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They come and they go. Especially in this ephemeral realm – cyberspace, not guruhoodshipdom, that is. Below are a few who have bellied-up cyberwise, + a few who never made it here but maybe should have. They are lost, ascended, fallen, error 404, no website, retired, gone into another line or otherwise out of business. If you see them say hello and tell them to send me a postcard (Feedback). Former categories, if applicable, are indicated, along with whatever was said before they hit the astral trail.

A fabulous resource for spiritual and other web detectives is The Wayback Machine, sponsored by, which has collected and archived billions of "information" web sites, complete with links and pics, with multiple dated versions of those with evolving content. Some of the disappeared sites below can be found there. Just enter the old URL in their search box.

A=Advaita, B=Buddhist, C=Channels/New Age, D=Devotional, E=Earth Medicine, 
F=Fringe, G=Gnostic/Scientific, H=Humour, I=Indian, L=Literature, M=Middle Path,
N=Nonduals, O=Other/misc, P=Perennials,   Q=Quasi-Christian, S=Sufi,
T=Tibetan, U=Unprocessed, X=Disappeared, Y=Yoga, Z=Zen
For a complete explanation of these categories, Click here.

Ananda & Premani Gottwald (N) M & F b1961ish German, both well-scrubbed, no info, Isaac Shapiro
Arup (N) M b1956ish Australian, no info
Nirav Ashik (Y) M b 1959 Chilean based in Argentina, aka Prof. Fernando Maureira, eclectic background, Maha Yoga, Paramahansa Swami Niranjanananda. Site is in Spanish
("Anami") Baba (O) M b1945ish Indian, no info "Sex is natural, divine . . . thinking about sex is lust," site of quotelets [homepage still there, goes nowhere]
Ananda Boswell (C)* M b1970 Brit multi-expertise (sacred geometry, superconductive neurophysics, interdimensional physics, "Intergeometrical" electrogravidic models, Neo-Egyptology, Brain Neutrition [sic] etc) imparted by Emmanuel (not just an ET or "UltraTerrestrial," but "InterUniversal") = hype overload, claims to have worked with George Trevelyan at age 15
Dona Maria Rosita Apasa Marchaqa (E) F b1975ish Peruvian UK-based musician  previously listed "incorrectly" as Doa Rosita Mariano Apasa, asa Apaza, "did not insist on being listed," "not related to Don Americo Yabar" though link to him does not work
Raja-Yogi Swami Ashanand (I) M b1950ish "Swamiji's Cosmic Energy Vibration Treatment" + yogic powers cure all! No physical location [ :-) ]
Sri Sri Bhajan Brahmachari (I) M 1925-1992, worked with Japa (repeating divine name), Baba Lokenath
Swami Brahman-Ashananda (O)* aka Yogacharya R Thomas, the new youngest American-born Swami, surpassing Yogacharya JP Mitchell (next col), "Neurodynamic Transmission" = Lord’s Prayer interpreted, "direct disciple of Satguru Brahman-Atmanandaji" aka Master Daryl 
Ra Heru Buto-Sut Nahsi (O) M c500 BC Buddha was a black man from Ethiopia, as were all the pre-Aryans of India, and all their worthy achievements. The Hetep Dhamma (an African Buddhadhamma)
Carlos (Lopez) (N) Mexican M, b1959ish child shrink, apparently now gone into silence, Gangaji
Howard Carpenter (N) M b1947ish American (CA) aka Love Ambassador, nondual holy roller. Yea! Papaji, ACIM
Chris (N) M b1946ish Australian (QD) semi-reclusive, many influences
Claudio (N) M b1953 Cdn (Sidney BC) not much info, book "Beyond Enlightenment" online
Howard Cohn (N) M American, Papaji, no info
CONOR Patterson (O) M b1965ish Brit (Hove) author, "Spiritual Coach, Magical Wish-Granter, Teacher, Presenter," no bio or lineage info, still exists on book sites
Cor and Inana (N) M b1960ish and F b1965ish respectively based in Germany, no info
Chyren (C) M b1957ish Belgian(?) wanker, philosophical / free-associating pages come in fixed order, no index, no info, 10 chakra system
Cuckoo (N) M b1965ish Taiwanese acupuncturist aka Swami Anand Anup, crazy/drunk wisdom type, caters to Goa freaks. Osho
Daitetsu Norm Randolph (Z) M American, b1944ish, Dainin Katagiri-Roshi
Devamarg (N) M Danish b1965ish, based in W. Australia, Osho, Vartman et al
Swami Sri Devaraja Mahacharya (O) M b1960ish Hindu "Adi-Guru" of Mantra-Shakti-Marga-Dharma-Dhara, American Hindu Foundation somehow combining Osho, Thakar, Shiva Balayogi
Devendra Mohan Seroglou (O) M b1980 successor of Soami Divyanand born in ashram to devotee family, invested in 2001 while SD still alive ["site under constr" Jul '09] (H) 2xM German aka Gregor and Dietmar, "discreet awakened teacher contacts for VIPs," advice, travel arrangements. Big Bucks, dream on! (May not be a joke)
Ganga (A) F  b1950ish aka Mira Decoux, Mira Pagal (name changed 2003) Belgian on Papaji train, in fact his wife. "When meditation finishes, nothing is transformed in life. They have to search 'who is meditating, who is the meditator'? Meditators stress on meditation and I stress on the meditator . . . Realisation is another faculty. It's not understanding, it's not feeling and it's not intuition either." Was simple, classy, now . . . New site reflects name change, feistier you-are-already-it attitude.[Now said to be holding informal satsangs in nature in Portugal]
Galen Sharp (N) M ?ish, Wei Wu Wei
Gary Falk (H) M b1943ish Amer (NC) blog just developing, much humour in GRF Archives under various pseudonyms, Our Lady of Advaita Nondual Church
Gezhe Rinpoche M b1954 Drikung Kagyu lineage based in Malaysia, Gyurmed Phuntsok, ratnasripj domain gone
Rene Hansen (O) F b1951ish Saniel Bonder "adept"
Hanuman (N) American M, b1955ish, Papaji, rumoured* to be out of the biz
Harjap Singh (N) no info, Mikaire spinoff 
Volker Hinten (N) M Dutch b1945?, Alexander Smit & Osho. Site is in Dutch
Kyle Hoobin (N) M b1960ish Cdn (YVR) no info "Satsang meetings will not be held until further notice" :-)
Hung Jen (E) M Chinese, 5th zen patriarch, domain has disappeared
Daskalos Ioannis (Q) M Greek 1921-1995 aka Dionysis Dorizas. "By 1984, it was obvious that Daskalos Ioannis is the Eternal Daskalos." 2nd Coming, etc, Hellenic Center of Esoteric Christianity
V.Subramaniam Iyer (I) * early 20th c (?) notes from Paul Brunton on VSI
Janak G Neill (N) M b1958 Kiwi, satsang in exotic places, not much info, Shantimayi
Lisa Jones(H) F ?ish American creator of Buddha Jones, Buddhist humour and other Buddhist stuff, mainly Nichiren Buddhism. Now into ex-cult activities (ex-Soka Gakkai), old site archived at 
Swatantr Jyoti (N) F b1945ish Cdn (YVR) 25 years in India, heads long-time meditator group, "Self Awareness Centre"
Kali Devi Acharya(O) F b1973 American/Israeli aka Mataji personal secretary to / authorized by Har-Tzion (now Vishnupada )
Ma Gopala Kamya (O)* F ?ish Italian aka Rossella Montecalvo into Bach flowers, love and let-go, Osho, Tyohar. Buggy Flash site mainly in Italian
Lama Karta (T) * M b1958ish musician, author based in Belgium, Kalu Rinpoche. New URL, book bumpf in French, survives as a musician
Karasu (E) M b1969 Brit aka Sherab Dorje, Jazampa = "shamanic tantra . . . for modern-day spiritual warriors," your guarantee: "You will not find your mentor, or master, or spiritual friend in the person of Karasu." [Exactly!]
Rory Kelley (O) M b1953 American (MT) Born with avatar "V" on forehead, dispenses affirmations. Letter from TX neighbour (GRF)
Kelly (N) F b1950ish Amer (WA) Gangaji, Eckhart Tolle
Khandro Tenzin Lhodro Rinpoche (T) M b1969, based in China. Now whole domain gone (
Jan Koehoorn (N) M b1960ish Dutch no bio, Alexander Smit. Site is in Dutch
Ku Ye (Z) M b1959ish Spanish eclectic, Ji Din Shakya. Site is in Spanish
Brian Lake (N) M b1965ish Amer (CA) via Sailor Bob, John Wheeler. Site is a  blog, partner Naama Livni formerly listed, now "studying to be a Therapist"
Laxman (N) M b1965ish Russki asa Lakshman, "The Profile Work," Papaji
Patrick Jasper Lee (E) M b1955ish Brit Romani Chovihano (shaman), author, musician, folk medicine, "Romani Life Foundation," now into "Dahtsahni Goddess" [survives in book sites] 
Lodro Rabphel Rinpoche (T) M b1968ish, left base in Malaysia because of sex scandal of uncertain validity, still supported by org. Page not yet updated
Lorem (C)* F b1949ish Italian aka Atlantidea watertight (Google translation of "hermetica") Celestial Wife of Osho. Bang on! Site is in Italian
JoAnn Lovascio (O) F b1957ish American, Saniel Bonder "adept"
Christopher Love (N) M b1950ish American, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, NLP, $10 donation is recommended for Satsang, Poonjaji
Swami Shri Harish Madhukar (N) M Indian 1923-1996 Recommended a "24-hour sadhana of living joyously, in full awareness . . . Realization may happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime in any manner," master of Jinendra
Maitreya (O) M b1965ish Filipino aka Jose Antonio Cangco "Modified Religion," "As prophesied by T Lobsang Rampa," "You may send through Western Union and even track your remittance online"  MORE
Dan "Anubuddha" McKee (N) M b1952 American based in Thailand (Chiang Mai), trained in many healing techniques incl Philippine Psychic Surgery, Osho, Ram Tzu
Ven Master Miao Dzong (Z) M b1903 Chinese, Soto zen abbot of Dong Shan Pu-Li Monastery
Mikaire (A) M b1955 aka Michael Crawford, Swami Anand Anamo, Kiwi based in England. "This definitely does not qualify me to call myself a Master or lay claim to anything special." . . . "Mikaire radiates a vibrant force of quintessential God essence." Disciple of Osho, still claiming words Osho said to someone else were to him. Some obfuscation of his story and doubletalk, benefit of doubt. Site gone, said to be working only with current disciples, not expanding MORE 
Seyed Bahram Mirkalami (C) M b1967 aka Bab-ol-Janna, "so-called 'schizophrenic'," Normism, declares Heaven on Earth: "The true and original character of 'God' is called 'Norm' short for normal and natural and It agrees with 'whatever we agree upon'."
Mounaji (N) Austrian. Page is in German, Isaac Shapiro 
Terry Murphy (N) M b1946ish American, nondual epigrams
Satyam Nadeen M b1938? aka Michael Clegg, drug dealer finds awakening in crowded heavy-duty jail, returns to tell us his story, a "comic book about a no-path, no-goal, wake-up call." "Reminds us that we have made a complicated journey out of a simple truth – which can reveal Its Self anywhere." Whatever. Gone for a while ("ego return"?), then back then (Jan 2008) said to be no longer offering satsang at his river ashram nor at his resort, Pura Vida. "Premie angle" a Maharaji (Prem Rawat) forum discussion remembering him as a Premie and con man  MORE  (Enough!?!?!?)
Vijay Dayal Negi Maharaj (O) M b1940ish Indian, cool pic with falcon on shoulder, Baba Faqir Chand
Nirji (N) M Australian (rural Qld) b1972 aka Sri Nirodhananda, "Radical Intuitive Viewing" (RIV), Cosmic Tree Fellowship, "no interest in fame"
Nivalis (N)* * M b1952 German (Mnchen) aka Sw Nataraj, Rainer Schatt, Osho, Isaac Shapiro. Site is in German
Noel (N) * M b1958ish Australian, based in Denmark, Papaji. Page is in Swedish
Jonathan Patton (C) M b1966ish(?) Brit fka Jonathan P, proprietor of NAG, enlightened 10 years ago now stepping out, needs proofreader
Pavlos (N) M b1960ish German, site in German, offers the "red pill/blue pill" blind choice shtick. [Apparently still hanging out as Pavlotse at]
Peaji (O)** M b1936ish Australian aka Rev Fr PG Harris, been there done just about everything, author, healer, domain wallah, Essenes, Rosicrucians, Suma Ching Hai. New URL is a rump cache, lost his domain, circling the drain?
Brian Perkins (N) M no bio. Site was mainly his story + links and comments on other masters, now an empty page
Ted Poppe (X) b1957ish American based in Byron aka Master Hector, ACIM type "uncompromising in the knowledge that there is no world," big wheel in "Master Teacher's" operation, Steve Hassan Anti page  
Dr Robert Powell (N-->L) * M b1925ish American author, Nisargadatta editor, no info. Page is book collection. ["Renowned spiritual author" in Niz book blurbs]
Brian Qara (N) M American (CA) b1969? $10-15 Suggested Donation, Open Flame Foundation, Osho, Gangaji. Said to have retired, old blog remains
Radha Luli (C) F  b1955ish Ital aka Ada Rizzi, crystals, Reiki, astrology, "Love in Action," Osho, Haidakhan Babaji, Aivanhov, Sai Baba, Babaji Francesco. Site is in Italian
HH Gurudev Rahuleshwaranandji (I)* M b1966 "made astounding progress in the spiritual field," founded Padmashri Siddhyog Pith, studied with Sacchidanandji, Mahavatar Babaji, Trijataji
Swami Ramanagiri (N) M Swedish b1921, aristocrat renounced wealth, hung with Ramana, stayed in India
Rama-San (N) M b1955 German aka Dietmar Johannes, not much info, pages in German
Prem Rani F b1955ish Dutch therapist, aka Ranimu, Osho, Dolano. Site closed, no more satsang DISCLOSURE*    
Judi Rhodes (F)
American b1947 aka Jai Hari Kaur, dispenses "bundt pan" wisdom (=ego bashing) at EOR. "You  dramatic whiners, please hit the road, you are utterly too ridiculous for me . . . Fuck off and die." Specializes in caustic one-liners, 3rd-rate humour and putdowns of women. "Mirrors up!" Projection queen. 
Rony Mishal (N) email satsang, ran bookstore in Spain?, Nisargadatta
Andrew Rymer (A) M b1952ish American. 15 years as a TM teacher, then was with Sathya Sai Baba (D). "Simple daily experiences constantly indicate you are universal consciousness. All of time, space and causation exist within you. The purpose of the Self-Inquiry workshop is to prove beyond doubt that this is true . . . Manifest Destiny Program enables the course participant to safely design and positively manifest one's life," etc. Unusual pedigree for advaita type but benefit of doubt. New Info re disappearance:   "Andy Rymer's course was called 'Self Inquiry.' I believe that Andy Rymer has suspended his courses, and it may be due to his homosexual pedophilia being denounced and he's now 'hunkering down'."
Swami Sadanand Baba (I) M b1915 aka Padiyar Swami current heir to Nityananda and Janananda in Kanhangad (page bottom)
Sanman (H)
b1960ish smoker, "Ostrich Approach to Enlightenment" = The less you look, the more it is there, Osho, Deshimaru, certified by Veeresh (for $10, anyone can be)
Satsang MLM (H) 2xM Ozzies aka Karajaal and Yakaru, satirical site on satsang marketing, pokes at the well-known figures in the satsang biz. Real people! Site whacked by web provider (Fortune City), stay tuned (partially archived by
Sekharji (N) M Indian b1959 based in US (CA) aka Chandrasekhar Balasubramanian, "Take a good look at Your God."
Shanti Devi Acharya(O) F b1973 Israeli aka Guruma teaches yoga, orator, authorized by Har Tzion (now Vishnupada (D))
Sky Ostergaard (N) F b1951ish Australian, Osho, others, travels with Vartman
Helga Schleiter Smith (B) F b1955ish German based in US (CA) m to Russell Smith, below. "Ch'an Buddhism, Ekayana," at first no mention of Russ, Nome or other teachers, now Russ more active. MORE    REPORT 
Russell Smith (B) M b1951 Amer (CA), split from bro Jeff (Master Nome), formerly "both awakened by the Teaching of [= name-dropping] Ramana Maharshi." Now involved with wife Helga's enterprise – at first low profile, now higher – his teacher now named as Nippo Syaku  MORE 
Solomae Sananda (Q) F b1957ish American (OK) aka Cheryl Stoycoff, ascension via Kundalini, Shaktipat, raw food, new-agey non-duality, ministerial training, Living Spirit Foundation, Jesus. Anti [Foundation survives as a tax-exempt entity, and author on book sites]
Swami Sri Sudip(F) M  b1962ish Indian based in Holland. "Carries as an occult mystic the authentic and secret wisdom of the ancient Baamachari Ng Tantra heritage. This heritage is even mentioned in his name: Sri stands for worshipper of Sri Vidy, a secret wisdom that is further explained through the Sri Bija and the Sri Yantra. This timeless wisdom goes far beyond the modern theories of quantum physics. It is not just a philosophy about all that exists but it is the essence of the essence itself. It is an indescribable blending of philosophy and modern science in the time-space continuum." Boolsit. Finally and deservedly made it to 404-land
Sekijun Karen Sunna (Z) F b1950ish Amer (MN) psychologist, succeeded Dainin Katagiri Roshi in running MN Zen Center, now succeeded by Tim Burkett
Devra Surya Ma (C)* F b1963ish American (MT) aka Devra Patton-West, Devra Daheala West, Divine Unity Foundation, channels Ascended Masters of the Brotherhood of Light. Anti 
Susanna Tornlind (N) Swedish F b1971, m to Vartman, see entry for V below
Lama Tashi Deleg (T)* M b1954 [asa Delek?] based in US (CA), Dudjom Rinpoche
Henry Swift (G) M b1940ish? American (NM) physicist, editor of "Science Within Consciousness" mag with Amit Goswami; Ramesh Balsekar [lots of scholarly refs continue but no personal focus or interest for GR]
Tilak Fernando (O) M b1960ish? Sri Lankan based in US (NV) no info, "his work is not based on any religion, tradition or lineage. He is unique." Site in annoying Flash format only. Anti page mostly gossip but includes 1993 New Yorker excerpt. Rick Ross anti. Not to be confused with Lankan journalist Tilak S. Fernando
Timothee Roi (N) M b1954 Amer based in Australia (Byron) aka TR Diers little info, Papaji . . . disappeared then reappeared but retired frm gurudom, into theatre. New Site* has extensive bio and other material, if you wana know.
Master Thomas (Q) M b1950ish American (IL), TV miracles "demonstrate that I am the messenger from God," 404 demonstrates that not enough people think he has the right stuff
Gabriel Valencia Crespo (O) M b1949ish Colombiano, "Mnematica, the Science of the Soul," therapist type. Site is in Spanish
Aygaren Varenho (C) Has UFO filters but clear about finding truth within, no info
Valerie Vener (N)* F b1961 Amer, dancer, actress, musician, etc, Adi Da
Yogacharya Vijayaraghavan(Y) M b1959ish Indian "yoga therapy," naturopathy, pranic healing, Reiki, various affiliations
Vistar Andresen (N)* M German b1942, Osho, OM Parkin et al. Page is a satsang calendar, in German [seems to have gone into bird sanctuary biz in Kiel]
Shri Swami Vivekayuktananda Saraswati Maharaj (O) M b1946 Argentinian Slobodan Milosevic look-alike, Purnavatar, formal sannyas from Shri Swami Chidananda Saraswati Maharaj
Swami Yogeshwarananda Giri (O)* Sri Lankan b1940 became hermit monk in Himalayas, expounds Bhagavad Gita, visits US regularly (FL) 

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