M b1944 Indian based in Pune, centers in US (CA) and Switzerland, breath yoga, org = Hamsa Yoga Sangh. Nath lineage of Babaji, whom he calls Shiv Gorakshanath Babaji
Swami Satyananda Saraswati M b1950ish American (CA) long ascetic trip in India, now hangs with Shree Maa
Saybian M b1980ish Cdn (YVR) of West Indian descent, extols "Devotional Nonduality" of David Hawkins, "As fruit cannot bear seed different then the tree from which it fell, so the enlightened state is proclaimed rather than claimed." Site all graphics, vid and flash.
Carl Schmidt* M b1950ish American (AZ) author, Kriya, "Kundalini Pranayam," Om practices
Katsutoshi Sekiguchi M b1939 aka Rev Seisho Japanese 3rd holy master of Mahikari, Shinto offshoot founded 1959, divine healing and world salvation. Anti 
Osho Shailendra M b1955 aka Swami Shailendra Saraswati brother of Osho, 3-campus org, see O Siddharth
HG Sri Sri Satguru Shakti Ganapati Subramanian M b1956ish Amer (NC) Hindu no bio-info, insists on not taking donations, into "teaching, not preaching," works mainly with LGBT (Lesbian-gay-bi-trans) and Dalit issues, scanned letters from guru Sri A Gopalakrishna offered as qualifications. Now reduced to MySpace and Facebook
Sankalpa Sannyasi Shankar M b1950ish American (CO) aka Richard W Lazzara "Art for the Soul . . . Shankar Art challenges the viewer to penetrate one's own being," Neem Karoli Baba Siva Lingam Pujari, Hilda Charlton et al
Shri Shankaracharya* M b1948ish American (TN) enlightened 1981, Durga worship, various masters incl Muktananda and Ramesh Moudgil
Swami Shankarananda Giri* M b1947(?) Indian (Orissa), centres all over, Kriya Yoga, Swami Narayana Giri
Swami Shankarananda Saraswati M American b1943(?) aka Russell Kruckman based in Australia, "Shiva Process work is an antidote to some of the problems we acknowledge in Siddha Yoga," Kashmir Shaivism, Muktananda et al. Anti and "Three Gurus" guilt-by-association pages weren't much, just hints, but now in 2015, the "usual" dirt is flying, sexual abuse + denial. Oh well.
ShivaRudra Balayogi* M Indian b1954 aka Seenu, father raised self from penniless to MD, likewise years of austere tapas, now travels to Oz etc, Shivabalayogi Maharaj
Brahmacharini Shivarpita* F b1955ish Amer (TN) aka Joan Harrigan PhD offers kundalini support and guidance, PKYC = Patanjali Kundalini Yoga Care, Swami Chandrasekharanand Saraswati
ShivBaba* M Indian b1942 aka Baba Virendra Dev Dikşit org = Adhyatmik Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya, started with Brahma Kumaris (see Prajapita Brahma, this page under B) but soured, has not entirely coherent persecution stories, conflates self with God Shiva, "clarifications of murlis given by God Shiva through Baba Virendra Dev Dikşit, declared him ShivBaba." Site in Poland, has lots of vids elsewhere
Shree Maa F b1945ish Indian based in US (CA), riches-to-ascetic story, devotional, sidekick = Swami Satyananda Saraswati
Shunya Muni M b1955ish Australian (WA) hermit, subjective observations, Yogananda, Muktananda. Site under reconstruction Dec '10
Shunyata* M 1890-1984 Danish asa Sunyata, aka Wuji, Alfred Julius Emmanuel Sorensen, 40 years as hermit in India, hit by car in US. NB site under re-design, gives error msg, but persist to home page, old English home page, "Inspirators," then Sunyata. Bonus: 100s of scanned letters from Sunyata, supplied by Rajendra Pachauri, IPCC chairman
Swami Shyamananda* M b1966ish(?) Indian tantrika via MD, Jungian psych, Goa trance parties, etc, teaches "seduction salvation," claims ashrams here and there. Site is blog-journal re two male students' seduction efforts
Sri Swami Shyamendra Paramahansa Maharaj M b1962ish Indian no info, Swamiji's Enlightenment Club, Intergalactic Culture Foundation (CA, where else?), PayPal button gone, rumours of bogosity. Site in English and Russian, mediocre discourses, eg "Loonifying ecstasy of transcendental love of lovers of God." "I love the entire Universe. The nature of love is give and take . . . and in order to be able to share my love to the whole universe, in the form of kind help from your side please send a generous donation on the following bank acc."
Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar M b1939ish Indian based in EU (NL) and US (NJ), sound-related methods Microchakra Psychology™, Chakra Psychology™, InnerTuning, etc, site links mostly inoperative, elusive, Pundit Pran Nath. Anti 
Osho Siddharth M b1942 aka Swami Anand Siddharth Indian designed 8-step program, org International Institute of Self Realization with other awakeneds of Osho
Max Simon M b1975ish Amer dir of Consumer Products at the Chopra Center for Wellbeing, Chief Enlightenment Officer of his SelfCentered Tour, a "movement to make meditation cool and inspire one million people to spend some time each day tapping into their silent inner-self," Deepak Chopra
Sivananda-Valentina F mid-20th c German, multidimensional artist, Sivananda
Sky* F b1960ish Aussie, Vogue-ish pic on "Conscious Living" mag cover, author, "Love is the principle of the universe, you are the alchemist"
Edwin Carl Smith* M b1947ish American aka Jae Jah Noh author of enigmatic classic now using his legal name, now "Relentless Love."
Suryavan Solar b1955ish Chilean leadership/growth trainings, shamanism, western therapies, slick site, little info, Amway background and approach, some rumours of abuse
David Spero* M b1957 American (CA), "awoke spontaneously, embodiment of the Divine Mother." Devotional Advaita, Ammachi, Ramakrishna
Nenmeli K Srinivasan M b1943 Indian aeronautical engineer based in US (CA) and Bangalore, "Try to combine Karma yoga, Bhakti and Jnana in daily routine," "Yoga and Vedanta should be taught free or at very nominal rates," Shirdi Sai Baba, Yogananda
Guruji Sri Vast* M b1971ish Indian based in Sweden and TN aka Babu "wise from an early age" big on harmony with Nature, Inner Yoga, Ecology, Permaculture 
James Steinberg* M b1950ish devotee of Adi Da for 26 years. Page is book blurb
Han Marie Stiekema M b1950ish Dutch enlightened 1977, followed by 10 years of bliss, then 12 years of Dark Night of the Soul
Jerry Stocking* b1955ish American (GA) author, NLP, stockbroker, "Illusion Conclusion," (=IC™), awakening 1991
Ted Strauss* M b1955ish American (CA), 23 years TM, Saniel Bonder "adept," emphasizes mutuality
Swami Sudip* M b1960ish Nepali based in Germany into medicine, reflexology, cranio and energy, offered "energyrhythm process," now more simply Oshorhythm, + satsang, Osho
Swami Sukhabodhananda M b1955 Indian (Bang) travels abroad, author, mgmt guru, speaker, panel delegate, Prasanna Foundation
Marshall Vian Summers* M b1949ish Amer (CO) bringer of "New Message from God," has been transcribing dictated msgs from Angelic Presence since 1983, nature-oriented, "New God" a universal one unlike petty Old God. "Ancient prophecies will not be fulfilled. The Messiah will not return to the world. It is now the time for Knowledge to emerge. It is the era of human cooperation and human responsibility."
Dr Robert E Svoboda* M b1953 American Ayurveda teacher, tantrika, many years in India with Aghori Vimalananda
Paramahamsa Swarupananda Sivadass Giri M b1948 American (CA) aka Dr. James de Jarnette, nothing about methods, a lot of stock in lineage, Muktananda, Ramananda
Dr. Masaharu Taniguchi M 1893-1985 Japanese, "All evil things are nothingness," Seicho-No-Ie Truth of Life Movement
Santosha Tantra* F b1955ish American (CA) aka Karen Karolczuk, artist, was retired from teaching now back, ZM Rama, Adi Da, Sri Lakshmana. Site mostly artwork
Dr Charles T Tart M b1937 American, transpersonal psychologist, author, aikido, lots of work on altered states
Leslie Temple-Thurston* F b1955ish South African, partly based in US (NM), meditation, yoga, "spiritual psychology" for planetary transformation, artist, author, mother, well-rounded
Koichi Tohei Sensei M b1920 Japanese Aikido master and writer on Ki, brought to US, Ki Society International
Stan Trout * M b1938 American aka Swami Abhayananda, author. Page is on anti-Muktananda site
Mikao Usui M (d) 20th c Japanese brought the ancient healing science of reiki into the modern age, now spread over the world
Morehi Uyeshiba* M 1883-1969 Japanese asa Morihei Ueshiba, founder of Aikido. "Aikido is non-resistance. As it is non-resistant, it is always victorious."
Imre Vallyon M b1940 Hungarian based in NZ, author, synthesis of everything, "Foundation for Higher Learning." (Book) site in six languages
Stephen Paul Vanier * M b1945ish? American holds court on usenet, claims crime down since 1992 enlightenment, abusive behaviour notwithstanding. Link is Google Usenet Archive. MORE 
Alex Vartman* M b1964ish Australian based in Sweden aka Sanford Perret was doing satsangs and the neo-advaita thing then dropped out for seven years to do corporate and private consulting. Now neo-tantra + satsang, David Deida, Papaji, Dolano 
Sri Vasudeva* M b1954 based in Trinidad, branches in EU and N Amer, various healing modalities, "translates the science and theory of Kundalini energy into a more modern form without religious connotation," site not updated much
Swami Veda Bharati M b1933 aka Dr Usharbudh Arya successor of Swami Rama, Himalayan Yoga, based in Rishikesh, travels all over, 17 languages
Swami Anand Veeresh M b1938 American aka Veeresh D. Yuson-Sanchez, therapist runs Humaniversity in Holland, 1000's of participants a year, Osho.
John & Esther Veltheim M b1950ish & F b1955ish based in US (FL) Reiki, Body Talk, various influences incl Ramesh
Aghori Vimalananda* * M ?-1983 Indian, important tantra teacher. Page is about books
Swami Nostradamus Virato M 1938-2013 American (NC) aka J Charles Banks, big in Russia, tantra wallah, publisher, outrageous impresario, Nepal Institute, Osho
Swami Vishnu-devananda M 1927-1993 Indian, peripatetic pilot in peace missions, etc, big in Sivananda org
Shri Swami Vishwananda M b1978 Mauritius, lots of centers around world, meditation and service, Bhakti Marg, "I do not want people to depend on me, depend on the God/Guru within you." Sai Baba connection de-emphasized, also claiming(?) to be reincarnation of P'hansa Yogananda, visited by Avatar Babaji when 5 yrs old, lots of Xian themes for Western market, celibacy downgraded. Anti-blog alleges sexual abuse of gopi-like (altar?) boys, other shenanigans
Maud Viveen F ?ish Dutch, partner of Nenno de Zoete... Golden Heart, satsang, meditation, counseling, Sathya Sai Baba and other influences
John White * M b1939 American, claims to be enlightened, not very available 
Kenton Whitman M b1972 Amer (WI) "is an extremely happy person," offers happiness via martial arts, zen and other nondual nuggets, "Intention-Manifestation Model of Reality"
Sifu Wong Kiew Kit M b1944 Chinese based in Malaysia, "Shaolin Kungfu" master, multi-author, "Qigong Master of the Year"
Robin Wooldridge M b1960 Brit aka Sw Santosh Robin, "School of Urban Zen," variety of meditations, mantras, malas, eclectic, Buddhist-based Osho
Bruno Purusha Würtenberger M b1960 Swiss no lineage info, lots of generalities re issues addressed in courses (€2000 for ten days), "has been justifiably compared to Osho, Krishnamurti or Neale D. Walsh etc" may be an exaggeration, site in German, English and Italian
Christopher Wynter M ?ish Aussie, "Autobiography of a Plain Man" long on emotional divulging, short on plain facts, site full of disclaimers, launched by NDE in 1986
Yogajyotii M b1935ish aka EJ Light, two sites, variations on flashy graphics, no content. Anti, new aka EJ Fleming?
Master Yu Tian Jian* M b1951 Chinese aka DeChan JueRen trad Chinese medicine doc claims unique "Hanmi" lineage back to Nagarjuna, healing, purification, etc tours N America. Many other empty sites pointing to each other
Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi M b1924 Polish Hasidic mystic, much cross-cultural synthesis, Jewish Renewal movement, Spiritual Eldering Institute.
Master Zhixing Wang* M b1960ish Chinese developer of "Hua Gong" based in UK, no bio-info, testimonials of miraculous healings, wife / partner = Zhendi Wu
Nenno de Zoete M ?ish Dutch, partner of Maud Viveen... Golden Heart, satsang, meditation, counseling, Sathya Sai Baba and other influences

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