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ZEN (Roshis, Senseis and the like)

The teachers in this category for the most part do not claim to be enlightened. Their approach, on the face of it, is matter-of-fact, and goes down easily. In the privacy of their sanghas they may display more weirdness and/or esoteric tendencies. The apparent product is techniques and tools for becoming more aware – zazen or sitting meditation, martial arts, koans or habit-disrupting "nonsensical" questions and many others. Zen masters have historically been considered very dangerous people, outrageous and provocative, dating back to the original wild man of zen, Bodhidharma. For more on Zen, DT Suzuki explains here how its  spirit has persisted.

There is quite the bumper crop of western zen masters, with little groups all over. One way they demonstrate their respect for the zen tradition is by honouring the lineage and promotion protocols. Each must be designated and certified as a certain rank – titles vary – by their masters. And each has been in training with the master for years. So though there are many, some aspect of quality control remains. A fine collection of caveats about this can be found at The Zen Site, reproducing lots of essays by Stuart Lachs, Brian Victoria, Stephanie Kaza and others. Also worth mentioning are the teacher orgs, not exactly certifying their members, but still serving as a rudimentary quality control. And another caveat, a teisho here by Bodhin Kjolhede dealing with his own lineage and the whole package back to the first Ch'an Patriarchs. And a visitor has brought a general page on Controversial "Buddhist" Teachers and Groups to my attention. There are more from the Tibetan branch of Buddhism than any other, but still lots of Zennists.

Zen is usually thought of as a Japanese product, but there are some lineages – especially a rather large Korean contingent, mainly through Seung Sahn – whose origins are in other Asian countries, and of course the original Ch'an stream has survived in China. About Seung Sahn btw, his site lists so many "JDPSNs" that i have stopped listing them all and henceforth will only add the more "senior" ZMs.

Most of these guys – actually there are a fair number of women – do not have a large public profile or website, so there may not be much to say about them. Besides, there are so many of them. So i will just give a minimum of info and the links to their sites. If any of them turns out to be the next Avatar or Messiah, please let me know (Feedback).

An asterisk (*) indicates they do not have their own sites, but just an interview or short descriptive piece on another site. A yellow asterisk (*) indicates suggested or located by a visitor, thank you. A "double dagger" (‡) indicates an important lineage master to whom many in the biz trace their heritage. If a big zen master is not listed here, try the (rated) Middle Path listings.

Titles:   Roshi = ZM = Zen Master
Zenji = Sensei = Ji Do Poep Sa Nim = JDPSN = Authorized Teacher

Anne Aitken** F 1911-1994 Amer aka An Tanshin, Anne Arundel Hopkins, m to Robert Aitken, page is memorial by John Tarrant, links to more material
Augusto Nyo'ei Gen'un Alcalde Roshi * M b1936ish Argentinian, Yuan Chueh, Rob't Aitken, site has interviews and teishos
Robert Joshin Althouse Sensei M b1941ish American (IL) Zen Peacemaker Order, Taizan Maezumi Roshi
Ama Samy SJ M b 1936, Indian zen, Jesuit priest, aka Arul M.Arokiasamy, Gen-un-KEN, studied with Yamada Ko-Un Roshi
Susan Myoyu Andersen F American (IL) b1952ish, Taizan Maezumi Roshi
Tenshin Reb Anderson Roshi M American, b 1943, big wheel in SFZC org, author, Shunryu Suzuki
Geoffrey Shugen Arnold Sensei M b1959ish American (NY) Mountains and Rivers Order, John Daido Loori
Zentatsu Richard Baker Roshi M b1936 American (CO), was abbot of SFZC, forced out in 1983 on ethical issues, now abbot of Crestone Mountain Zen Center, also in Germany, dharma successor of Shunryu Suzuki
Jan Chozen Bays F b1945 American (OR), pediatrician and mother, Great Vow Zen Monastery, Taizan Maezumi Roshi. New URL
Hogen Bays M b1949 American (OR) m to Chozen, Naturopathic Dr, co-abbot of GVZM, Shodo Harada Roshi. New URL
Rev. Patricia Dai-En Bennage* Fb1940ish American (PA) many years in Japan, Soto zen priest, author, prison projects, Aoyama Roshi
Hubert Benoit * M 1904-1992 French surgeon, turned to zen after WW2, author, Gurdjieff
Charles Shinkai Birx M, b1954ish American (VA) educator, Robert Jinsen Kennedy
Ellen Jikai BirxF b1954ish American (VA) author, whole healing nursing professor, Robert Jinsen Kennedy
Ven Mitra Bishop Sensei F b1950ish Amer (CA/NM) long time with Philip Kapleau, Bodhin Kjolhede, calligraphy
Joseph Bobrow Roshi M b1946ish American, California, Robert Aitken
Ross Bolleter Roshi M b1947ish based in Perth WA, travels, Robert Aitken
ZM Bon Haeng * M b1955ish American (MA) aka Mark Houghton, ZM Seung Sahn
ZM Bon Soeng * M b1957ish American (CA) aka Jeff Kitzes, psychotherapist, ZM Seung Sahn
ZM Bon Yeon * F b1963ish American (MA) aka Jane McLaughlin-Dobisz, ZM Seung Sahn
George Bowman* M b1950ish Amer (MA + KY) aka ZM Bo Mun (:-)), one of first three to get Dharma Transmission from ZM Seung Sahn, also koan study with Joshu Sasaki Roshi 
William Brown, JDPSN * M b1943ish American (WI), ZM Seung Sahn
Nancy Brown Hedgpeth, JDPSN * F b1958ish American, ZM Seung Sahn
Chong An Sunim, JDPSN * M Hungarian, ZM Seung Sahn
ZM Chong Gak Shim * Korean aka Jung Hoon Park, ZM Seung Sahn
Rev Nonin Chowaney M American (NE), b1929ish founder of Order of the Prairie Wind (Soto), Shunryu Suzuki, Katagiri
Jundo (James M) Cohen M b1958ish Amer lawyer, translator based in Japan AZTA and SZBA member, m with small kids, Soto, "just sitting," "we unite with things just as they are," Gudo Wafu Nishijima 
Anton Tenkei Coppens Sensei M Dutch b 1949, was in US, moved back to NL, Genpo, Maezumi
John Crook M b1945ish Brit (Avon) no bio Western Chan Fellowship, Sheng Yen
Jiko Linda Cutts F b1947ish American (CA) was SFZC co-abbess, now senior dharma teacher at Green Gulch, Shunryu Suzuki at al
ZM Dae Bong* M b1962ish, based in Asia, ZM Seung Sahn
ZM Dae Gak* M b1948ish Amer (KY) shrink aka Robert Genthner, author, founded Furnace Mountain ZC (mainly for retreats), travels, ZM Seung Sahn
ZM Dae Kwang* M b1962ish, America (RI) and Korea, ZM Seung Sahn
ZM Dae Soen Haeng* F b1947ish Korean aka Hyun Soo Lee, ZM Seung Sahn
Dae Won Sunim, JDPSN* M b1956ish Vietnamese, Korea, ZM Seung Sahn
Tetsujyo Deguchi M Japanese b 1951, Abbot of Toshoji International ZC, Italian connection, Tetsugyu Ban Roshi
ZM Denko Mortensen M b1947 Danish-Amer now back in Denmark aka John Mortensen, Denko Mokudo Zenji, dharma successor of Eido Roshi
Taisen Deshimaru M 1914-1982 Japanese, brought zen to Europe, International Zen Association, Kodo Sawaki. Site is in French and Eng
Dorin Genpo Osho* M b 1955 German, aka H.R. Döring, Hozumi Gensho Roshi. Ppage is in German. Also in dharma directories
Heila Downey, JDPSN * F b1963ish South Africa, ZM Seung Sahn
Rolf Drosten Roshi M b1936ish German, now ret, Robert Aitken
Jack Duffy Roshi M b1951ish American (WA), shrink, wilderness buff, Robert Aitken Roshi, Thich Nhat Hanh 
Sensei Wendy Egyoku Nakao F LA, Taizan Maezumi Roshi
Aiun-ken Hugo Makibi Enomiya-Lassalle M 1898-1990, German Jesuit sent to Japan got Zennized, European Zen pioneer, Harada, Yamada
Fa Jiàn* M b1952ish German based in US (NE) aka Michael Melchizedek, Mar Melchizedek, ex-Orthodox bishop, ordination / lineage questioned (scroll to Oct '07), Xu Yun
ZEN-Coach Michael Filzinger* M b1964 no bio-info, "founder of the new ZEN trend 'WhiteZen' [sic]." Site is in German
Zoketsu Norman Fischer M b1939ish American (CA) SFZC abbot, poet now on his own
Charles Tenshin Fletcher Roshi M b1952ish Brit, based in US (CA), author, Taizan Maezumi Roshi
James Myoun Ford Roshi  M b 1948 American (MA) aka James Ishmael Ford, Unitarian-Universalist minister, Jiyu Kennett Roshi, John Tarrant Roshi
Gae Mun Sunim, JDPSN* M b1965ish Singapore, ZM Seung Sahn
Catherine Genno Pages Sensei F b1955ish French (Paris), Genpo Roshi
Genpo Roshi* M b1944 American (UT, branches in Europe) author from Rebbe family aka Dennis Merzel, Soto and Rinzai, developed "Big Mind" process, Taizan Maezumi Roshi. $50K tab for 6-day retreats for inner circle benefactors. Affair outed 2011 
Gesshin Myoko Prabhasa Dharma F 1931-1999 German nun based in US and Europe, Moon Heart Sangha, Joshu Kyozan Sasaki Roshi 
Master Gilbert M b1909 American author aka Ta Hui, Seo Kyung-bo.
Bernard Tetsugen Glassman Roshi M b1939 American, founded "Peacemaker" group, Taizan Maezumi Roshi
Sensei Sunyana Graef F b1948 American (VT), also runs Casa Zen in Costa Rica, Roshi Philip Kapleau
Ruben Habito M b1955ish Filipino ex-Jesuit in US (TX), Yamada Koun Roshi
Hae Kwang M b1943 American (KS) aka Stanley Lombardo,  ZM Seung Sahn. Said to be inactive, 3-year censure, all but disappeared from site
Steve Hagen M b1948ish Amer (MN), author, Dharma Transmission in 1989, Dainin Katagiri Roshi. Site disappeared in '05, same site back '13, or to be fair, noticed by correspondent in '13. How long gone? ¿Quien sabe? Used to call himself Sensei. Three others in this org also rec'd DT, two from him (Bev Forsman and Lee Register) and one from DKR directly, Norm Randolph.
Rev Haju Sunim F b1944 Canuck aka Linda Murray based in US (MI) taught school, single mother, Samu Sunim
Harada Daiun Sogaku Roshi M 1871-1961 Japanese Soto zen, master of Yasutani, big lineage founder
Shodo Harada Roshi* M b1940 Japanese aka Harada Seicho, based in Japan, travels regularly to branch monasteries in US (WA), Germany and India, Yamada Mumon Roshi. New URL
Zenkei Blanche Hartman F b1926 American (CA) SFZC abbess (ret), Shunryu Suzuki et al
Pat Hawk Roshi M b1935ish Amer (AZ) Catholic priest then Roshi, Robert Aitken, Willigis Jaeger
Danan Henry Roshi M b1939 Amer (CO), Gurdjieff, then long trainings with Philip Kapleau Roshi, Rob't Aitken
ZM Daido Hogen Yamahata M b1935 Japanese est in AU, JP and ES, Open Way Zen, "Life Koan" a nice read, Harada Tangen Roshi
Anzan Hoshin Roshi M b1955ish Cdn (OTT) no bio-info, Yasuda Joshu Dainen Roshi
Cheri Huber* F ?ish American (CA) multi-author, teacher for 20 years, no lineage given
Keven Hunt, OCSO * M b1945ish American, Xian monk, Joshu Sasaki Roshi
Ven Master Hsuan Hua M 1918-1995 Chinese dedicated whole life to B'dharma, came to US (SF) in 1962, Xu (Hsu) Yun
Hyang Um Sunim, JDPSN * F b1965ish, Hong Kong, ZM Seung Sahn
ZM Hyon Am * M b1955ish Korean aka Baek Jeong Lee, ZM Seung Sahn
Il Lee, JDPSN * M b1960ish Korean, ZM Seung Sahn
Pater Willigis Jäger M b 1928 German (Würzburg) aka Ko-un Roshi, Xian zen (Sanbo-Kyodan), Yamada Roshi 
Mary Jise Jaksch Roshi F b1947 Brit  based in New Zealand, Ross Bolleter, Rob't Aitken
ZM Ji Bong* M b1941 American (CA-WA) aka Robert Moore, transmission 1997, teaches at eight ZCs on US west coast, Seung Sahn. 
Ji Din Shakya* M b1925ish Chinese founder of Xu Yun temple in US (HI), translator. Site is an homage to Xu Yun
Sensei Alfred Jitsudo Ancheta M b1942ish American, Peacemaker Community, Hidden Mountain ZC, removed / resigned for misconduct, resumed teaching after several years. Site has personal statement about his moral journey and process
Rev Master Jiyu-Kennett F 1924-1996 author, founder of (Soto) Order of Buddhist Contemplatives in Europe and N America, mainly US and UK, Koho Zenji
Charlotte Joko Beck* F American (CA) b1943ish founder of Ordinary Mind School, Hakuyu Taizan Maezumi Roshi (among others)
Alain Kaisen Krystaszek* M b1952 Polish-French Soto, dojos in FR and PL, Taisen Deshimaru. Site is in French
Dainin Katagiri Roshi* M 1928-1990 Japanese came to US in 1963, founded Minnesota ZC, presence on site diminished, Eko Hashimoto
Les Kaye M b1938ish American (CA) author of "Zen at Work," Kannon Do ZC, Shunryu Suzuki
Robert Kennedy S.J. Roshi M older Amer (NJ), interfaith, Yamada Roshi among others
Ken Kessel, JDPSN * M b1945ish Amer (NY), ZM Seung Sahn

Roshi Bodhin Kjolhede M b 1948 Amer (NY), Philip Kapleau dharma successor, nice talk re Dharma lineage
Sunya Kjolhede* F b1950ish Amer (NC) m to Lawson Sachter, also based in Poland, Philip Kapleau 
Kobutsu Shindo Kevin C Malone M b1950 Brit based in US (ME), Engaged Zen Foundation "committed to the abolition of punitive incarceration in any form," Eido Shimano, Shodo Harada. Site includes page addressing allegations from critics, that page now gone
Rev Kongo Langlois Roshi M 1935-1999 American (IL) aka Richard Valentine Langlois abbot of ZB Temple of Chicago, Soyu Matsuoka Roshi
Pater Johannes Kopp M German b1927 aka Hôun Ken Roshi Xian zen (Sanbo-Kyodan), KZ Yamada Roshi. Site in German & Italian
Zen-Meister Zensho Wolfgang Kopp M b1938 German, zen, tantra, Xian, author, does it all, Soji Enku Roshi
Akira Ji'un-ken Kubota M b1932 Japanese "3rd Patriarch of Sanbo-Kyodan" after KZ Yamada and Yasutani, wrote apology for Yasutani's right-wing ideology
Sonsa Kusan Sunim* * M 1909-1983 Korean author of The Way of Korean Zen. Page is an Amazon book page
P'arang Geri Larkin F b1950ish American (MI) author, StillPoint teacher, Samu Sunim
Ton Lathouwers M Dutch b1950ish previously listed as Maha Karuna Ch'an, that being his org / sangha, transmission from Teh Cheng, also Masao Abe. Site mostly in Dutch
John Daido Loori M 1931-2009 American (NY) founder of Mountains and Rivers Order, Hakuyu Taizan Maezumi Roshi. Q&A on teachers 
Albert Low M b 1928 English-born head of Montreal ZC, Roshi Philip Kapleau
Hakuyu Taizan Maezumi Roshi M 1931-1995 Japanese, exported to LA, merged Rinzai and Soto streams, many successors 
Leonard Marcel Roshi M b1948ish American (OR) psych, Xian contemplative, "Seven Thunders," Pat Hawk, Rolf Drosten
Michael McAlister M b1959ish American (CA) varied backgroiund, offers "podcasts," " commuter zen," Infinite Smile Sangha
Rosalie Jishin McQuaide Sensei F American (MD), Robert Kennedy
Gundula Meyer* F b1950ish German aka Zui'un-An no bio, multi-MB Teishos in mp3, KZ Yamada. Site is in German
Mu Shim Sunim, JDPSN * M b1956ish, Asia, ZM Seung Sahn
Susan Murphy Roshi* F b1949ish Australian filmmaker, author and teacher, work with Aboriginal spirituality, John Tarrant, Ross Bolleter 
Roshi Sydney Musai Walter M b1946ish American (NM) Shunryu Suzuki, Taizan Maezumi, Jitsudo Sensei, Genpo Roshi, also offers Genpo's "Big Mind"
Myong Oh, JDPSN F Polish artist b1959 aka Dorota Krzyzanowska, ZM Seung Sahn
Master Nan Huai-Chin M Chinese b1918 multi-author of Taoist, Ch'an & Confucian streams, big in China
Gudo Wafu Nishijima Roshi M b1919 Japanese zazen promoter, author, Rempo Niwa (Soto), Dogen Sangha Japan, centers around world, Kodo Sawaki
Nissim Amon M b1963 Israeli based in Greece, eclectic background, author, emotional healing, Soeng-Sahn, Nishijima
Walter Nowick Roshi* * M b1922ish Amer (ME) author, Juilliard pianist, 16 years in Japan, westernized rites in his Moonspring Hermitage, sex rumours and cover-up and/or board politics led to resignation in 1982, Zuigan Goto
Oh Jin Sunim, JDPSN * M b1963ish Polish, Berlin, ZM Seung Sahn
Pat Enkyo O'Hara Sensei F American (NYC)
Paul Park, JDPSN * M b1958ish, American (CA), ZM Seung Sahn
Grazyna Perl, JDPSN * F b1961ish Polish based in Paris, ma to Wu Bong, ZM Seung Sahn
Taitaku Pat Phelan F b1953ish American (NC), Zentatsu Richard Baker among others
Sensei Sante Poromaa M b 1958 Swedish, Roshi Philip Kapleau
Mike Dosho Port Sensei M b1957 American (MN) coauthor of Zen Howl, Dainin Katagiri Roshi. Org now Wild Fox Zen, was Clouds in Water ZC. Site under constr Aug '09
Aleksandra Porter, JDPSN * F b1952ish Polish, ZM Seung Sahn
Masunaga Reiho M 1901-1981 Japanese, Soto zen author
Lincoln Rhodes, JDPSN * M b1950ish American (RI), ZM Seung Sahn
Janet Jinne Richardson Roshi F b1962ish American (MD), Robert Jinsen Kennedy Roshi
Diane Eshin Rizzetto F b1949ish American (CA) abbess of Bay ZC, Joko Beck
Rev Kyoki Roberts F b1944ish American (rural PA), Nonin Chowaney, Soto
Judy Roitman, JDPSN * F b1945 American (KS), ZM Seung Sahn
Sensei Sevan Ross M b1955ish American (IL) head of Chicago ZC, Sensei Bodhin Kjolhede
Lawson Sachter* M b1945ish Amer (NC) m to Sunya Kjolhede, also based in FL, Philip Kapleau 
Ven Samu Sunim M b1941 Korean aka Sam-Woo Kim based in Canada (TO) Buddhist Society for Compassionate Wisdom, Solbong Sunim
Kyozan Joshu Sasaki Roshi M b1907 Japanese based in US (CA), novice at age 14, Roshi at 40, founded other centers, still travels, Rinzai zen, Joten Soko Miura Roshi
Seijaku Stephen Reichenbach Roshi M b1945ish? Amer (NJ) no formal Zen affiliation or lineage, began teaching in 1975, "traditional yet distinctly contemporary Zen training"
Anne Seisen Saunders Roshi F b1960ish American (CA) aka AS Fletcher, was m to Charles F, Taizan Maezumi Roshi, Bernie Tetsugen Glassman
Sei'un An Roselyn Stone Roshi F b1950ish Cdn (TO) + Australia (Brisbane), Koun Yamada Roshi
ZM Sen Shin* F b1963ish Amer aka Kwang Myong Sunim (was JDPSN, transmission in 2006) now in Australia, abbot of Queensland ZC, palliative care work, ZM Seung Sahn, Dae Gak
Nyogen Senzaki M 1876?-1958 Japanese/? orphan found in Kamchatka?, came to US (CA) 1905, became Murshid SAM's Zen teacher, Soyen Shaku. Meeting with H Inayat Khan
Master Sheng-yen M 1930-2009 Chinese based in Taiwan and US (NY) aka Zhang Caiwei, Changjin, org = Dharma Drum Mountain, multi-author, Ch'an flavour, Xu Yun, Ling Yuan  INTERVIEW 
Onyumishi Kanjuro Shibata XX Sensei M b1921 Japanese based in US (CO), Kyudo (zen archery), 20th in lineage
Eido Tai Shimano Roshi M b1932 influential Japanese transplanted to US (NY), Soen Nakagawa Roshi. Exhaustively documented anti site centered around letters from Rob't Aitken re periodically erupting sexual abuse scandals. Aug 2010 resigned as abbot but still maneuvering for retirement with dignity
Shinge Roko Sherry Chayat Roshi* F b1943 Amer (NY) abbot of ZC of Syracuse + travels, multi-author, "first American woman to receive official Rinzai Zen transmission," Eido Shimano 
Elihu Genmyo Smith M b1955ish American (IL), Hakuyu Maezumi, Charlotte Joko Beck
ZM Soeng Hyang* F b1945ish American (RI) aka Barbara Rhodes open gay now head of Kwan Um school, ZM Seung Sahn
Manfred Steger M b1960ish Austrian, based in US (NJ) and Australia (Melbourne), Robert Aitken
Su Bong* M c1924-1994 American, ZM Seung Sahn's successor-designate before expiring
Subhana Barzaghi Roshi* F b1954ish Australian, Sydney ZC, also teaches Vipassana, does psych and Marriage Celebrant, John Tarrant, Robt Aitken
Joan Sutherland Roshi F Australian b 1954, based in US (CA) & Australia, Robert Aitken 
Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki Roshi M 1870-1966 Japanese, came to US in 1958, author, monk, scholar, master Soyen Shaku. Zen at War, by Brian Victoria has some dirt on Suzuki's chauvinistic militarism, among others, Tricycle Review gone but archived hereMORE
Shunryu Suzuki M 1905-1971 aka Cucumber Japanese Soto Zen, came to US in 59, SFZC and others, author of Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind, many disciples in the biz but dharma heir Richard Baker not the best example
John Tarrant Roshi M Australian b1949 based in US (CA) & OZ, director of Pacific Zen Inst, Robert Aitken 
Daniel Terragno Roshi M b1955ish Chilean, based in US (CA), John Tarrant Roshi
Ban Tetsugyu Roshi M 1910-1996 Japanese, Harada
Claude Anshin Thomas * M b1947 Amer Vietnam vet aka AnShin AnGyo, Zaltho Foundation, author, active in outreach to atrocity suffering, Thich Nhat Hanh Bernard Glassman
Bonnie Myotai Treace Sensei F American (NY) b1955ish abbess of ZCNYC, John Daido Loori
The Wanderling M b1938ish Amer (CA) cyber-figure, "Awakening 101" course, 100's of pages of info, zen and shamanic-related insight, hosts pages for others without sites, present day and ancient, also has his own guru list. MORE
Alan Watts M 1915-1973 Brit moved to US (CA), author of many books, zen popularizer. QUOTE
Brad Warner M b1964ish Amer (CA) punk author of Hardcore Zen, Gudo Nishijima. Ephemeral sites, publisher's bumpf = found again, but if they keep changing it, i'm dumping it
Danny Waxman M b1936 Israeli, author & martial arts, Masunaga Reiho
David Weinstein Roshi M b1949 American (CA), Yamada Koun Roshi, Rob't Aitken et al
Sojun Mel Weitsman M b1929 Amer abbot of Berkley ZC, Shunryu Suzuki
Gerry Shishin Wick Sensei M Amer (CO), Taizan Maezumi Roshi
ZM Wu Bong * M b1955ish aka Jacob Perl, Polish m to Grazyna Perl, based in Paris, also US, ZM Seung Sahn
ZM Wu Kwang * M b1950ish American (NY) shrink, author, aka Richard Shrobe, Satchidananda, ZM Seung Sahn
Xu Yun M 1840-1959 Chinese asa Hsu Yun, aka Empty Cloud, survived illnesses, asceticism, persecution, to awaken, stayed in China, now disciples all over
Koun Zenshin Yamada Roshi* M 1907-1989 Japanese "2nd Patriarch of Sanbo-Kyodan" after Yasutani, spread zen to west by internationalizing and "laicizing" obscure traditions, between him and Yasutani teaching many of today's prominent western zen figures
Masamichi Ryôun-Ken Yamada M b1940 Japanese b in Manchuria, son of KZ Yamada, assisted Kubota until 2004, then made abbot
Yasuda Joshu Dainen Roshi * no info. Page is a talk
Yasutani Hakuun Roshi M 1885-1973 Japanese, "1st patriarch of Sanbo-Kyodan" (Soto-Rinzai synthesis), came to US in 60s, Anti 
Bill Nyogen Yeo Roshi M b1943ish American (CA) head of Hazy Moon ZC, Hakuyu Taizan Maezumi
Zenmar M b1943ish American, "Dark zen," cyberzen, Daino Doki
Zenrin Chido Zenji M American (FL) aka Robert Lewis, no info, Eido Shimano Roshi

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