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Watkins Magazine 100 Most Spiritually Inflential Living People of the Year list
Strictly Spiritual Shawn Nevins, small ratings part, lots of other resources
Nonduality Salon Jerry Katz, archived quotes + links but inactive, list of other lists
Jetzt-TV German / Eng, lots of Satsang vids + others in spiritual field
Shift in Action Project of IONS (below): teachers, resources for many holistic fields
Guru's Feet Wiki-like place for guru info, content, rating, networking, etc, new in '08
Virtue Science James Barton's meditations on virtue, now a well-maintained directory
Mindlift.tv Luc Sala interviews, spiritual to arts to social to psychedelia, 
see also his Guru Rankings, evaluations via dowsing re different psych aspects 
Eric Paroissien lots of pics and links, gurus, religions and a video discussion group 
Realization.org Articles, links, stories etc on meditation, different paths & masters
LiveReal Science-Religion-Psych interface: quotes, descriptions, 40 living teachers
Esoteric-Philosophy.net Benjamin Creme-derived (Maitreya), esoteric boolsit
100+ Gurus (~480 as of Jun '10) pics + quotes + commentary, by "Indiariaz"
Jnani.org Deep profiles of a few, articles on many aspects of jnani / bhakti
Peter's Pages 20 or so teachers rated, though not quantitatively, from experience
Soul's Code Eclectic all-in-one teacher-tracker, pop psych bloggy, still finding feet
Daozang Tearoom forum, posts on many different masters, Daoist sensibilities
Spiritual Warriors Today like Soul's Code, more Indian and bio-oriented
MysticsMasters.com Personal Accounts of Awakening, current and historical
Lotus and Rose Spiritual resources links sorted by type, Xian + wide-ranging

NonDual Highlights Daily highlights from email lists, spiritual sites and blogs
Conscious TV UK-based, hundreds of interviews with teachers of different categories
Buddha at the Gas Pump vid interviews with "ordinary" awakened teachers,
also links to many other similar and related sites, incl Urban Guru, below
What is Enlightenment?
Eclectic mag from Andrew Cohen's org, 2x per year
BeyondThe Ordinary.net Radio interviews, talks, audio, from Nancy and Elena
Thinking Allowed Jeffrey Mishlove interview transcripts, lots of GR themes
BeliefNet "We all believe Something." Mainstreamish, stories on all major religions
Urban Guru Cafe Free podcasts from nondual speakers, w/ background music
TAT Forum Monthly from Richard Rose org, incl humour and outside input
Here-Now4U German-Eng mag with Integral focus, lots of other stuff
Common Ground Cdn monthly, wellness, ecology, growth, spirituality and more
YogaDork Yoga news, pop culture, bloggy, non-serious, lots of Yoga links
Am1gos Dutch-English advaita mag, big-name authors, edited by Kees Schreuders
Hinduism Today Full-spectrum "unity in diversity," aum buttons, etc
Sacred Hoop Shamanism / Earth Wisdom / Animism mag based in Wales

Satsang Teachers Worldwide schedules and links for touring satsang providers
Dutch Satsang Mainly Advaita, some unique content, Dutch & English
Advaita Vedanta History and philosophy, packed with Sanskrit terminology
Satsang Reports Personalized reports from real satsang encounters, from NDS
"When I Awoke" Small collection of awakening stories, new advaita types
Living Satsang Dutch + English links, articles, books, specialty = Communities
Advaita-academy.org Dennis Waite's new comprehensive site, replaces advaita.org.uk
German Satsang Mainly Advaita, little original material 

General Buddhist Links WWW Virtual Library – Zen, Chinese, Tibetan and more
BuddhaNet More all-inclusive well-indexed info on Buddhism around the world
International Research Institute for Zen Buddhism based in Japan, extensive zen links
Digital Library Eng and Chinese, massive text database, biblio, language lessons
DharmaNet Semi-personal project, extensive info + products and services
Access to Insight Theravada texts, Pali Canon, Thai Forest teacher bios and links
The Buddhist Channel Real news from everywhere, archives, directory
American Buddha Eclectic, all-over-the-place, good Dirt section, requires regis'n*
TheZenSite Lots of solid info on all things Zen, incl a very good critical section
Quiet Mountain
Tibetan specialists, links to sites all over, classified by lineage
Info-Buddhism Scholarly specialists in Tibetan + controversies, lots of detail
Nichiren Daishonin Soka Gakkai, Nichiren Shoshu, etc sects of ND (1222-1282)
The Master List of Masters Dates, brief bios etc for zen from Buddha to Dogen
Karma Kagyu Malaysia Links, info on all things Kagyupa, Karmapa bios
Sweeping Zen Interviews, bios, Zen principles, centers, a partial wiki, 2009 startup
Soto Zen Buddhist Ass'n North American org / registry of SZ priests and teachers
American Zen Teachers Ass'n peer org of ordained and lay Zen / Chan / Son teachers
Thai Forest Tradition history and pics of prominent past and current figures

Christian Classics Ethereal Library As it says, lots of material on Xian mystics
History of Mysticism Links to Xian mystics + others, pre-1700, + groups and scholars 
Gospelcom "Links to over 19,000 safe sites for Christians," 200 evangelical ministries
Vatican.va Direct from Rome, it doesn't get any more Catholic than this
Olive Tree Bible search engine, searches 16 versions, full or limited
Southern Baptist Convention "Evildoers are those who do not call on the Lord." Links, etc
United Methodists Project of UM Communications, slow-loading, not all there

ishwar.com Complete English renditions of each major religion's most important scripture
HinduNet News, mail, centres, festivals, gurus, calendar, everything for today's Hindu
Shaivam.org Practice, theory, scriptures etc across Hinduism, especially re Shiva
IslamiCity News, media, links, history, Qur'anic recitation, prayers, etc
Jainworld Links to Jain books, periodicals, websites, history, food, etc
Sikhs.org Essays, books, links, Sikh alphabet, audio, news, etc
Ismaili Islam Extensive history and links, enormous bio of current Aga Khan
Fezana Zoroastrian history, events, publications, links, etc
Maven Judaism search engine/directory, organised by category: holocaust, top 50, etc
Infidels Atheist news wire, stories from all over of interest to free thinkers

Earlham.edu Links to different aspects of women and religion everywhere
SkyDancer Feminist-Buddhist Bibliography, booklist and author links
Zen, Women and Buddhism History + links for Buddhist women + some others

Women Active in Buddhism Links, bio sketches of many women current and historical
Awakened Woman News, social activism, spirituality, environment etc, archived mag 
yOni.com Women's circle, all that is woman, from bitch to goddess, women's ritual, etc 
Other Women's Voices bios, background, writings of women everywhere pre-1700

Sufism Extensive academic-oriented info on and links to Sufis, and . . .
Sufi News Blog by the same Alan Godlas, lots of background info on current Sufism
Andrew Rawlinson Book excerpt (early draft) on development of Western Sufism
Fons Vitae Major Sufi publisher

David C Lane (Neural Surfer) (-ve and pointed), now revised and more organised
Dialogue in the Age of Criticism Doug Marman takes high ground, refutes David Lane
Mike Williams
 Chaotic Radhasoami obsessionist: history, links, includes WWI airplanes

SivaSakti Romanian site, lots of links, yoga asanas, yantra and tantra info
YogaNiketan Treasure trove of Kriya Yoga material, Lahiri, Yukteshwar and derivatives
All-Embracing Yoga Directory Huge international listings of yoga practitioners 
Kundalini.se Swedish-based Kundalini info, links, pitfalls, stories, networking
Yoga Anand Ashram Asanas, philosophy, journal, news, meditations and more
International Yoga Federation* certification, standards, links, bureaucratic approach
Advanced Yoga Practices* Project of Yogani, lessons, discussions, links 

Shiva Shakti Mandalam Hindu Tantric texts of many lineages, history + massive links
Tantra.com Limited and commercial,  previous listing here gobbled by porn
Tantra.co.nz* Lots of doodads + info, big Library of texts of all paths, links
Living Tantra Project of Shambhavi Sarasvati, eclectic articles, blog and more

Abode of the Eternal Tao Links, books, chat, Qigong, travel, herbs, etc
True Tao Home Page Good source of Taoist links, history, translations etc
Taoist Culture & Information Center History, culture, ritual, texts, glossary
The Tao Bums Taoist discussion board, free-ranging, free-wheeling, eclectic

Life Positive Intelligent, well organised, practitioners list, links, articles, magazine
"Plotinus" From Alice Ouzounian, links to ancient western/hermetic stuff + much more
Inner Traditions Big publisher of various imprints: native, Pleiades, healing, etc
Access: New Age New Age links – well organised, not too commercial
Mystic Planet Enormous New Age collection, more commercial, less organised
MetaReligion Articles, Wicca, mainstream, paganism, science, philosophy, etc
Spiritual Minds Articles, directory from aromatherapy to zen, lots more
Starbuilders Universal Life Church project, new age mall, busy graphics etc

Om-Guru Bios of Indian "Saints," incl a how-to-choose guru criteria page
FreeIndia A tad hagiographical but lots of bios of sages
Kashmiri Saints Unique crossover Hindu/Sufi sages, Kashmir Shaivism
Indiayogi.com Indian Saints, Mystics, Philosophers & Gurus, Modern and trad

NativeWeb Linking aboriginal peoples around the world, spirituality page a bit institutional
Native American Authors Internet Public Library project, many authors, links, mini-bios
Gohiyuhi down due to harassment, archived Native Amer fraudbusters, links, articles 
NAFPS (New Age Frauds and Plastic Shamans) more Native fraudbusters, Forum
Redhawk's Lodge Lakota bios, history, stories, news, links
Godchecker Info on deities from every aboriginal culture. Obscure! Humourous!
Corey Donovan Extensive archived dirt on Carlos Castaneda, successors and others

Rick Ross American, mostly about exploitative Xian groups, huge site, massive links, MORE
Steve Hassan Brit ex-Moonie author, mental health professional, extensive info and links
Simpos Dutch org, fighting occultism everywhere: Findhorn, Waldorf, Satanism, lots of dirt
Ex-Christian Net Forum, testimonials, links and resources for those who have left
FactNet News, links, big discussion board on many groups, pro and con, incl corporate
Apologetics Index Xian slant on all things alt-spiritual, huge, sometimes humourous
Ex-Cult.Org Small site, focus mainly American, incl Amway & Fundies, links to others
Int'l Cultic Studies Ass'n Brussels-based, huge library of articles, conferences, newsletter
Beyond Growth Blog startup, focus on LGATs, New Wage and other guru excesses
Cult News Network From Rick Ross, links to current stories on abusive / exploitive orgs
Cult Awareness and Info Centre well organized articles on different classes of cults
Cult Awareness Network Former CAN bankrupted by lawsuit, now run by Scientology
Cults.NZ Lots of bogus gurus and orgs + baddies like Halloween, rated from OK to Danger
Spiritual Counterfeits Project American, exposés' main interest is in defending Xianity
Blessed Quietness Xian "fundies" but discerning, big list includes many Xians
American Family Foundation Many links obsolete press clippings. Heavy going, intellectual
Cesnur* Italian-Eng bilingual site, papers on odd churches, cults, Tolkien, etc
Stripping the Gurus book by Geoffrey D. Falk, many chapters excerpted + links
LGAT Truth blog on nasty Large Group Awareness Training groups, lotsa links
Gurumag.com small but influential personal investigative journalism, Be Scofield

Alan T. Williams Holographic Paradigm (= Consciousness + Physics) + links etc
New Religious Movements U VA Socio project – alt Xian, many others, archive
Religious Tolerance "Objective" essays on religious practice, mostly mainstream, vast
Prof V Krishnamurthy Writings on Hinduism and Advaita-Vedanta, heavily Sanskritized
IONS Inst of Noetic Sciences: discussion, research, some well-known writers, monthly zine
OWR Overview of World Religions, no links but fair synopses of many movements
Integral Science Beyond sensory and cognitive, unifying science, philosophy and religion
Muktabodha Digital Library Project, rare Hindu, esp Kashmir Saivism texts online

Advanced Book Exchange Independent bookseller network
Bibliofind Used book search engine
Bookfinder Used book search engine
Chapter and Verse India Rare books and others, free delivery in Pune
Half.com Half price books
Hamilton Books Discounts and closeouts
Motilal Banarsidass Indology, unusual editions, newly online
Nataraj Books 5,000 titles from India, based in US
Kalpataru Books New, used and rare books, specializing in Advaita, int'l shipping

Deeshan Meditation tips, jokes, stories, quotations from assorted sources, updated often
Katinka Hesselink mainly Theosophy, J Krishnamurti, also esoteric, Sufi and others
Portmantreau Paul Taylor's paranormal neologisms, eg noirvana - black outlook
Kheper (guru list page) Exhaustive writings on everything growth-wise, much unfinished
Guruphiliac Jody Radzik's blog on Gurus in news, humourous slant, gossipy
Meditation.dk Gunnar Mühlmann's guru survey and articles on meditation, tasteful 
Todd Murphy Neurotheology, various eclectic studies, Shakti "God helmet"
Translucents pics, short interviews of lots of teachers + links, by Arjuna Ardagh
MetaReligion Cassiel Sophia (MX) paranormal, cults, conspiracies, science + much more
HolySmoke.org Shy David's collection of Skeptikal, Wicca, anti-Scientology & more
Eliezer Sobel published Wild Heart Journal, writings on the path (link is to article on est)
The Spiritual ChicksSM Tami Coyne and Karen Weissman (NY) on life in the spiritual lane
John Horgan Science writer, variety incl Andrew Cohen, Peyote, "Rational Mysticism"
Sanderson Beck Writings on Peace: sociopolitical/historical, all cultures, good biblio
One Million Awake from Aja Thomas, planetary awakeness, sign up now!
Nada Eclectic collection of mystics, scientists, musicians, etc, not well organised
Weblife.org Alt-social enviro, activist, meditation, tech, music, natural, etc
Chi-Ting Apocalypse Kevinanda's biting take on rampant exploitation in Tiru returns
Grow-a-Brain Eclectic spirituality and religion links, blog from Hanan Levin
Octavian Sarbatoare Eng-Romanian mixed bag of Hindu, Patanjali, New Age
Swami Vijayananda French yogi's meetings with many figures, + dangers on the path

Sacred Texts.com Mammoth archive of mainstream + obscure religious texts
Psychedelic Library Links, book excerpts, history of psychedelia: Huxley, Weil, etc
Canadian Theosophical Association Lots of Theo works, mag, history, links, news
Hermetic Library Golden Dawn, Thelema, various "heirs" of the world of Aleister Crowley
Meditation Society of America All about meds, technique, concepts, newsletter, board, etc
The Wanderling Zen, shamanism, "Awakening 101," tons of links, pages for others
Zoo Fence Seeker collective: opinions, anecdotes, links, cartoons & more
Famous Adherents Celeb believers sorted alph & by group, bios + links 
NonDuality TV Jerry Katz' collection of video, audio and related links
Sex and the Spiritual Teacher Scott Edelstein's book and forum on the subj
Sacred Sites Natural and constructed, photos & text from everywhere, Martin Gray
Enneagram Monthly Enneagram-related websites, part of an enneagram site
Skeptics Dictionary Entries on all kinds of paranormal stuff and people, links
IUsedToBelieve Childhood beliefs transcended, mainly cute-to-naive
Internet Infidels aka The Secular Web, promoting "metaphysical naturalism"
Gnostic Awakenings Gnostic courses and history, affiliated with Samael Aun Weor
Near-Death Experiences Lots of vivid NDEs from all trads, cosmic sample link
Deoxy.org Trippy anarchism: Leary, Lilly, RA Wilson, shamanism, Crowley, eclectic
Erowid Plants / Drugs, Mind / Spirit, Freedom / Law, Arts / Culture, big site

Uncool Central Dan Dreifort's offbeat links to weird places (incl SGRS!)

E-Mail Lists

There are hundreds of thousands of email "communities" which focus on everything imaginable under the sun, from Lao Tzu to Shih Tzus. A small sample of lists with "spiritual" themes follows:

(Jerry Katz keeps a list devoted to, as he says, "email lists very open to the nondual perspective," at http://nonduality.com/list.htm. "Very open" here is a loose term intended to be inclusive rather than strictly descriptive. 

66 "For all who see this number 66. Let me know if you are like me and want to talk about it . . . We are being given a message and I have figured a few things out. I would like to meet others with the same gift." This may be for you!
sufi-studies "Created to facilitate examination of the path of the Dervish through the study of both traditional and modern Sufi texts. . . Also materials that are peripheral to Sufism such as Fourth Way work."
Gakkai-Spirit and kansai-spirit. Two groups for "those sincerely interested in the teachings and practice of Nichiren Daishonin, the True Buddha for this time period."
advaitin "Forum to exchange viewpoints on Shankara's Advaita Philosophy. Advaita is based on Vedas, the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita, and the Brahmasutras. Shankara establishes the essential identity between Atman and Brahman, etc."
Advaita To Zen "Zen and Advaita have one thing in common. They both advocate instant enlightenment by intuitive understanding. Effort leads you away from what you already are." Has evolved from just quotes to thoughtful discussion group.
Reiki-kundalini "For discussing Rei Ki and Kundalini related topics. Related means anything about spirituality, health, enlightenments, etc."
Biblehusbands "For men, not girly men, but real men – men who, after a wonderful steak dinner, would enjoy sitting around the fire at the country club smoking long stogies and, drinking brandy and discussing the issues of the day. This list is for Christians – not those for whom God and His Word is a passing fancy, but for those committed to the cause of the realization of His Kingdom. No cultists." Thankfully a small list.
Guru Ratings Last but not least, my very own list, possibly of interest to visitors to this site, now inactive, in archive mode only.

As you can see the field is wide open. Find a group you can flow with (and/or fight with) or start your own. It's easy and it's fun! The above are all supported by Yahoo Groups, which bought out EGroups, which bought out Onelist. There are other orgs that do the same but this is the biggest.

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