Sarlo's Guru Rating Service
unresearched, uncategorized

This page, a late entrant in the Guru Ratings game, features people i have not looked at, evaluated, sorted, etc, but who are judged by worthy helpful correspondents as worthy of inclusion. A few descriptive keywords are included (from supplied info). Maybe one of these is the one!

Anandamali* M Amer gives satsangs + Skype sessions, Ken Wilber, Mokshananda, could be Miscellaneous type
Ananta* Indian, Mooji
Swami Atmananda Udasin* M Belgian ex-Xian monk, runs Ajatananda Ashram in Rishikesh, Chandra Swami Udasin, Ramana, Nisargadatta. More bio info
Magdi Badawy* M b?ish Amer (VA) "non-duality" teacher background in Zen, Francis Lucille
Bhagavati* F Zen background, Mooji, Ananta
Marco Canestrari* M Ital advaita, site in Ital, some vids in Eng
François Lacharité* M Cdn nondualish, decided one day to fill in for Mooji
Justin Gold* M Amer (CA) teaching for 35 years (as of 2015) (for free!), Gurdjieff, no relationship to E.J. Gold
Ramdas* satsangs based in Rishikesh, Mooji. Link = U-Tube channel
Sagarika Ma* F Polish nondualish satsang, travels, Samarpan
Satyavan* M Brazilian, does satsangs in Tiru, ashram in Brazil. 
Shanti Mark Koppikar* M Indian / German, background in Shamanism, Gangaji, teaches "The Nine Steps®" in Tiru
Summairu* M based in US (WA) derives name from the Tamil injunction summa iru, little info on site
Vivek* M German also teaches Shanti's (above) Nine Steps® in Tiru, Shanti Mark Koppikar, Gangaji, John de Ruiter. Site mostly in German.

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