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The Master-Disciple Relationship
The Advaita Disease: Instant Gurus – They're popping up all over 
Anand Therapists: Why do certain Osho therapists get Delusions of Grandeur? 
Arhat and Bodhisattva: The difference and the implications – Alan Watts 
On Choosing a Teacher: Some useful principles – Chinmayo and Stanley Sobottka 
Different Kinds of Masters: Ethics and the value of tradition
– Timothy Conway 
Dharma Transmission: On Lineage in Zen, ideal, reality, personal and general
– Roshi Bodhin Kjolhede  

On Ethical Standards: An incisive interview with Pema Chödrön – Tricycle 
More on Guru Ethics: How the student sells out to the corrupt guru – Andrew Cohen 
More Guru Evaluation Criteria: From the mailbag, includes examples
– various 

To Guru or not to Guru: Is the guru needed? – Alexander Smit 
Is the Guru Needed?: another take – Wayne Liquorman 
A Master is not Needed: arguing the opposite of his more frequent position – Osho  
"Meeting the Buddha": Comments on a much-misunderstood Buddhist saying – Osho
Nondual Marketing: Dynamics of selling the unsellable in satsangs – various 

Pune Politix: The tussle between org and individual – Rahasya et al 
Quality Control: Too many Satsang providers? – Aziz 
Questioning Authority: Things to consider about "choosing" a master – Mariana Caplan 

Rude vs Nice Gurus: Foreword to Andrew Cohen's new book – Ken Wilber 
Sahaja Politix: The tussle between org and ex-members – WIPO arbitration board 
Shticks People Play: Little hooks they use to convince you they're The One – various
The Student's Part: Even more important than the master – Matthew Files 

Demystifying Transmission: What is it, how does it work? – various
Trust and Deception: How the "Bad Guys" get away with it – Osho
Dynamics of Worship: Putting the Big Guy on a Pedestal – Jody Radzik et al 

The Path in General

Advaita: Some differences between the traditional version and the neo
– various  
Awakenings: personal stories of the moment of realization
– various 
Bad Teachings: Why some advaita teachings cause problems – Durga 

Criteria of Enlightenment: 32+ criteria U-can-use, not all compatible – Greg Goode & Friends
More Criteria in Other Sites: How some other systems approach guru evaluation 

Criticism: Why masters criticise each other – Osho
The Cult / Mainline Religion Connection: How one feeds the other – William Edelen 
Desiring Desirelessness: Cutting through the koan – Osho
Discarding Levels of Mind: comments on Nisargadatta's 'I am That'
– Moller de la Rouviere 
Doing/Non-doing: Getting on without feeding the ego – Moller de la Rouviere
Ego: How it arises, how to deal with it – Chögyam Trungpa 
Ego vs Identity: Two kinds of "ego," a difference worth understanding – Gene Poole
Emotional Processing: On the need for it, why cognitive processes are not enough  – AC

Engaged Spirituality: Bringing the contemplative and engaged activist models together – Timothy Conway
The Free Will Tango: A simple test to see for yourself – Jan Barendrecht 
Honesty vs Love: Choosing not to hurt others unnecessarily – Osho 
Hysteria and Mythopoetics: In-depth exploration of desire, clinging, life strategies, etc
– Lewis Burgess et al 
An Impersonal "Big Picture": The Higher Self cajoles us to go ever beyond – Joseph Benner
In the Anteroom: A useful metaphor on the absolute/relative dichotomy – Gene Poole
The Meme Dream: Applying Darwin to understanding the "I" – Dr Susan Blackmore 
Miscellaneous Gems: Impressive mini-quotes from some famous and some less so
– various  

More on Ego: Misc writings on this important though nebulous spiritual concept
– various 
The Ox-Herding Series: The classic Zen Path outline, many versions
of pics, verse and commentary Kakuan et al 
The Path with Heart: Practical guidelines in a heart-centered life and processes – Bill Rishel  

Premature Enlightenment: The hazards thereof – Arthur Osborne et al 
Sacred Mirror Book Review: On therapy, compassion and the nondual – Jerry Katz 

On Service: The case for this mode as a spiritual practice
– various 

Spreading It Around: The exclusive Guru Model collides with P2P – Greg Goode et al 

The "Structure" of Ego: Ego as quasi-reiterative Process
– Bruce Morgen

How Teachings Get Corrupted: The process begins long before the disciple hears
– Osho 

The Spiritual Life of Cells: Enlightenment on the cellular level – Deepak Chopra
Is Western Buddhism Too Nice?:  taking a contrary position – Traktung Rinpoche  
What is Zen?: Extract from An Introduction to Zen – DT Suzuki  

Women in the Biz: Obstacles and images then and now, a survey
Women in Buddhism: A tough time from the beginning – Ellison Banks Findly 

Related to this site (SGRS)
About this site: And its authority . . . Please do not take seriously 
Archives: Who's getting talked about in the Guru Ratings Forum? 
Brickbats1 & 2
: Respectively general and specific criticisms of SGRS – visitors talk back
Das Boot: Once rated, now deemed of lesser impact, read their old ratings (may or may not last)
Disclaimer: Sarlo's Guru Rating Service sheds all responsibility! 
Dirt: A links page for those special sites on the case of particular masters or groups 
The Enlightenment Shop: A humourous look at SGRS with exotic setting – Pete  

Expo: More on the different rated categories of masters 

The GOAL: How SGRS helped a visitor understand the Goal and the Biz – Anonymous 
Money: Money-Making Ideas for SGRS – various 
More on Ratings: Exploring the subtleties of the ratings and what they mean 

More on Ratings Criteria: Ratings "Red flags" explored deeper: hype, abuse, money, etc

Newly Realized (?) Consult: A visitor asks Sarlo (ha ha!) to evaluate his experience – various  
Philosophy: dealing with my generalized outlook which may influence attitude, etc

Pointed Comments: Visitor comments not fitting other categories
– various  
A Poke: Sarlo's Guru Rating Service sent up – Dan Berkow
Ripoffs: Other sites copy material from SGRS out of context to create their own meaningless drivel! 

Suggestions: See if your site improvement idea has already been tried
– various 


Billboards: Another finger pointing at the moon – Jerry Katz 
Dharma Debate: A classic encounter between two big masters – Mark Epstein 
Doomsday Cults: A how-not-to from – The Onion 
The Enlightenment Patch: A new product from the Guru Ratings Forum
– various 

Guru Ratings Forum self-sendup – various 

"I Am the Serenest": Classic humour on yoga competition – The Onion 
Jewish Buddhism / Taoism: Kosher Zen dictums – David M Bader et al 
Justify Unpleasant Visceral Feelings via Intellect!: It's all their fault  – Gene Poole 
Origin of Faeces / Comparative Religion: Two classics that explain it all! – public domain 
The Sleeping Teachers List: Pointers for a different approach – Vicki Woodyard
So You Wanna Be a Guru: The potential downside – Toombaru 
Why Me Lord?: Why you aren't enlightened yet – Michael Read 

More on Particular Gurus
Aaravindha Himadra a –ve report from one of his exes – a visitor, and +ve Visitor Feedback, incl a rebuttal of the first
Adi Da Samraj the master kvetches; see also Dirt and Adi Waxes on Embodying Opposites
Ammachi Positive Visitor Feedback
Yogi Amrit Desai
Positive Visitor Feedback
Swami Atmananda Udasin Positive Visitor Feedback
Aurobindo links – a visitor
Wolgang Bernard Positive
Visitor Feedback
AC Bhaktivedanta (Hare Krishnas) a succession morality tale
– IRM, a reform movement

Sri Srila Bhusana Guru Positive Visitor Feedback
Master Charles on meeting Muktananda
Swami Chinmayananda, his meeting with Ramana Maharshi

Aleister Crowley Positive Visitor Feedback, presented as ratings of his successors
Dadashri Positive
Visitor Feedback
John de Ruiter Joyce de Ruiter speaks – Edmonton Journal 
Bhagwan Sri Sri Sri Dr Devang Dattani ji
Positive Visitor Feedback 
Irmansyah Effendi
critique relating to bio and methods – a visitor et al
Gangaji Positive Visitor Feedback (incl a bit about Isaac S)
George Gurdjieff more info, Positive Visitor Feedback
Guruphiliac Directory handy ref for listees in the newz, covered by
Jody Radzik's blog, not so up-to-date
Paramahamsa Hariharananda a critic questions his lineage claims – various visitors, pro and con 
Paramahamsa Hariharananda Positive
Visitor Feedback (unrelated to lineage claims argument above)
Dr David R Hawkins links and critique, especially relating to bio and his methods
Maharishi Sadashiva Isham Positive Visitor Feedback 
Jafree Ozwald on manifesting
– Jafree 
Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati a classic personal yet universal tale
– Ram Dass
Swami Kaleshwar not all he was cracked up to be
Swami Kaleshwar Positive Visitor Feedback 
Kalindi (la Gourasana) big money, exploitation – a visitor et al 
Sri Kalki Bhagavan enormous money, links to exposé / analysis sites 

Sri Kalki Bhagavan Positive Visitor Feedback 
HH Gyalwa Karmapa XVII Two candidates for the seventeenth of one of Tibet's most loved tulkus
Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Riffs on Intolerance, connected with red flag article on same
Lost and Found: Quotes from Osho on some eternals without web sites 
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Positive
Visitor Feedback, and on the other hand, not so +ve 
Maitreya Ishwara on his enlightenment process
Maitreyas on any and all guru figures using / exploiting this name
Miten Veniero Galvagni a Prayer,
Positive Visitor Feedback
n0by a dialectical alternative – Swami Satrakshita
Sri Narayani Amma and his / her Golden Temple, positive Visitor Feedback

Nirmala Devi a letter to Dubya; see also Dirt and
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi positive Visitor Feedback

Paramahamsa Nithyananda Swamigal Positive Visitor Feedback
Paramahamsa Nithyananda's "Sex Scandal" of Mar 2010, comments on lame PR

Nome and Russell Smith a dark side? – various 

Nome  Positive Visitor Feedback
Sri Gary Olsen Mixed Visitor Feedback 
Dave Oshana Links to GR Forum posts to and from him 
Osho More on his movement, lineage, books and quotes

Harry Palmer Positive
Visitor Feedback
Swami Paramanand
Positive Visitor Feedback
Elizabeth Clare Prophet Ascended Masters Revisited – a visitor 
Ramesh Balsekar Connection with Wei Wu Wei, book Foreword – Ramesh 
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
Positive Visitor Feedback, and on the other hand, not so +ve 
Sailor Bob Adamson
Positive Visitor Feedback
Saniel Bonder more on his "adept" process – Ted Strauss
Satsang Reports: Real non-affiliated participants share – Scott Meredith, Bobby Meizer et al 

Satyam Nadeen more on his prison story – a visitor
Shri Siddharameshwar Maharaj publishing news + book excerpt – a visitor 

Russell Smith and Nome a dark side? – various

Summum Bonum Amon Ra
Positive Visitor Feedback
Tales from the Path™: Intimate anecdotes from non-affiliated seekers – various 
Teal Swan more on her emotional processing methods

Eckhart Tolle a glimpse into how his career took shape – Avery Wiseman  
G Michael Turner comings and goings updated 

Umi from an Amazon ad for his book +
The Wanderling more on his huge(ly) informative sprawling site

Yogani clarification on reports of his school

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