Sarlo's Guru Rating Service
unresearched, uncategorized

This page, a late entrant in the Guru Ratings game, features people i have not looked at, evaluated, sorted, etc, but who are judged by worthy helpful correspondents as worthy of inclusion.A few descriptive keywords are included (from supplied info). Maybe one of these is the one!

Anandamali* M Amer gives satsangs + Skype sessions, Ken Wilber, Mokshananda, could be Miscellaneous type
Ananta* Indian, Mooji
Magdi Badawy* M b?ish Amer (VA) "non-duality" teacher background in Zen, Francis Lucille
Bhagavati* F Zen background, Mooji, Ananta
François Lacharité* M Cdn nondualish, decided one day to fill in for Mooji
Justin Gold* M Amer (CA) teaching for 35 years (for free!), Gurdjieff, no relationship to E.J. Gold
Ramdas* satsangs based in Rishikesh, Mooji. Link = U-Tube channel
Satyavan* M Brazilian, does satsangs in Tiru, ashram in Brazil. 
Shanti Mark Koppikar* M Indian / German, background in Shamanism, Gangaji.  

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