Being a male – is this inevitable or what?– i lean toward a position of rationalism as being limited, sure, but basically OK except when its adherents (usually other men) refuse to accept the possibility that there are things that it just can't handle, questions it can't answer. In fact, one of the great mathematicians of this century, Kurt Gödel, proved, beyond logical contradiction, that there will always be questions that can't be answered with logic. Case closed. Of course ignorance – willful?– of this allows some rationalists to keep going around pretending they will eventually find all the answers, but these are fanatics as deluded as religious fundies. Say no more.

Osho tells us that there is more to life than rationalism and i couldn't agree more, but .... there seems to be a sannyas ideology which goes beyond non-rationalism to irrationalism and anti-rationalism. The extreme positions seem to be embraced – surprise! – mostly by women, some of whom have been sent to torment me, to goad and nag me into utterly abandoning any semblance of rationalism. Sent by Osho, of course, to push me beyond my limits into a new form of seeing, experiencing. Not even a form, but wide-open.

They start off rational enough. They have all had to learn the male modes of expression to survive and get a man. But soon enough their (innately?) female forms of expression and communication take over and i am lost. I don't get it. And not getting it, i am in trouble.

Watch them with each other. They make leaps from here to there all over the place without any apparent bridges or connecting elements and appear and claim to really understand each other, but it might as well be another language as far as i am concerned. It's not just like a cartoon i saw recently: two women in a cafe, one says to the other, "We couldn't connect. He kept speaking technobabble and i of course kept coming back with psychobabble." This is a part, or example of it, but it's much vaster. The Mars and Venus analogy on which the successful books are based works quite well to describe this vastness.

And this leads us to the gender war, for our difficulty to accept the other's totally different language mode can often be the last straw in a situation already made tense by the other ways in which men and women abuse each other.